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Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).


  • Sacks, Michelle

      • You Were Made for This (apa The Dark Path)2018
      • All the Lost Things2019

  • Saint, Tony

      • Refusal Shoes2003
      • Blag2004
      • The ASBO Show2007

  • Sakaguchi, Ango

      The Meiji Enlightenment Series
      • Ango's Detective Casebook No. 120171
      • Ango's Detective Casebook No. 220182

  • Sampson, Fay

      Hilary & Veronica
      • The Wounded Thorn20151
      • The Wounded Snake20192

      Suzie Fewings, family history researcher
      • In the Blood20091
      • A Malignant House20092
      • Those in Peril20103
      • Father Unknown20114
      • The Overlooker20125
      • Beneath the Soil20146

  • Sampson, Kevin

      Detective Chief Inspector Billy McCartney, Liverpool
      The Killing Pool20131
      • The House on the Hill20142

      Ged Brennan, Gangster, Liverpool
      • Outlaws20011
      • Clubland20022

  • Sanders, G D

      DI Edina Ogborne, Canterbury Police
      • The Taken Girls20191
      • The Victim20192

  • Sanders, Louis

      • Death in the Dordogne2002
      • The Englishman's Wife2003
      • An Ignoble Profession2004

  • Sanderson, Mark

      Court reporter, John Steadman & Matt Turner, a policeman from Snow Hill police station, 1930s
      Snow Hill20101
      • The Whispering Gallery20112
      • Robin Hood Yard20143

  • Sansom, Ian

      Israel Armstrong, Northern Ireland
      • The Mobile Library : The Case of the Missing Books20061
      • The Mobile Library : Mr Dixon Disappears20062
      • The Mobile Library : The Delegates' Choice (apa The Book Stops Here)20083
      • The Mobile Library : The Bad Book Affair20104

      The County Guides to Murder
      • The Norfolk Mysteries20131
      • The Devon Mystery20152
      • Westmorland Alone20163
      • Essex Poison20174
      • The Sussex Murders20195

  • Saunders, Kate

      Laetitia Rodd, Private Detective, Victorian Era
      • The Secrets of Wishtide20161
      • The Mystery of the Wandering Scholar20192

  • Savage, Vanessa

      • The Woman in the Dark (apa The Murder House)2019
      • The Woods2020

  • Saville, Andrew (See also: Andrew Taylor)

      Bergerac, Jersey
      • Bergerac Is Back!19851
      • Bergerac: Crimes of the Season19852
      • Bergerac and the Fatal Weakness19893
      • Bergerac and the Traitor's Child19894
      • Bergerac and the Moving Fever19905
      • Bergerac and the Jersey Rose19906

  • Scarrow, Alex

      • A Thousand Suns2006
      • October Skies2008
      • The Candle Man2012

      Sutherland family
      • Last Light20071

  • Scarrow, Simon

      • Playing With Death (with Lee Francis)2017

      Macro and Cato, Roman soldiers
      • Under the Eagle20001
      • The Eagle's Conquest20012
      • When the Eagle Hunts20023
      • The Eagle and the Wolves20034
      • The Eagle's Prey20045
      • The Eagle's Prophecy20056
      • The Eagle in the Sand20067
      • Centurion20078
      • The Gladiator20099
      • The Legion201010
      • Praetorian201111
      • The Blood Crows201312
      • Brothers in Blood201413
      • Britannia201514
      • Invictus201615
      • Day of the Caesars201716
      • The Blood of Rome201817
      • Traitors of Rome201918

  • Scerbanenco, Giorgio

      Duca Lamberti, Milan
      • A Private Venus20121
      • Duca and the Milan Murders (apa Betrayal tr. Howard Curtis (2013))19702

  • Schatzing, Frank

      • The Swarm: A Novel of the Deep2006
      • Death and the Devil2007
      • Limit2013

