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Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).


  • Dahl, Alex

      • The Boy at the Door2018
      • The Heart Keeper2019
      • Playdate2021

  • Dakin, Emma

      British Book Tour Mysteries
      • Hazards in Hampshire20191
      • Crime in Cornwall20202

  • Dalton, Annie

      Anna Hopkins, Oxford
      • The White Shepherd20151
      • Written in Red20162
      • A Study in Gold20173

  • Daly, Paula

      • Just What Kind of Mother Are You?2013
      • Keep Your Friends Close2014
      • The Mistake I Made2015
      • The Trophy Child2017
      • Open Your Eyes2018
      • Clear My Name2019

  • Damhaug, Torkil

      Oslo Crime Files
      • Medusa20151
      • Death By Water20162
      • Fireraiser20153
      • Certain Signs that You are Dead20164

  • Dane, Clemence

      Sir John Saumarez
      • Enter Sir John (with Helen Simpson)19291
      • Printer's Devil (apa Author Unknown) (with Helen Simpson)19302
      • Re-Enter Sir John (with Helen Simpson)19323

  • Daniel, Glyn

      Sir Richard Cherrington, Cambridge Don & amateur archaeologist, Cambridge
      • The Cambridge Murders19451
      • Welcome Death19542

  • Danks, Denise

      Georgina Powers, computer journalist, London
      • The Pizza House Crash (apa User Deadly)19881
      • Better Off Dead19912
      • Frame Grabber19923
      • Wink a Hopeful Eye19934
      • Phreak19985
      • Torso19996
      • Baby Love20017

  • Dard, Frederic

      • Bird in a Cage2016
      • Crush2016
      • The Wicked Go to Hell2016
      • The Executioner Weeps2017
      • The King of Fools2017

  • Darrell, Elizabeth

      • Shadows Over the Sun2004

      Max Rydal and Tom Black, Military detectives
      • Russian Roulette20051
      • Chinese Puzzle20062
      • Czech Mate20073
      • Dutch Courage20084
      • French Leave20095
      • Indian Summer20106
      • Scotch Mist20117
      • Spanish Inquisition20128

  • Davey, E M

      • The Killing Gene2019

      Book of Thunder series
      • Foretold By Thunder20151
      • The Napoleon Complex20162

  • David, Saul

      George 'Zulu' Hart
      • Zulu Hart20091
      • Hart of Empire20102
      • The Prince and the Whitechapel Murders20183

  • Davies, David Stuart

      • The Darke Chronicles: Tales of a Victorian Puzzle-Solver2014

      DI Paul Snow
      • Brothers in Blood20131
      • Innocent Blood20152

      John Hawke (aka Johnny One Eye), PI, 1940s
      Forests of the Night20051
      • Comes the Dark20062
      • Without Conscience20083
      • Requiem for a Dummy20094
      • The Darkness of Death20105
      A Taste for Blood20136

      Sherlock Holmes
      • Sherlock Holmes and the Hentzau Affair19911
      • The Tangled Skein19922
      • Scroll of the Dead19983
      • The Shadow of the Rat19994
      • The Veiled Detective20045
      • The Ripper Legacy20166

  • Davies, Freda (See also: Amy Pirnie)

      • Let Heaven Fall1995

      DI Keith Tyrrell, Gloucestershire
      • A Fine and Private Place20011
      • Bound in Shallows20032
      • Flawed Scales20053

  • Davies, Jonathan

      Jeremy Scott, defence lawyer
      • Given in Evidence19951
      • Undisclosed Material19962
      • On Appeal19983
      • The Bird Table20024
      • The Piano Factory20045

  • Davies, Linda

      • Wilderness of Mirrors1996
      • Into the Fire1999
      • Final Settlement2005

      Sarah Jensen, city trader turned MI6 agent
      • Nest of Vipers19941
      • Something Wild20012

  • Davies, Martin

      • The Conjuror's Bird2005

      Mrs Hudson and Sherlock Holmes
      • Mrs. Hudson and the Spirits' Curse20041
      • Mrs. Hudson and the Malabar Rose20052
      • Mrs Hudson and the Lazarus Testament20183
      • Mrs Hudson and the Samarkand Conspiracy20204

