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Andrew Taylor

Born in England

See also: Andrew Saville

Author's Website

Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).

    The Raven on the Water1991
    • The Barred Window1993
    The American Boy (apa An Unpardonable Crime)2003
    A Stain on the Silence2006
    Bleeding Heart Square2008
    The Anatomy of Ghosts2010
    The Scent of Death2013
    • Silent Wounds2014

    Ashes of London series
    • The Ashes of London20161
    • The Fire Court20182
    • The King's Evil20193
    • The Last Protector20204
    • The Royal Secret20215
    • The Shadows of London20236

    DI Richard Thornhill & Jill Francis, journalist, Lydmouth, 1950s
    • An Air that Kills19941
    • The Mortal Sickness19952
    • The Lover of the Grave19973
    The Suffocating Night19984
    • Where Roses Fade20005
    Death's Own Door20016
    Call the Dying20047
    Naked To The Hangman20068

    Roth Trilogy
    • Requiem For an Angel (Omnibus edition)2002
    • The Four Last Things19971
    • The Judgement of Strangers19982
    • The Office of the Dead20003

    The Blaines Trilogy
    • The Second Midnight19871
    • Blacklist19882
    • Toyshop19903

    William Dougal
    • Caroline Minuscule19821
    • Waiting for the End of the World19842
    • Our Fathers' Lies19853
    • An Old School Tie19864
    • Freelance Death19875
    • Blood Relation19906
    • The Sleeping Policeman19927
    • Odd Man Out19938

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