  • Sciascia, Leonardo

      • The Day of the Owl1961
      • The Council of Egypt1966
      • Man's Blessing1969
      • Salt in the Wound (apa Death of an Inquisitor)1969
      • One Way or Another1974
      • The Moro Affair1978
      • Candido or a Dream Dreamed in Sicily1979
      • Sicilian Uncles1988
      • 1912 + 11989
      • To Each His Own1989
      • The Knight and Death1991
      • Open Doors and Three Novellas1992
      • A Simple Story2006

      Collection of stories
      • The Wine Dark Sea1985

      Inspector Rogas
      • Equal Danger19711

  • Scott, A D

      Tales from the Highland Gazette
      • A Small Death in the Great Glen20101
      • A Double Death on the Black Isle20112
      • Beneath the Abbey Wall20123
      • North Sea Requiem20134
      • The Low Road20145
      • A Kind of Grief20156

  • Scott, Ken

      • Jack of Hearts2005
      • A Million Would Be Nice2006

  • Scragg, Robert

      Porter & Styles, Police Officers
      • What Falls Between the Cracks20181
      • Nothing Else Remains20192
      • All That is Buried20203
      • End of the Line20214

  • Seddon, Holly

      • Try Not to Breathe2016
      • Don't Close Your Eyes2017
      • Love Will Tear Us Apart2018

  • Sedley, Kate

      Roger the Chapman, 1470s England
      • Death and the Chapman19911
      • The Plymouth Cloak19922
      • The Hanged Man (apa The Weaver's Tale)19933
      • The Holy Innocents19944
      • The Eve of Saint Hyacinth19955
      • The Wicked Winter19966
      • The Brothers of Glastonbury19977
      • The Weaver's Inheritance19988
      • The Saint John's Fern19999
      • The Goldsmith's Daughter200110
      • The Lammas Feast200211
      • Nine Men Dancing200312
      • Midsummer Rose200413
      • The Burgundian's Tale200514
      • Prodigal Son200615
      • The Three Kings of Cologne200716
      • The Green Man200817
      • The Dance of Death200918
      • Wheel of Fate201019
      • The Midsummer Crown201120
      • The Tintern Treasure201221
      • The Christmas Wassail201322

  • Sendker, Jan-Philipp

      China Trilogy
      • Whispering Shadows20151
      • Dragon Games (apa The Language of Solitude)20162
      • The Far Side of the Night20193

  • Sennen, Mark

      DI Charlotte Savage
      • Touch20131
      • Bad Blood20132
      • Cut Dead20143
      • Tell Tale20154
      • Two Evils20165
      • The Boneyard20176

  • Seymour, Gerald

      • Harry's Game1975
      • The Glory Boys1976
      • Kingfisher1977
      • Red Fox (apa The Harrison Affair)1979
      • The Contract1980
      • Archangel1982
      • In Honour Bound1984
      • Field of Blood1985
      • A Song in the Morning (apa Shadow on the Sun)1986
      • At Close Quarters (apa An Eye for an Eye)1987
      • Home Run (apa The Running Target)1989
      • Condition Black1991
      • The Journeyman Tailor1992
      • The Fighting Man1993
      • The Heart of Danger1995
      • Killing Ground1997
      • The Waiting Time (apa Dead Ground)1998
      • A Line in the Sand1999
      • Holding the Zero2000
      • The Untouchable2001
      • Traitor's Kiss2003
      The Unknown Soldier2004
      Rat Run2005
      The Walking Dead2007
      Time Bomb2008
      The Collaborator2009
      The Dealer and the Dead2010
      A Deniable Death2011
      The Outsiders2012
      • The Corporal's Wife2013
      • Vagabond2014
      No Mortal Thing2016
      • Jericho's War2017
      • A Damned Serious Business2018
      • Battle Sight Zero2019
      • Beyond Recall2020

  • Shacklady, Helen

      • Stoppage Time2003

      Kate Halton, Fiddle player & Liz Sharpe, Photographer, Northern England
      • The Patterned Flute20011
      • The Stolen Crate20022
      • The Lacquered Box20033

