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Ann Granger

Born in England

Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).

    Fran Varady
    • Asking for Trouble19971
    • Keeping Bad Company19972
    • Running Scared19983
    Risking it All20014
    Watching Out20035
    • Mixing with Murder20056
    Rattling the Bones20077

    Inspector Jess Campbell & Superintendent Ian Carter, Cotswolds
    Mud, Muck and Dead Things20091
    • Rack, Ruin and Murder20112
    • Bricks and Mortality20133
    • Dead In The Water20154
    • Rooted In Evil20175
    • An Unfinished Murder20186

    Lizzie Martin, Lady's companion and Inspector Ben Ross, Victorian Era
    A Rare Interest in Corpses (apa The Companion)20061
    • A Mortal Curiosity20082
    • A Better Quality of Murder20103
    A Particular Eye for Villainy20124
    • The Testimony of the Hanged Man20145
    • The Dead Woman of Deptford20166
    • The Murderer's Apprentice20197
    • The Truth-Seeker's Wife20218

    Mitchell & Markby
    • Say It With Poison19911
    • A Season for Murder19912
    • Cold in the Earth19923
    • Murder Among Us19924
    • Where Old Bones Lie19935
    • A Fine Place for Death19946
    • Flowers for His Funeral19947
    • Candle for a Corpse19958
    • A Touch of Mortality19969
    • A Word After Dying199610
    • Call the Dead Again199811
    • Beneath These Stones199912
    • Shades of Murder200013
    Restless Evil200214
    That Way Murder Lies200415
    • Deadly Company202216

    Short Story Collection
    • Mystery in the Making20211

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