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Authors and Bibliographies (Spain)

Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.

  • del Arbol, Victor

      • The Sadness of the Samurai2012
      • The Heart Tastes Bitter2016
      • A Million Drops2018

  • Fuentes, Eugenio

      Ricardo Cupido, private detective
      • The Depths of the Forest20022
      • The Blood of the Angels20073
      • The Pianist's Hands20084
      At Close Quarters20095

  • Gortner, Christopher (C W)

      Elizabeth's Spymaster series
      • The Tudor Secret (apa The Secret Lion)20111
      • The Tudor Conspiracy20132
      • The Tudor Vendetta20143

  • Mendoza, Eduardo

      • A Light Comedy2003
      • An Englishman in Madrid2013

      Ceferino, a detective locked up in a mental hospital
      • The Mystery of the Enchanted Crypt20081
      • The Olive Labyrinth20112

  • Montalban, Manuel Vazquez

      Detective Pepe Carvalho, Barcelona
      • Angst-ridden Executive19903
      • Southern Seas19884
      • Murder in the Central Committee19845
      • Offside199614
      • An Olympic Death199216
      • The Buenos Aires Quintet200321
      • The Man of My Life200522

  • Oliver, Maria-Antonia

      Lonia Guiu, PI, Barcelona
      • Study in Lilac19881
      • Antipodes19892
      • Blue Roses for a Dead... Lady?19983

  • Palma, Felix

      Victorian trilogy
      • The Map of Time20111
      • The Map of the Sky20122

  • Zafon, Carlos Ruiz

      • The Prince of Mist2010
      • The Midnight Palace2011
      • Marina2013
      • The Watcher in the Shadows2013

      The Shadow of the Wind cycle
      • The Shadow of the Wind20041
      • The Angel's Game20092
      • The Prisoner of Heaven20123

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