  • Shah, Eddy

      • Ring of Red Roses1991
      • The Lucy Ghosts1992
      • Manchester Blue1993
      • Fallen Angels1994

      Conor Smith
      • Second World20081
      • The Sound of Dead Bodies2

  • Shaw, Howard

      Chief Inspector John Barnaby
      • Killing No Murder19811
      • Death of a Don19812
      • Pageant of Death20003

  • Shaw, M B

      Iris Grey, portrait painter and amateur sleuth, Hampshire
      • Murder at the Mill20171

  • Shaw, Simon

      • Killer Cinderella1990

      PI Grace Cornish
      • Killing Grace20001
      • Selling Grace20012

      Philip Fletcher, actor
      • Murder Out of Tune19881
      • Bloody Instructions19912
      • Dead for a Ducat19923
      • The Villain of the Earth19944
      • The Company of Knaves19965
      • Act of Darkness19976

  • Shea, Susan C

      Katherine Goff
      • Love & Death in Burgundy20171
      • Dressed for Death in Burgundy20182

  • Shelton, Paige

      Scottish Bookshop Mystery
      • The Cracked Spine20161
      • Of Books and Bagpipes20172
      • Lost Books and Old Bones20183
      • The Loch Ness Papers20194

      Scottish Bookshop Mystery Short Story
      • A Christmas Tartan (ebook only)20161

  • Shepherd, Stella

      Detective Richard Montgomery
      • Black Justice19881
      • Murderous Remedy19892
      • Thinner Than Blood19913
      • Lethal Fixation19934
      • Nurse Dawes Is Dead19945
      • Something in the Cellar19956
      • Embers of Death19967

      Journalist Rowena Kemp
      • Twilight Curtain19981

  • Sheridan, Sara

      Mirabelle Bevan (retired Secret Service), 1950s
      • Brighton Belle20121
      • London Calling20132
      • England Expects20143
      • British Bulldog20154
      • Operation Goodwood20165
      • Russian Roulette20176
      • Indian Summer20197
      • Highland Fling20208

  • Sheriff, John Paxton

      Jack Scott, PI, Liverpool
      • Confusion of Murders20051
      • A Bewilderment of Crooks20062
      • The Clutches of Death20063
      • Deathly Suspense20074
      • An Evil Reflection20085

      Penny Lane, photographer and amateur PI
      • Dying to Know You20081
      • Locked in Death20092

  • Sherratt, Mel

      • Watching Over You2014

      DS Allie Shenton
      • Taunting the Dead20131
      • Follow the Leader20152
      • Only the Brave20153

      DS Grace Allendale
      • Hush Hush20181
      • Tick Tock20192
      • Liar Liar20203

      Detective Eden Berrisford
      • The Girls Next Door20161
      • Don't Look Behind You20172

      The Estate series
      • Somewhere to Hide20131
      • Behind a Closed Door20132
      • Fighting for Survival20133
      • Written in the Scars20154

  • Shimada, Soji

      • The Tokyo Zodiac Murders2005
      • Murder in the Crooked House2019

  • Shindler, Will

      DI Alex Finn & DC Mattie Paulsen, London
      • The Burning Men20201

  • Shone, Anna

      Ulysses Finnegan Donaghue, a PI in Provence
      • Come Away Death (apa Mr Donaghue Investigates)19941
      • Secrets in Stones19952

  • Silver, Abi

      Burton and Lamb
      • The Pinocchio Brief20171
      • The Aladdin Trial20182
      • The Cinderella Plan20193

  • Silverwood, Roger

      • Deadly Daffodils1970
      • Dying for a Drink1971
      • Illegitimate Spy1972
      • Salamander2006