  • Davies, Merilyn

      Crime Analyst Carla Brown and DS Nell Jackson
      • When I Lost You20191

  • Davies, Michelle

      • Shadow of a Doubt2020

      DC Maggie Neville, Family Liaison Officer
      • Gone Astray20161
      • Wrong Place20172
      • False Witness20183
      • Dead Guilty20194

  • Davies, Murray

      • The Drumbeat of Jimmy Sands1999
      • The Samson Option2000
      • Collaborator2003
      • The Devil's Handshake2003
      • The Dogs in the Streets2005
      • Welcome to Meantime20141
      • Bad Blood in Meantime2

  • Davis, Rankin

      • Abuse of Process1996
      • The Right to Silence1996
      • Hung Jury1997
      • The Oath1999

  • Davison, Philip

      • Book-Thief's Heartbeat1981
      • Twist and Shout1983
      • The Private Citizen1985
      • The Illustrator1988

      Harry Fielding, an MI5 odd job man
      • The Crooked Man19971
      • McKenzie's Friend20012
      • The Long Suit20023
      • A Burnable Town20064

  • Daws, Robert

      Detectives Sullivan and Broderick
      • The Rock20171
      • The Poisoned Rock20172
      • The Killing Rock20203

  • Dawson, Mark

      • The Art of Falling Apart2001
      • Subpoena Colada2002

  • Dazieri, Sandrone

      • In a Heartbeat2012

      Colomba Caselli and Dante Torre
      • Kill the Father20171
      • Kill the Angel20182
      • Kill the King20203

  • Dean, Anna

      Miss Dido Kent, 1800s
      • A Moment of Silence (apa Bellfield Hall)20081
      • A Gentleman of Fortune20092
      • A Woman of Consequence20103
      • A Place of Confinement20124

  • Dean, Jason

      James Bishop, Close protection officer, USA
      The Wrong Man20121
      • Backtrack20132
      • The Hunter's Oath20143
      • The Outsider20154

  • Dean, John

      Detective Chief Inspector Jack Harris
      • The Dead Hill20081
      • To Die Alone20102

      Detective Chief Inspector John Blizzard
      • A Flicker in the Night20051
      • No Age to Die20052
      • The Vengeance Man20063
      • The Latch Man20064
      • The Long Dead20065
      • Strange Little Girl20076
      • The Railway Man20097
      • The Secrets Man20118

  • Dean, Will

      • The Last Thing to Burn2021

      Tuva Moodyson, Sweden
      • Dark Pines20181
      • Red Snow20192
      • Black River20203

  • De Angelis, Augusto

      Inspector De Vincenzi
      • The Murdered Banker20161
      • The Hotel of the Three Roses20167
      • The Mystery of the Three Orchids201612

  • Dearman, Lara

      Jennifer Dorey, journalist & DCI Michael Gilbert, Guernsey
      • The Devil's Claw (apa Deep Dark Water)20171
      • Dark Sky Island20192

  • Deas, S J

      William Falkland, Civil War era
      • The Royalist20141

  • Deering, Julianna

      Drew Farthering, 1930s England
      • Rules of Murder20131
      • Death By the Book20142
      • Murder at the Mikado20143
      • Dressed for Death20164
      • Murder on the Moor20175

  • De Giovanni, Maurizio

      Bastards of Pizzofalcone
      • The Bastards of Pizzofalcone20161
      • Darkness for the Bastards of Pizzofalcone20162
      • Cold for the Bastards of Pizzofalcone20193

      Commissario Ricciardi, Naples, 1930s
      I Will Have Vengeance20121
      • Blood Curse20132
      • Everyone in Their Place20133
      • Day of the Dead20144
      • By My Hand20145
      • Viper20156
      • Bottom of Your Heart20157
      • Glass Souls20178
      • Nameless Serenade20189

