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Authors and Bibliographies (Ireland)

Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.

  • Banville, Vincent

      PI John Blaine, Dublin
      • Death by Design19931
      • Death the Pale Rider19952
      • Sad Song (Open Door novella)19993
      • Cannon Law20014
      • An Accident Waiting to Happen (Open Door novella)20025

  • Benjamin, Peter (See also: Peter Cunningham)

      Joe Grace, Financier, Dublin
      • Terms and Conditions20011
      • High Ride20032

  • Brady, Conor

      Detective Sergeant Joe Swallow, Dublin, 1880s
      • A June Of Ordinary Murders20121
      • The Eloquence of the Dead20132
      • A Hunt in Winter20163

  • Brady, John

      Inspektor Felix Kimmel, Austria
      • Poacher's Road20061

      Matt Minogue, Dublin
      A Stone of the Heart19881
      • Unholy Ground19892
      • Kaddish in Dublin19903
      • All Souls19934
      • The Good Life19945
      • A Carra King20016
      • Wonderland20037
      • Islandbridge20058
      • The Going Rate20089
      • A Long Hard Look200910
      • The Coast Road201111

  • Bruen, Ken

      • Martyrs1994
      • Rilke on Black1996
      • The Hackman Blues1997
      • Her Last Call to Louis MacNeice1998
      London Boulevard2001
      Dispatching Baudelaire2004
      • American Skin2006
      • Once Were Cops2008
      • Tower (with Reed Farrel Coleman)2009
      • Merrick2014

      • A White Arrest19981
      • Taming the Alien19992
      • The McDead20003
      • Vixen20035

      Brant Collection
      The White Trilogy2003

      Jack Taylor
      The Guards20011
      The Killing of the Tinkers20022
      The Magdalen Martyrs20033
      • The Dramatist20044
      The Devil20108
      • Purgatory201310
      • Green Hell201511
      • Emerald Lie201612
      • The Ghosts of Galway201713

      Max Fisher and Angela Petrakos
      • Bust (with Jason Starr)20061
      • Slide (with Jason Starr)20072
      • The Max (with Jason Starr)20083
      • Pimp (with Jason Starr)20164

  • Bugler, Sheila

      DI Ellen Kennedy, London
      • Hunting Shadows20131
      • The Waiting Game20142
      • All Things Nice20163

  • Campbell, Aifric

      • The Semantics of Murder2008
      • The Loss Adjustor2010
      • On the Floor2012

  • Carter, Andrea

      Benedicta 'Ben' O'Keeffe, Solicitor, Inishowen peninsula in County Donegal, Ireland.
      • Death at Whitewater Church20151
      • Treacherous Strand20162
      • The Well of Ice20173
      • Murder at Greysbridge20184

  • Charles, Paul

      • Down on Cyprus Avenue2014
      The Lonesome Heart is Angry2014

      Garda Inspector Starrett
      • The Dust of Death20071
      Family Life20092
      • St Ernan's Blues20163

      Insp Christy Kennedy, Camden Town, London
      • I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass19971
      Last Boat to Camden Town19982
      • Fountain of Sorrow19983
      • The Ballad of Sean & Wilko20004
      • The Hissing of the Silent Lonely Room20015
      • I've Heard the Banshee Sing20026
      • Justice Factory20047
      • Sweetwater20068
      The Beautiful Sound of Silence20089
      • A Pleasure to Do Death with You201210

  • Citron, Lana

      Issy Brodsky, PI, London
      • The Honey Trap20071
      • The Brodsky Touch20072

  • Creed, John (See also: Eoin McNamee)

      Jack Valentine, Intelligence Oficer
      • The Sirius Crossing20021
      • The Day of the Dead20032
      • Black Cat Black Dog20063

  • Cregan, Conor

      • With Extreme Prejudice1994
      • House of Fire1995
      • Valkyrie1996
      • Ground Zero1998
      • First Strike1999

  • Crowley, Sinead

      Sergeant Claire Boyle, Dublin
      • Can Anybody Help Me?20141
      • Are You Watching Me?20152
      • One Bad Turn20173

  • Davison, Philip

      • Book-Thief's Heartbeat1981
      • Twist and Shout1983
      • The Private Citizen1985
      • The Illustrator1988

      Harry Fielding, an MI5 odd job man
      • The Crooked Man19971
      • McKenzie's Friend20012
      • The Long Suit20023
      • A Burnable Town20064

  • Dickinson, David

      Lord Francis Powerscourt, Victorian era
      • Goodnight, Sweet Prince20021
      • Death and the Jubilee20032
      • Death of an Old Master20043
      • Death of a Chancellor20054
      • Death Called to the Bar20065
      • Death on the Nevski Prospekt20076
      Death on the Holy Mountain20087
      • Death of a Pilgrim20098
      • Death of a Wine Merchant20109
      Death in a Scarlet Coat201110
      • Death at the Jesus Hospital201211
      • Death of an Elgin Marble201412
      • Death Comes to the Ballets Russes201513
      • Death Comes to Lynchester Close201614
      • Death at Melrose Hall201715

  • Ekin, Des

      • Stone Heart1999
      • Single Obsession2001

  • Hamilton, Hugo

      Pat Coyne, policeman, Dublin
      • Headbanger19971
      • Sad Bastard19982

  • Harrison, Cora

      Hugh Mac Egan, Tudor Era
      • The Cardinal's Court20171

      Mara, Judge, Tudor Ireland
      My Lady Judge20071
      Michaelmas Tribute (apa A Secret and Unlawful Killing)20082
      • The Sting of Justice20093
      • Writ in Stone20094
      • Eye of the Law20105
      • Scales of Retribution20116
      • Deed of Murder20117
      • Laws in Conflict20128
      • Chain of Evidence20129
      • Cross of Vengeance201310
      • Verdict of the Court201411
      • Condemned to Death201412
      • A Fatal Inheritance201513
      • An Unjust Judge201614