      D.I. Michael Angel, Bromersley, South Yorkshire
      • In the Midst of Life20041
      • Choker20042
      • The Man in the Pink Suit20053
      • The Importance of Being Honest20054
      • Mantrap20065
      • Sham20066
      • The Umbrella Man20077
      • The Man Who Couldn't Lose20078
      • The Curious Mind of Inspector Angel20079
      • Find the Lady200810
      • The Wig Maker200811
      • Murder in Bare Feet200812
      Wild About Harry (apa Missing, Presumed...)200913
      • The Cuckoo Clock Scam200914
      Shrine to Murder201015
      • The Snuffbox Murders201016
      • The Dog Collar Murders201117
      The Cheshire Cat Murders201218
      • The Diamond Rosary Murders201219
      • The Big Fiddle201320
      • The Fruit Gum Murders201421
      • The Money Tree Murders201422
      • Angel and the Actress201523
      • The Murder List201524

  • Silvester, James

      Lucie Musilova
      • Blood, White and Blue20181
      • Sealed With A Death20192

      Prague series
      • Escape to Perdition20161
      • The Prague Ultimatum20172

  • Simenon, Georges

      • The Man From Everywhere1931
      • The Mystery of the 'Polarlys'1932
      • Mr Hire's Engagment (apa The Engagement)1933
      • Newhaven-Dieppe1933
      • The House by the Canal1933
      • The Night Club1933
      • The Window over the Way1933
      • The Woman of the Grey House1933
      • Tropic Moon1933
      • One Way Out1934
      • The Lodger1934
      • A Wife at Sea1935
      • Aboard the Aquitane1936
      • The Breton Sisters1936
      • The Disintegration of J.P.G.1936
      • The Long Exile1936
      • Home Town1937
      • Talatala1937
      • The Murderer1937
      • The Shadow Falls (apa Donadieu's Will)1937
      • Banana Tourist1938
      • Blind Path1938
      • Chit of a Girl1938
      • Monsieur La Souris1938
      • Poisoned Relations1938
      • The Green Thermos1938
      • The Man Who Watched the Trains Go By1938
      • The Survivors1938
      • The White Horse Inn1938
      • Chez Krull1939
      • The Burgomaster of Furnes1939
      • The Family Lie1940
      • The Strangers in the House1940
      • Black Rain1941
      • Justice1941
      • Strange Inheritance1941
      • The Country Doctor1941
      • The Outlaw1941
      • The Trial of Bebe Donge (apa I Take This Woman)1942
      • Ticket of Leave1942
      • Uncle Charles (apa Uncle Charles Has Locked Himself In)1942
      • Young Cardinaud1942
      • The Gendarme's Report1944
      • Across the Street1945
      • Monsieur Monde Vanishes1945
      • The First-born (apa Magnet of Doom)1945
      • The Couple from Poitiers1946
      • Act of Passion1947
      • The Fate of the Malous1947
      • The Ostenders1947
      • The Stowaway1947
      • Three Beds in Manhattan1947
      • Pedigree1948
      • The Reckoning1948
      • The Stain on the Snow (apa The Snow Was Black)1948
      • Four Days in a Lifetime1949
      • The Bottom of the Bottle1949
      • The Hatter's Ghosts1949
      • The Burial of Monsieur Bouvet1950
      • The Heart of a Man1950
      • A New Lease of Life (apa A New Lease on Life)1951
      • Aunt Jeanne1951
      • The Girl in his Past1951
      • Belle1952
      • The Brothers Rico1952
      • The Girl with a Squint1952
      • Red Lights1953
      • The Iron Staircase1953
      • The Magician1953
      • Big Bob1954
      • The Fugitive (apa Account Unsettled)1954
      • The Watchmaker of Everton1954
      • The Witnesses1955
      • In Case of Emergency1956
      • The Accomplices1956
      • The Little Man from Archangel1956
      • The Negro1957
      • The Son1957
      • Striptease1958
      • Sunday1958
      • The Premier1958
      • The Grandmother1959
      • The Widower1959
      • Teddy Bear1960
      • Betty1961
      • The Train1961
      • The Door1962
      • The Others (apa The House on Quai Notre Dame)1962
      • The Patient (apa The Bells of Bicetre)1963
      • The Blue Room1964
      • The Man with the Little Dog1964
      • The Little Saint1965
      • The Venice Train1965
      • The Confessional1966
      • The Old Man Dies1966
      • The Cat1967
      • The Neighbours (apa The Move)1967
      • The Man on the Bench in the Barn1968
      • The Prison1968
      • November1969
      • The Rich Man1970
      • The Disappearance of Odile1971
      • The Glass Cage1971
      • The Innocents1972
      • The Mahe Circle2014