      Inspector Giuseppe Lojacono, Naples
      • The Crocodile20131

  • de Hahn, Tracee

      Swiss-American police officer Agnes Luthi
      • Swiss Vendetta20171
      • A Well-Timed Murder20182

  • de Jager, Anja

      Lotte Meerman, a Cold Case Detective, Amsterdam
      • A Cold Death in Amsterdam20151
      • A Cold Case in Amsterdam Central20162
      • Death on the Canal20173
      • A Death in Rembrandt Square20184
      • Death at the Orange Locks20205

  • Delacorta

      • The Rap Factor1993

      Serge Gorodish and Alba
      • Diva19831
      • Nana19842
      • Luna19843
      • Lola19854
      • Vida19855
      • Alba19896

  • de la Motte, Anders

      David Sarac
      • MemoRandom20151
      • Ultimatum (apa The Silenced (UK))20172

      Henrik "HP" Petterson
      • Game20131
      • Buzz20132
      • Bubble20133

      Seasons Quartet
      • End of Summer20213
      • Rites of Spring20214

  • de Lange, Louisa

      • The Dream Wife2018

      DS Kate Munro
      • Ask Me No Questions20191
      • Nowhere to be Found20202

  • del Arbol, Victor

      • The Sadness of the Samurai2012
      • The Heart Tastes Bitter2016
      • A Million Drops2018

  • de Muriel, Oscar

      Frey & McGray, Edinburgh, 1880s
      • The Strings of Murder20151
      • A Fever of the Blood20162
      • A Mask of Shadows20173
      • Loch of the Dead20184
      • The Darker Arts20195
      • The Dance of the Serpents20206

  • Denby, Joolz

      • Stone Baby2000
      • Corazon2001
      • Billie Morgan2004
      • Borrowed Light2006

  • Dennison, Hannah

      Kat Stanford
      • Murder at Honeychurch Hall20141
      • Deadly Desires at Honeychurch Hall20152
      • A Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall20163
      • Murderous Mayhem at Honeychurch Hall20174
      • Dangerous Deception at Honeychurch Hall20185

      Vicky Hill, Reporter, Devon
      • A Vicky Hill Exclusive!20081
      • A Vicky Hill Scoop!20092
      • Expose!20093
      • Thieves!20114

  • DePoy, Phillip

      • The King James Conspiracy2009

      Christopher Marlowe
      • A Prisoner in Malta20161
      • The English Agent20172

  • Dewhurst, Eileen

      • Death Came Smiling1975
      • After the Ball1976
      • Curtain Fall1977
      • Drink This1980
      • Trio in Three Flats1981
      • Whoever I am1982
      • The House That Jack Built1983
      • There Was a Little Girl1984
      • Playing Safe1985
      • A Nice Little Business1987
      • A Private Prosecution1987
      • The Sleeper1988
      • Dear Mr. Right1990
      • The Innocence of Guilt1991
      • Death in Candie Gardens1992
      • Alias the Enemy1997
      • Death of a Stranger1999

      Phyllida Moon
      • Now You See Her19951
      • Verdict on Winter19962
      • Roundabout19983
      • Double Act20004
      • Closing Stages20015
      • No Love Lost20016
      • Easeful Death20037
      • Naked Witness20038

  • Dexter, Colin

      Inspector Morse
      • Last Bus to Woodstock19751
      • Last Seen Wearing19762
      • The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn19773
      • Service of All the Dead19794
      • The Dead of Jericho19815
      • The Riddle of the Third Mile19836
      • The Secret of Annexe 319867
      • The Wench is Dead19898
      • The Jewel That Was Ours19919
      • The Way Through the Woods199210
      • The Daughters of Cain199411
      • Death is now My Neighbour199612
      • The Remorseful Day200013

      Short Stories
      • Morse's Greatest Mystery & other stories1993

  • Dexter, Gary

      • The Oxford Despoiler: and Other Mysteries from the Casebook of Henry St Liver2009

