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Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.

  • Alaux, Jean-Pierre & Balen, Noel

      Benjamin Cooker, world-renowned winemaker turned gentleman detective
      Treachery in Bordeaux20121
      • Grand Cru Heist20142
      • Nightmare in Burgundy20143
      Deadly Tasting20144
      • Cognac Conspiracies20155
      • Mayhem in Margaux20156
      • Flambe in Armagnac20157
      • Montmartre Mysteries20158
      • Backstabbing in Beaujolais20159
      • Late Harvest Havoc201510
      • Tainted Tokay201611
      • Red-Handed in Romanae-Conti201612
      • Requiem in Yquem201713

  • Bonnecarrere, Paul

      • Rosebud (with Joan Hemingway)1974
      • Ultimatum1976
      • Golden Triangle1977

  • Bruce, Jean

      Secret Agent OSS117
      • Dead Silence (Fr: Cadavre au detail)19677
      • High Treason (Fr: Trahison)19679
      • Contact Impossible (Fr: Contact Impossible)196510
      • Pole Reaction (Fr: OSS117 Repond Toujours)196531
      • A Coffin for Isa (Fr: Un sarcophage pour Isa)195432
      • Top Secret (Fr: OSS 117 top secret)196734
      • Shock Tactics (Fr: Ombres sur le Bosphore)196535
      • Short Wave (Fr: Affaire no. 1)196437
      • Live Wire (Fr: Le Dernier Quart D’Heure)196545
      • Double Take (Fr: OSS117 Rentre dans la danse)196446
      • Soft Sell (Fr: Plan de Bataille Pour OSS117)196556
      • Hot Line (apa Trouble in Tokyo) (Fr: A Tout Coeur a Tukie)196560
      • Flash Point (Fr: Moche Coup a Moscou)196561
      • Cold Spell (Fr: Cinq gars pour Singapour)196766
      • Deep Freeze (Fr: Tactique arctique)196372
      • Photo Finish (Fr: OSS117 a L’ecole)196576
      • Strip Tease (Fr: Strip Tease Pour OSS)196883

  • Dard, Frederic

      • Bird in a Cage2016
      • Crush2016
      • The Wicked Go to Hell2016
      • The Executioner Weeps2017
      • The King of Fools2017

  • Garnier, Pascal

      How's the Pain?2012
      • The Panda Theory2012
      Moon in a Dead Eye2013
      • The A262013
      • The Front Seat Passenger2014
      • The Islanders2014
      • Boxes2015
      • The Eskimo Solution2016
      • Too Close to the Edge2016
      • Low Heights2017

  • Georget, Philippe

      Inspector Sebag, South of France
      • Summertime All the Cats are Bored20131
      • Autumn, All the Cats Return20142
      • Crimes of Winter20173

  • Grangé, Jean-Christophe

      • The Flight of the Stork1994
      • Blood Red Rivers1998
      • The Stone Council2001
      • The Empire of the Wolves2004

  • Henaff, Sophie

      Anne Capestan
      • The Awkward Squad20171
      • Stick Together20182

  • Izzo, Jean Claude

      Fabio Montale
      • One Helluva Mess (aka Total Kheops/Total Chaos)19951
      • Chourmo19962
      • Solea19983

  • Jacquemard-Senecal

      • The Eleventh Little Nigger (apa The Eleventh Little Indian)1979
      • The Body Vanishes1980

  • Japp, Andrea H

      The Agnes de Souarcy Chronicles
      • The Season of the Beast20081
      • The Breath of the Rose20092
      • The Divine Blood20093

  • Japrisot, Sebastien

      • The 10.30 from Marseilles1964
      • A Trap for Cinderella1965
      • The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun1966
      • One Deadly Summer1969
      • Goodbye, Friend1971
      • The sleeping-car murders1978
      • Women in Evidence1989
      • A Very Long Engagement1991
      • Rider on the Rain (filmed in 1970)1999

  • Khara, David

      • The Bleiberg Project20141
      • The Shiro Project20142
      • The Morgenstern Project20153

  • Leclere, Eric

      Xavier Lombard
      • The Lost Son19991
      • A Place of Gardens and Lilies20052
      • What if They Like it?3

  • Lemaitre, Pierre

      • The Great Swindle2015
      • Blood Wedding2016
      • Three Days and a Life2017
      • Inhuman Resources2018

      Police Commandant Camille Verhoeven trilogy
      • Iréne20141

  • Malet, Leo

      Nestor Burma, PI, Paris
      • 120 Rue De La Gare19911
      • Dynamite Versus QED19912
      • Mission to Marseilles19916
      • Sunrise Behind the Louvre199112
      • The Rats of Montsouris199117
      • Fog on the Tolbiac Bridge199321
      • Death of a Marseilles Man (apa Neck and Neck at La Nation - Dec 2008)199524
      • Mayhem in the Marais199126
      • The Tell-tale Body on the Plaine Monceau199327

  • Minier, Bernard

      Commandant Servaz
      • The Frozen Dead20131
      • A Song for Drowned Souls (apa The Circle)20152
      • Don't Turn Out the Lights20163
      • Night20194

  • Monteilhet, Hubert

      • Phoenix From The Ashes (apa Return From the Ashes)1963
      • The Road to Hell1965
      • Cupid's Executioners1967
      • Cupid's Executioners1970
      • A Perfect Crime or Two1971
      • Andromache or the Inadvertent Murder1971
      • Murder at Leisure1972
      • Dead Copy1976
      • Murder at the Frankfurt Book Fair1976
      • Praying Mantis

  • Moore, Viviane

      Galeran De Lesneven, C12 Knight, France
      • Blue Blood20001
      • A Black Romance20002
      • The Darkest Red20013
      • The White Path20024

  • Pennac, Daniel

      Benjamin Malaussene
      • The Scapegoat19851
      • Fairy Gunmother19872
      • Write to Kill19893
      • Monsieur Malussene19954
      • Passion Fruit19995

  • Sanders, Louis

      • Death in the Dordogne2002
      • The Englishman's Wife2003
      • An Ignoble Profession2004

  • Sylvain, Dominique

      Lola Jost and Ingrid Diesel, Paris
      • The Dark Angel20131
      • Dirty War20152
      • Shadows and Sun20163

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