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Authors and Bibliographies (Holland)

Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).

  • Baantjer, Albert Cornelis

      DeKok Omnibus
      • Murder in Amsterdam (Dekok & The Sunday Strangler & Dekok & the Corpse on Christmas Eve)1993

      Inspector DeKok, Amsterdam
      • Dekok and the Sunday Strangler (published in 'Murder in Amsterdam')19932
      • Dekok and the Corpse on Christmas Eve (published in 'Murder in Amsterdam')19933
      Dekok and the Sombre Nude19925
      • Dekok and the Dead Harlequin19936
      • Dekok and the Sorrowing Tomcat19937
      • Dekok and the Disillisioned Corpse19938
      • Dekok and the Careful Killer19949
      • Dekok and the Romantic Murder199410
      • Dekok and the Dying Stroller199411
      • Dekok and the Corpse at the Church Wall199412
      • Dekok and the Dancing Death199413
      • Dekok and the Naked Lady199414
      • Dekok and the Brothers of the Easy Death199415
      • Dekok and the Deadly Accord199616
      • Dekok and Murder in Seance199617
      • Dekok and Murder in Ecstasy199818
      • Dekok and the Begging Death199819
      • Dekok and the Geese of Death199720
      • Dekok and Murder by Melody200421
      • Dekok and Death of a Clown200422
      • Dekok and Variations on Murder200423
      • Dekok and Murder by Installment (Instalment)199824
      Dekok and Murder on Blood Mountain200425
      • Dekok and the Dead Lovers200426
      • Dekok and the Mask of Death200427
      • Dekok and the Corpse Return199828
      • Dekok and the Murder in Bronze200429
      • Dekok and the Deadly Warning200330
      • Dekok and the Murder in First Class199831
      • Dekok and the Vendetta200432
      • Dekok and Murder on the Menu199233
      • Dekok and Murder Depicted200434
      • Dekok and Dance Macabre200235
      • Dekok and the Devils Conspiracy200236
      • Dekok and the Disfiguring Death200237
      • Dekok and the Duel at Night200238
      • Dekok and the Death of a Clown200439

  • de Jager, Anja

      Lotte Meerman, a Cold Case Detective, Amsterdam
      • A Cold Death in Amsterdam20151
      • A Cold Case in Amsterdam Central20162
      • Death on the Canal20173
      • A Death in Rembrandt Square20184
      • Death at the Orange Locks20205

  • Lucius, Walter

      Heartland Trilogy
      • Butterfly on the Storm20171
      • Angel in the Shadows20182

  • Van de Wetering, Janwillem

      • Bliss and Bluster- Or- How to Crack a Nut1982
      • The Butterfly Hunter1982
      • Inspector Saito's Small Satori1985
      • Murder by Remote Control1986
      • Seesaw Millions1988

      Detective-Adjutant Grijpstra and Sergeant de Gier, Amsterdam
      • Outsider in Amsterdam19751
      • Tumbleweed19762
      • The Corpse on the Dike19763
      • Death of a Hawker19774
      • The Japanese Corpse19775
      • The Blond Baboon19786
      The Maine Massacre19797
      • The Mind-Murders19818
      • The Streetbird19839
      • The Rattle Rat198510
      • Hard Rain198611
      Just a Corpse at Twilight199412
      • The Hollow-Eyed Angel199613
      • The Perfidious Parrot199714

      Short Stories
      • The Sergeant's Cat: And Other Stories1987

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