  • Dhand, A A

      Detective Harry Virdee Novella
      • Darkness Rising (Quick Reads)20201

      Detective Harry Virdee, Bradford
      • Streets of Darkness20161
      • Girl Zero20172
      • City of Sinners20183
      • One Way Out20194

  • Diamond, Katerina

      • The Heatwave2020

      DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles
      • The Teacher20161
      • The Secret20162
      • The Angel20173
      • The Promise20184
      • Truth or Die20195
      • Woman in the Water20206

  • Dias, Dexter

      • Error of Judgment1995
      • False Witness1995
      • Rule of Law1997
      • Above the Law1998
      • Power of Attorney2000

  • Dibdin, Michael

      • The Last Sherlock Holmes Story1978
      • A Rich Full Death1986
      • The Tryst1989
      • Dirty Tricks1991
      • The Dying of the Light1993
      • Dark Spectre1995
      • Thanksgiving2000

      Aurelio Zen, Italy
      • Ratking19881
      • Vendetta19902
      • Cabal19923
      • Dead Lagoon19944
      • Cosi Fan Tutti19965
      • A Long Finish19986
      • Blood Rain20007
      • And Then You Die20028
      • Medusa20039
      Back to Bologna200510
      End Games200711

  • Dickinson, David

      Lord Francis Powerscourt, Victorian era
      • Goodnight, Sweet Prince20021
      • Death and the Jubilee20032
      • Death of an Old Master20043
      • Death of a Chancellor20054
      • Death Called to the Bar20065
      • Death on the Nevski Prospekt20076
      Death on the Holy Mountain20087
      • Death of a Pilgrim20098
      • Death of a Wine Merchant20109
      Death in a Scarlet Coat201110
      • Death at the Jesus Hospital201211
      • Death of an Elgin Marble201412
      • Death Comes to the Ballets Russes201513
      • Death Comes to Lynchester Close201614
      • Death at Melrose Hall201715

  • Dickson, Jack

      • Crossing Jordan1999

      PI Jas Anderson, Glasgow
      • FreeForm19981
      • Banged Up19992
      • Some Kind of Love20023

  • Doherty, P C/Paul (See also: Anna Apostolou, Ann Duthkas, Michael Clynes, C L Grace, Paul Harding)

      • The Death of a King1985
      • The Lord Count Drakulya1986
      • Dove Amongst the Hawks1990
      • Fate of Princes1990
      • The Masked Man1991
      • The Haunting1997
      • The Rose Demon1997
      • The Plague Lord2002
      • The Last of Days2013
      • Roseblood2014

      Alexander the Great
      • The House of Death20011
      • The Godless Man20022
      The Gates of Hell20033

      Ancient Rome series
      • Domina20021
      • Murder Imperial20032
      • The Song of the Gladiator20043
      • Queen of the Night20064
      Murder's Immortal Mask20085

      Brother Athelstan
      • The Nightingale Gallery (as Paul Harding)19911
      • The House Of The Red Slayer (as Paul Harding)19922
      • Murder Most Holy (as Paul Harding)19933
      • The Anger Of God (as Paul Harding)19934
      • By Murder's Bright Light (as Paul Harding)19945
      • The House Of Crows (as Paul Harding)19956
      • The Assassin's Riddle(as Paul Harding)19967
      • The Devil's Domain19988
      • The Field of Blood19999
      • The House of Shadows200310
      • Bloodstone201111
      • The Straw Men201212
      • Candle Flame201413
      • The Book of Fires201414
      • The Herald of Hell201515
      • The Great Revolt201616
      • A Pilgrimage to Murder201617
      • The Mansions of Murder201718
      • The Godless201819

      Hugh Corbett
      • Satan in St Mary's19861
      • The Crown in Darkness19882
      • Spy in Chancery19883
      • Angel of Death19894
      • The Prince of Darkness19925
      • Murder Wears a Cowl19926
      • Assassin in the Greenwood19937
      • The Song of a Dark Angel19948
      • Satan's Fire19959
      • The Devil's Hunt199610
      • The Demon Archer199911
      • The Treason of the Ghosts200012
      • Corpse Candle200213
      • The Magician's Death200414
      • The Waxman Murders200615
      • Nightshade200816
      • The Mysterium201017
      • Dark Serpent201618
      • Devil's Wolf201719
      • Death's Dark Valley201920
      • Hymn to Murder202021

