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Authors and Bibliographies (Sweden)

Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).

  • Ahnhem, Stefan

      Fabian Risk
      • Victim Without a Face20161
      • The Ninth Grave20172
      • Eighteen Below20183
      • Motive X20194
      • X Ways to Die20205

  • Carlsson, Christoffer

      • October is the Coldest Month2017

      Leo Junker, Police Officer
      • The Invisible Man from Salem20151
      • The Falling Detective20162
      • Master, Liar, Traitor, Friend20173
      • The Thin Blue Line20184

  • de la Motte, Anders

      David Sarac
      • MemoRandom20151
      • Ultimatum (apa The Silenced (UK))20172

      Henrik "HP" Petterson
      • Game20131
      • Buzz20132
      • Bubble20133

      Seasons Quartet
      • End of Summer20213
      • Rites of Spring20214

  • Ekback, Cecilia

      • Wolf Winter2015
      • In the Month of the Midnight Sun2016
      • The Historians2021

  • Grebe, Camilla

      • Inertia2021

      Hanne Lagerlind-Schön
      • The Ice Beneath Her20161
      • After She's Gone20192

  • Guillou, Jan

      Swedish military spy Carl Hamilton
      • Enemy's Enemy19924

  • Holmen, Martin

      Harry Kvist, a bi-sexual former boxer and debt collector, 1930s Stockholm
      • Clinch20161
      • Down for the Count20172
      • Slugger20183

  • Kallifatides, Theodor

      Kristina Vendel, Police Inspector, Sweden
      • A Very Simple Crime20021
      • The Sixth Passenger2

  • Karjel, Robert

      Ernst Grip
      • My name is N (apa The Swede)20151
      • After the Monsoon20182

  • Lang, Maria

      • Death Awaits Thee1967
      • No More Murders1967
      • A Wreath for the Bride1968

  • Lapidus, Jens

      Emelie Jansson, Lawyer & Teddy, Ex-con
      • Stockholm Delete20171
      • Top Dog20182

      The Stockholm Noir trilogy
      Easy Money20111
      • Never Fuck Up (apa Never Screw Up)20132
      • Life Deluxe20143

  • Lindstein, Mariette

      The Cult on Fog Island Trilogy
      • The Cult on Fog Island20191
      • The Shadow of the Cult20212

  • Ohlsson, Kristina

      Inspector Alex Recht
      • The Disappeared20133
      • The Chosen20155
      • The Flood20196

      Martin Benner
      • Buried Lies20171
      • The Lies We Tell20182

  • Olsson, Fredrik T

      William Sandberg, Cryptographer
      • Chain of Events20141
      • Acts of Vanishing20172

  • Sten, Viveca

      Sandhamn Murders
      • Still Waters20151
      • Closed Circles20162
      • Guiltless20173
      • Tonight You're Dead20174
      • In the Heat of the Moment20185
      • In Harm's Way20186
      • In the Shadow of Power20197
      • In the Name of Truth20208
      • In Bad Company20219
      • Buried in Secret202210

  • Svensson, Anton

      • Made In Sweden Part I: The Father2015
      • Made In Sweden Part 2: The Sons2018

  • Tegenfalk, Stefan

      Criminal detective Walter Gröhn, Stockholm police and Jonna de Brugge from the Special Investigations Unit
      Anger Mode20111
      • Project Nirvana (ebook)20122

  • Zander, Joakim

      • The Swimmer2014
      • The Brother (apa The Believer)2016
      • The Friend2019

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