      Inspector Maigret, Paris
      The Case of Peter the Lett (apa The Strange Case of Peter the Lett/Maigret and the Enigmatic Lett/Pietr the Latvian (2013))19311
      • The Death of Monsieur Gallet (apa Maigret Stonewalled/The Late Monsieur Gallet (2013))19312
      • The Crime of Inspector Maigret (apa Maigret and the Hundred Gibbets/The Hanged Man of Saint-Pholien)19313
      The Crime at Lock 14 (apa Maigret Meets a Milord/Lock 14/The Carter of La Providence (2014))19314
      A Face for a Clue (apa Maigret and the Concarneau Murders/Maigret and the Yellow Dog/The Yellow Dog)19315
      • The Crossroad Murders (apa Maigret at the Crossroads/Night at the Crossroads)19316
      • A Crime in Holland (apa Maigret in Holland)19317
      • The Sailor's Rendezvous (apa The Grand Banks Cafe)19318
      A Battle of Nerves (apa A Man's Head/Maigret's War of Nerves)19319
      • At the Gai-Moulin (apa Maigret at the Gai-Moulin)193110
      The Guingette by the Seine (apa Maigret to the Rescue/Maigret and the Tavern by the Seine/The Bar on the Seine/The Two-Penny Bar)193111
      • The Shadow in the Courtyard (apa Maigret Mystified/The Shadow Puppet)193212
      • The Saint-Fiacre Affair (apa Maigret and the Countess/Maigret Goes Home/Maigret on Home Ground)193213
      • The Flemish Shop (apa Maigret and the Flemish Shop)193214
      • Death of a Harbour Master (apa Maigret and the Death of a Harbor Master)193215
      • The Madman of Bergerac193216
      • Liberty Bar (apa Maigret on the Riviera)193217
      • The Lock at Charenton (apa Maigret Sits it Out)193318
      • Maigret Returns193419
      Maigret and the Hotel Majestic (apa The Hotel Majestic)194220
      • Maigret in Exile194221
      • Maigret and the Spinster194222
      • To Any Lengths (apa Maigret and the Fortuneteller) (apa Signed, Picpus)194423
      • Maigret and the Toy Village194424
      • Maigret's Rival (apa Inspector Cadaver)194425
      • Maigret in Retirement194726
      • Maigret in New York's Underworld (apa Maigret in New York/Inspector Maigret in New York's Underworld)194727
      • A Summer Holiday (apa No Vacation for Maigret/Maigret on Holiday)194828
      • Maigret's Special Murder (apa Maigret's Dead Man)194829
      • Maigret's First Case194930
      • My Friend Maigret (apa The Methods of Maigret)194931
      • Maigret and the Coroner (apa Maigret at the Coroner's)194932
      • Maigret and the Old Lady194933
      Madame Maigret's Own Case (apa Madame Maigret's Friend)195034
      • Maigret's Memoirs195135
      • Maigret in Montmartre (apa Maigret and the Strangled Stripper/Inspector Maigret and the Strangled Stripper)195136
      • Maigret Takes a Room (apa Maigret Rents a Room)195137
      • Maigret and the Burglar's Wife (apa Inspector Maigret and the Burglar's Wife)195138
      • Maigret and the Gangsters (apa Inspector Maigret and the Killers)195239
      • Maigret's Revolver195240
      • Maigret and the Man on the Boulevard (apa Maigret and the Man on the Bench)195341
      • Maigret Afraid195342
      • Maigret's Mistake195343
      • Maigret Goes to School195444
      • Maigret and the Young Girl (apa Inspector Maigret and the Dead Girl)195445
      • Maigret and the Minister (apa Maigret and the Calame Report)195446
      • Maigret and the Headless Corpse195547
      • Maigret Sets a Trap195548
      • Maigret's Failure195649
      • Maigret's Little Joke (apa None of Maigret's Business)195750
      • Maigret and the Millionaires (apa Maigret Travels)195851
      • Maigret Has Scruples195852
      • Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses195953
      • Maigret Has Doubts195954
      • Maigret in Court196055
      • Maigret in Society196056
      • Maigret and the Lazy Burglar (apa Maigret and the Idle Burglar)196157
      • Maigret and the Black Sheep196258
      • Maigret and the Saturday Caller196259
      • Maigret and the Dosser (apa Maigret and the Bum)196360
      • Maigret Loses His Temper196361
      • Maigret and the Ghost (apa Maigret and the Apparition)196462
      • Maigret on the Defensive196463
      • The Patience of Maigret (apa Maigret Bides His Time)196564
      • Maigret and the Nahour Case196665
      • Maigret's Pickpocket (apa Maigret and the Pickpocket)196766
      • Maigret Takes the Waters (apa Maigret in Vichy)196867
      • Maigret Hesitates196868
      • Maigret's Boyhood Friend196869
      • Maigret and the Killer196970
      • Maigret and the Wine Merchant197071
      • Maigret and the Madwoman197072
      • Maigret and the Loner197173
      • Maigret and the Flea (apa Maigret and the Informer)197174
      • Maigret and Monsieur Charles197275