      Reverend Mother Aquinas, Cork, 1920s
      • A Shameful Murder20151
      • A Shocking Assassination20162
      • Beyond Absolution20173
      • A Gruesome Discovery20174
      • Death of a Novice20185

  • Healy, Mel

      Moss Reid, PI, Dublin
      • Another Case in Cowtown20131
      • Black Marigolds20142
      • Ghost Flight20143

  • Hill, Casey

      Riley Steel Prequel Novella
      • Crime Scene20151

      Riley Steel, Forensic Investigator, Dublin
      • Torn (apa Inferno)20122
      • Hidden20133
      • The Watched20144
      • Trace20155

  • Hughes, Andrew

      • The Convictions of John Delahunt2013
      • The Coroner's Daughter2017

  • Hunt, Arlene

      • Vicious Circle2004
      The Chosen2011
      • The Outsider2013
      • Last To Die2016

      Sarah Kenny and John Quigley, Quick Investigations, Dublin
      • False Intentions20051
      • Black Sheep20062
      • Missing Presumed Dead20073
      • Undertow20084
      • Blood Money20105

  • Kenneally, Christy

      Michael Flaherty, Priest and Ex-Marine, Ireland
      • Second Son20051
      • The Remnant20062
      • Tears of God20093

  • Kilduff, Paul

      • Square Mile1999
      • The Dealer2000
      • The Frontrunner2001
      • The Headhunter2003
      • The Missing

  • Kilroy, Claire

      • All Summer2003
      • Tenderwire2006
      • All Names Have Been Changed2009

  • Martellas, Maureen

      Annie McHugh, PI
      • Annie's New Life20001
      • A Perfect Partnership20042
      • Friends and Lovers20073

  • McCaffrey, K T

      Emma Boylan, Investigative journalist
      • Revenge19991
      • Killing Time20002
      • The Body Rock20013
      • End of the Line20034
      Bishop's Pawn20075
      • The Cat Trap20086
      • No Curtain Call20107
      • The Tara Bones20128

  • McCarthy, Ava

      Henrietta 'Harry' Martinez, a whiz computer hacker turned security professional
      • The Insider20091
      • The Courier20102
      • Hide Me20113

  • McCormac, Rory

      Frank Samson, Veterinarian, Galway
      • Playing Dead19961
      • Outbreak19982
      • Malpractice20003

  • McLynn, Pauline

      • Woman on the Bus2004

      PI Leonora "Leo" Street, Dublin
      • Something for the Weekend20001
      • Better Than a Rest20012
      • Right on Time20023

  • Mitchell, Caroline

      • Witness2016
      • Silent Victim2018

      DC Jennifer Knight
      • Don't Turn Around20151
      • Time to Die20152
      • The Silent Twin20163

      Detective Amy Winter
      • Truth and Lies20181

      Detective Ruby Preston
      • Death Note (apa Love You to Death)20171
      • Sleep Tight20172
      • Murder Game20173

  • Mullan, Pat

      • The Circle of Sodom1998
      • Blood Red Square
      • The Root of All Evil

  • Nally, James

      PC Donal Lynch, London
      • Alone with the Dead20151
      • Dance With the Dead20162
      • Games with the Dead20173

  • Nugent, Liz

      • Unravelling Oliver2014
      • Lying in Wait2016
      • Skin Deep2018

  • O'Brien, J A

      DI Sally Speckle, Loston CID
      • Old Bones20081
      • Remains Found20082
      • Foul Death20093

      DS Andy Lukeson
      • Pick Up20081
      • Murder in Mind20102
      • Mischief Done20123

  • O'Carroll, Gerry

      Detectives Moss Quinn and Joe Doyle, Dublin
      • The Gathering of Souls20101

  • O'Connor, Gemma

      • Sins of Omission1995
      • Falls the Shadow1996
      • Farewell to the Flesh1998
      • Time to Remember1999
      • Walking on Water2001
      • Following the Wake2002

  • O'Connor, Joseph

      • Desperadoes1995
      • The Salesman1998
      • Inishowen2000
      • Star of the Sea2002

  • O'Donovan, Gerard

      Detective Inspector Mike Mulcahy & Siobhan Fallon, Journalist
      • The Priest20101
      • Dublin Dead20112

      Tom Collins, 1920s Hollywood
      • The Long Silence20181

  • O'Reilly, Victor

      Hugo Fitzduane, former soldier and war photographer, Ireland
      • Games Of The Hangman19911
      • Rules Of The Hunt (apa Games of Vengeance)19942
      • The Devil's Footprint19973

  • O'Sullivan, Mark

      DI Leo Woods & Detective Sergeant Helen Troy, Dublin
      • Crocodile Tears20131
      • Sleeping Dogs20142

  • Powell, E M

      Stanton and Barling
      • The King's Justice20181
      • The Monastery Murders20182

  • Spain, Jo

      • The Confession2018

      Detective Tom Reynolds, Dublin
      • With our Blessing20151
      • Beneath the Surface20162
      • Sleeping Beauties20173

  • Taylor, Abbie

      • Emma's Baby2009
      • In Safe Hands2011
      • The Dilemma2018

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