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Authors and Bibliographies (Germany)

Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.

  • Alleyn, Susanne

      Aristide Ravel, Revolutionary France
      • Game of Patience20061
      • A Treasury of Regrets20072
      • The Cavalier of the Apocalypse20093
      • Palace of Justice20104

  • Arjouni, Jakob

      • Magic Hoffman1998
      • Chez Max2008

      Kemal Kayankaya, PI, Frankfurt, Germany
      • Happy Birthday, Turk!19871
      • More Beer (apa And Still Drink More!)19942
      • One Man, One Murder (apa One Death to Die)19963
      Brother Kemal20135

  • Bannalec, Jean-Luc

      Commissioner Dupin
      • Death in Pont-Aven (apa Death in Brittany)20141
      • Murder on Brittany Shores20152
      • The Fleur de Sel Murders20183

  • Bell, Annis

      Lady Jane, 1860s England
      • The Girl at Rosewood Hall20151
      • The Black Orchid20162

  • Giordano, Mario

      Auntie Poldi, Sicily
      • Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions20161
      • Auntie Poldi and the Fruits of the Lord20182

  • Goldammer, Frank

      Max Heller, Dresden Detective
      • The Air Raid Killer20181
      • A Thousand Devils20182

  • Helton, Peter

      Chris Honeysett, artist/PI, Bath
      • Headcase20051
      • Slim Chance20062
      • Rainstone Fall20083
      • An Inch of Time20124
      • Worthless Remains20135
      • Indelible20146
      Lock 1320177

      DI Liam McLusky, Bristol
      • Falling More Slowly20101
      • Four Below20112
      • A Good Way to Go20143
      • Soft Summer Blood20154

  • Kutscher, Volker

      Detective Inspector Rath, Berlin, 1929/30s
      • Babylon Berlin20161
      • The Silent Death20172
      • Goldstein20183

  • Neuhaus, Nele

      • Swimming with Sharks2013

      DI Pia Kirchhoff & DS Oliver von Bodenstein
      • The Ice Queen20153
      Snow White Must Die20134
      • Bad Wolf (apa Big Bad Wolf)20146
      • I Am Your Judge (apa To Catch A Killer (UK))20167

  • Noll, Ingrid

      • Hell Hath No Fury1996
      • Head Count1997
      • The Pharmacist1998

  • Pirincci, Akif

      Francis, Cat-detective
      • Felidae19931
      • Felidae on the Road (apa Francis)19942

  • Potzsch, Oliver

      Hangman's Daughter series
      • The Hangman's Daughter20111
      • The Dark Monk20122
      • The Beggar King20133
      • The Poisoned Pilgrim20134
      • The Werewolf of Bamberg20155
      • The Play of Death20176
      • The Council of Twelve20187

  • Profijt, Jutta

      • Dust Angel2013

      Martin Gänsewein, Coroner
      • Morgue Drawer Four20111
      • Morgue Drawer Next Door20122
      • Morgue Drawer for Rent20123
      • Morgue Drawer: Do Not Enter!20144
      • Morgue Drawer: Clink or Cooler?20155

  • Rademacher, Cay

      Inspector Stave, Hamburg, 1947
      • The Murderer in Ruins20151
      • The Wolf Children20172
      • The Forger20183

      Provence Mystery
      • Murderous Mistral20171
      • Deadly Camargue20182

  • Schatzing, Frank

      • The Swarm: A Novel of the Deep2006
      • Death and the Devil2007
      • Limit2013

  • Sendker, Jan-Philipp

      China Trilogy
      • Whispering Shadows20151
      • Dragon Games (apa The Language of Solitude)20162
      • The Far Side of the Night20193

  • Spielberg, Christoph

      Doctor Felix Hoffmann, Berlin
      • The Russian Donation20131
      • He Who Dies Last20132
      • 101 Nights20133

  • Spindler, Chris & Wiesner, Karen

      Pete Shasta and Danny "Van Gogh" Vincent Anthology
      • Falcon's Bend Case Files Volume 120051
      • Falcon's Bend Case Files Volume 22

      Pete Shasta and Danny "Van Gogh" Vincent, Falcon's Bend, Wisconsin
      Degrees of Separation20041
      • Tears on Stone20062
      • The Fifteenth Letter3

  • Winter, Hanna

      Lena Peters, Criminal Psychologist, Berlin
      • Sacrifice20161

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