      Lord Amerotke, Pharaoh's Chief Judge
      • The Mask of Ra19991
      The Horus Killings19992
      The Anubis Slayings20013
      • The Slayers of Seth20024
      The Assassins of Isis20045
      The Poisoner of Ptah20076
      The Spies of Sobeck20087

      Mahu, Ancient Egypt
      • An Evil Spirit Out of the West20031
      • The Season of the Hyaena20052
      • The Year of the Cobra20063

      Margaret Beaufort
      • Dark Queen Rising20181
      • Dark Queen Waiting20192

      Mathilda of Westminster, physician
      • Cup of Ghosts20051
      • The Poison Maiden20072
      The Darkening Glass20093

      Matthew Jenkyn
      • The Whyte Hart19881
      • The Serpent Amongst the Lilies19902

      • The Templar20071
      • The Templar Magician20092

      The Canterbury Tales
      • An Ancient Evil : The Knight's Tale19931
      • A Tapestry of Murders: The Man of Law's Tale19942
      • A Tournament of Murders : The Franklin's Tale19963
      • Ghostly Murders : The Priest's Tale19974
      • A Haunt of Murder : The Clerk's Tale20025
      The Hangman's Hymn: The Carpenter's Tale20026
      • The Midnight Man20127

  • Dolan, Eva

      • This is How it Ends2018

      DI Zigic and DS Ferreira, Peterborough
      • Long Way Home20141
      • Tell No Tales20152
      • After You Die20163
      • Watch Her Disappear20174
      • Between Two Evils20205

  • Donachie, David (See also: Tom Connery, John Howard)

      Harry & James Ludlow
      • The Devil's Own Luck19911
      • The Dying Trade19932
      • A Hanging Matter19943
      • An Element of Chance19964
      • The Scent of Betrayal19965
      • A Game of Bones19976

  • Donald, Anabel

      PI Alex Tanner, London
      • An Uncommon Murder19921
      • In at the Deep End19932
      • The Glass Ceiling19943
      • The Loop19964
      Destroy Unopened19995

  • Donald, Angus

      Holcroft Blood, 1670
      • Blood's Game20171
      • Blood's Revolution20182

  • Done, Stephen

      Inspector Vignoles, a railway detective, post-war
      • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes20071
      • The Murder of Crows20082
      • The Torn Curtain20093
      • The Marylebone Murders20114

  • Donoghue, Clare

      DI Mike Lockyer, South-east London
      • Never Look Back20141
      • No Place to Die20152
      • Trust No One20163
      • The Night Stalker20174

  • Donovan, Dick

      • Caught at Last!: Leaves from the Notebook of a Detective2005
      • Dick Donovan: The Glasgow Detective (ed. Bruce Durie)2005
      • Romances from a Detective's Case-book: Dick Donovan in the Strand Magazine2005
      • The Man-hunter: Stories from the Notebook of a Detective2005

  • Doughty, Louise

      • Crazy Paving1995
      • Dance with Me1996
      • Honey-dew (apa An English Murder)1998
      • Whatever You Love2010
      • Apple Tree Yard2013
      • Black Water2016
      • Platform Seven2019

  • Douglas, Claire

      • The Sisters2015
      • Local Girl Missing2016
      • Last Seen Alive2017
      • Do Not Disturb2018
      • And Then She Vanishes2019
      • Just Like the Other Girls2020

  • Douglas-Home, Mark

      Cal McGill, Oceanographer
      • The Sea Detective20111
      • The Woman Who Walked Into The Sea20132
      • The Malice of Waves20163
      • The Driftwood Girls20204

  • Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

      Sherlock Holmes
      • A Study in Scarlet18871
      • The Sign of the Four18902
      • The Hound of the Baskervilles19023
      • The Valley of Fear19154