      Short Stories
      • The Little Doctor1943
      • Maigret's Pipe1947
      • Maigret's Christmas1951

  • Simms, Chris

      • Outside the White Lines2003
      • Pecking Order2004

      DC Sean Blake, Manchester
      • Loose Tongues20181
      • Marked Men20192

      Det. Jon Spicer, Manchester
      • Killing the Beasts20051
      Shifting Skin20062
      • Savage Moon20073
      Hell's Fire20084
      The Edge20095
      Cut Adrift20106
      • Sleeping Dogs20147
      • Death Games20178

      Detective Constable Iona Khan, Manchester
      Scratch Deeper20121
      A Price to Pay20132

  • Simpson, Dorothy

      • Harbingers of Fear1977

      Inspector Luke Thanet, Kent
      • The Night She Died19811
      • Six Feet Under19822
      • Puppet for a Corpse19833
      • Close Her Eyes19844
      • Last Seen Alive19855
      • Dead on Arrival19866
      • Element of Doubt19877
      • Suspicious Death19888
      • Dead by Morning19899
      • Doomed to Die199110
      • Wake the Dead199211
      • No Laughing Matter199312
      • A Day for Dying199513
      • Once Too Often199814
      • Dead and Gone199915

  • Sipila, Jarkko

      Lieutenant Detective Kari Takamaki, Helsinki Police Violent Crimes Unit
      • Helsinki Homicide: Cold Trail20134
      • Helsinki Homicide: Nothing but the Truth20117
      • Helsinki Homicide: Against the Wall20099
      • Helsinki Homicide: Vengeance201010
      • Helsinki Homicide: Darling201412

  • Skeggs, Douglas

      • The Estuary Pilgrim1989
      • The Talinin Madonna1991
      • The Triumph of Bacchus1993
      • The Phoenix of Prague1996
      • The Claimant1998

  • Skuse, C J

      • The Alibi Girl2020

      • Sweetpea20171
      • In Bloom20182

  • Skvorecky, Josef

      • Miss Silver's past1974
      • The Miracle Game1991
      • Two Murders in My Double Life1999

      Short Stories
      • Mournful Demeanour of Lieutenant Boruvka1974
      • Sins for Father Knox1988
      • The End of Lieutenant Boruvka1989
      • The Return of Lieutenant Boruvka1990

