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Alan Hunter

Born in England

Author's Website

Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).

    Chief Superintendent George Gently, East Anglia
    • Gently Does It19551
    • Gently by the Shore19562
    • Gently Down the Stream19573
    • Landed Gently19574
    • Gently Through the Mill19585
    • Gently in the Sun19596
    • Gently with the Painters19607
    • Gently to the Summit19618
    • Gently Go Man19619
    • Gently Where the Roads Go196210
    • Gently Floating196311
    • Gently Sahib196412
    Gently with the Ladies196513
    • Gently North-West (apa Gently in the Highlands)196714
    Gently Continental196715
    • Gently Coloured196916
    • Gently with the Innocents197017
    • Gently at a Gallop197118
    • Vivienne: Gently Where She Lay197219
    • Gently French197320
    • Gently in Trees (apa Gently Through the Woods)197421
    • Gently with Love197522
    • Gently Where the Birds Are197623
    • Gently Instrumental197724
    • Gently to a Sleep197825
    • The Honfleur Decision198026
    • Gabrielle's Way (apa Scottish Decision)198127
    • Fields of Heather (apa Death on the Heath)198128
    • Gently Between Tides198229
    • Amorous Leander (apa Death on the Broadlands)198330
    • The Unhanged Man (apa Unhung Man)198431
    • Once a Prostitute198432
    • Chelsea Ghost198533
    • Good Night, Sweet Prince198634
    • Strangling Man198735
    • Traitor's End198836
    • Gently With the Millions198937
    • Gently Scandalous199038
    • Gently to a Kill199239
    • Gently Tragic199240
    • Gently in the Glens199441
    • Bomber's Moon199442
    • Jackpot!199543
    • The Love of Gods199744
    • Over Here199845
    • Gently Mistaken199946

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