      Sherlock Holmes - Short Stories
      • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes18921
      • The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes18932
      • The Return of Sherlock Holmes19043
      • His Last Bow19174
      • The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes19275

  • Dracup, Angela

      DCI Ed Swift, Yorkshire
      • Where Darkness Begins20041
      • A Kind of Justice20052
      • Retribution20063
      • The Burden of Doubt20074
      • The Killing Club20105

  • Driscoll, Teresa

      • I Am Watching You2017
      • The Friend2018
      • I Will Make You Pay2019
      • The Promise2019

  • Dronfield, Jeremy

      • The Locust Farm1998
      • Resurrecting Salvador1999
      • Burning Blue2000
      • The Alchemist's Apprentice2001

  • Duffy, Margaret

      • Man of Blood1992
      • Corpse, Candle1995
      • A Fine Target1998

      James Carrick & Joanna MacKenzie
      • Dressed to Kill19941
      • Prospect of Death19952
      • Music in the Blood19973

      Major Patrick Gillard, MI5 & Ingrid Langley, author (ex MI5)
      • Murder of Crows19871
      • Death of a Raven19882
      • Brass Eagle19893
      • Who Killed Cock Robin?19904
      • Rook Shoot19915
      • Gallows Bird19936
      • A Hanging Matter20027
      • Dead Trouble20048
      • So Horrible a Place20049
      • Tainted Ground200610
      • Cobweb200711
      • Blood Substitute200812
      • Souvenirs of Murder200913
      • Corpse in Waiting201014
      • Rat Poison201115
      • Stealth201216
      • Dark Side201317
      • Ashes to Ashes201518
      • Dust to Dust201619
      • Murders.Com201720
      • Stone Cold, Stone Dead201821
      • Gillard's Sting202022

  • Duffy, Stella

      • The Hidden Room2017

      Saz Martin
      • Calendar Girl19941
      • Wavewalker19962
      • Beneath the Blonde19973
      • Fresh Flesh19994
      • Mouth of Babes20055

  • Dugdall, Ruth

      • The James Version (ebook only)2012
      • My Sister and Other Liars2017
      • The Things You Didn't See2018

      Cate Austin, Probation officer
      • The Woman Before Me20101
      The Sacrificial Man20112
      Humber Boy B20153
      • Nowhere Girl20154

  • Dukthas, Ann (See also: Anna Apostolou, Michael Clynes, P C Doherty, C L Grace, Paul Harding)

      Nicholas Segalla, time traveller
      • A Time for the Death of a King19941
      • The Prince Lost to Time19952
      • The Time of Murder at Mayerling19963
      • In the Time of the Poisoned Queen19984

  • Dunant, Sarah

      • Snow Storms in a Hot Climate1988
      • Transgressions1997
      • Mapping the Edge1999
      • The Birth of Venus2003

      Hannah Wolfe, PI
      • Birth Marks19911
      • Fatlands19932
      • Under My Skin19953

  • Dunn, Alan

      Billy Oliphant, Security Consultant
      • Die Cast20001
      • Payback20022
      • Ice Cold20053
      • Stage Fright20064

  • Dunn, Matthew

      A Spycatcher Novella
      • Counterspy (ebook novella)20141

      Will Cochrane, Super-spy
      Spartan (apa The Spycatcher)20111
      • Sentinel20122
      • Dark Spies20144
      • The Spy House20155
      • A Soldier's Revenge20166
      • Act of Betrayal20177

  • Durie, Bruce

      Inspector McArdle, 1870s Scotland
      • The Murder of Young Tom Morris20031

  • Durrant, Sabine

      • Under Your Skin2013
      • Remember Me This Way2014
      • Lie With Me2016
      • Take Me In2018
      • Finders, Keepers2020

  • Durrenmatt, Friedrich

      • The Pledge1959
      • The Assignment1988
      • The Execution of Justice1989

      Inspector Barlach
      • The Judge and His Hangman19551
      • Suspicion (apa The Quarry)19622

      Omnibus (new translation)
      • The Inspector Barlach Mysteries2006

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