  • Slade, Nicola

      • Murder Fortissimo2011

      Charlotte Richmond, Widow, Victorian era
      • Murder Most Welcome20081
      • Death is the Cure20092
      • The Dead Queen's Garden20133

  • Slovo, Gillian

      • The Betrayal1991
      • Ten Days2016

      Kate Baeier, PI/Journalist
      • Morbid Symptoms19841
      • Death by Analysis19862
      • Death Comes Staccato19873
      • Cat Nap19944
      • Close Call19955

  • Smith, Alex

      • Six Days, Six Hours, Six Minutes (ebook only)2020

      DCI Robert Kett, Norfolk
      • Paper Girls20201
      • Bad Dog20202
      • Three Little Pigs20203
      • Whip Crack20204
      • Run Rabbit Run20205

  • Smith, Carol

      • Darkening Echoes (apa Friends for Life)1995
      • Kensington Court (apa Neighbors)1996
      • Double Exposure (apa Charmed Circle)1998
      • Family Reunion1999
      • Unfinished Business2000
      • Grandmother's Footsteps2002
      • Home From Home2003
      • Hidden Agenda2004
      • Vanishing Point2005
      Without Warning2006
      • Fatal Attraction2007
      • Twilight Hour2008
      • In the Dead of Night2009

  • Smith, Clark

      Nicky Mahoun, Chartered Accountant
      • The Speaking Eye19551
      • The Deadly Reaper19562
      • The Case of Torches19573

  • Smith, Fiona Veitch

      Poppy Denby, 1920s Reporter
      • The Jazz Files20151
      • The Kill Fee20162
      • The Death Beat20173
      • The Cairo Brief20184
      • The Art Fiasco20205

  • Smith, Frank

      • Corpse in Handcuffs1969
      • Defectors Are Dead Men1971
      • The Traitor Mask1974
      • Dragon's Breath1980

      Detective Chief Inspector Neil Paget
      • Fatal Flaw19961
      • Stone Dead19972
      • Candles for the Dead19993
      • Thread of Evidence20014
      • Acts of Vengeance20035
      • Breaking Point20086
      • The Cold Hand of Malice20097
      • A Killing Resurrected20108
      • In The Shadow of Evil20129
      • Night Fall 201310
      • Dead Weight201611

  • Smith, Helen

      Emily Castles
      • Invitation to Die20131
      • Beyond Belief20142
      • Stage Fright20183

      Emily Castles novellas
      • Three Sisters20111
      • Showstoppers20112
      • Real Elves20143

  • Smith, Joan

      What Will Survive2007

      Loretta Lawson, Lecturer, London
      • A Masculine Ending19871
      • Why Aren't They Screaming?19882
      • Don't Leave Me This Way19903
      • What Men Say19934
      • Full Stop19955

  • Smith, Martin Cruz

      • The Girl from Venice2016

      Chief Investigator Arkady Renko, Moscow
      • Gorky Park19811
      • Polar Star19892
      • Red Square19923
      • Havana Bay19994
      • Wolves Eat Dogs20055
      • Stalin's Ghost20076
      • Three Stations20117
      • The Siberian Dilemma20199

  • Smith, Murray

      • Legacy1998

      David Jardine, Secret Intelligence Service
      • The Devil's Juggler19931
      • Stone Dancer19942
      • Killing Time19953

  • Smith, Nick

      • Undead on Arrival2007

      Julius Kyle, feline reporter in the city of Bast
      • Milk Treading20021
      • The Kitty Killer Cult20042

  • Sole, Linda

      • Song for Athena2003

      Sarah Beaufort, Actress, 1920s
      • Miscarriage of Justice20071
      • Justice Is Served20072
      • A Different Kind of Justice20083

  • Southey, Roz

      • Scorcher2018

      Charles Patterson, Musician, 18C Newcastle upon Tyne
      • Broken Harmony20071
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