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Anne Perry

Born in England

Author's Website

Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).

    • The One Thing More2000
    • A Dish Taken Cold2001
    • A Christmas Journey (apa Journey Towards Christmas)2003
    • A Christmas Visitor2004
    • A Christmas Guest2005
    A Christmas Secret2006
    • A Christmas Beginning2007
    • Heroes ('Most Wanted' novella)2007
    A Christmas Grace2008
    A Christmas Promise2009
    A Christmas Odyssey2010
    • The Sheen on the Silk2010
    A Christmas Homecoming2011
    A Christmas Garland2012
    • A Christmas Hope2013
    • A New York Christmas2014
    • A Christmas Escape2015
    • A Christmas Message2016
    • A Christmas Return2017
    • A Christmas Gathering2019
    • A Christmas Resolution2020
    • A Christmas Legacy2021
    • A Christmas Deliverance2022

    Charlotte and Thomas Pitt
    • The Cater Street Hangman19791
    • Callander Square19802
    • Paragon Walk19813
    • Resurrection Row19814
    • Rutland Place19835
    • Bluegate Fields19846
    • Death in the Devil's Acre19857
    • Cardington Crescent19878
    • Silence in Hanover Close19889
    • Bethlehem Road199010
    • Highgate Rise199111
    • Belgrave Square199212
    • Farriers' Lane199313
    • The Hyde Park Headsman199414
    • Traitors' Gate199515
    • Pentecost Alley199616
    • Ashworth Hall199717
    • Brunswick Gardens199818
    • Bedford Square199919
    • Half Moon Street200020
    • The Whitechapel Conspiracy200121
    • Southampton Row200222
    Seven Dials200323
    • Long Spoon Lane200524
    • Buckingham Palace Gardens200825
    Betrayal at Lisson Grove (apa Treason at Lisson Grove)201026
    Dorchester Terrace201127
    Midnight at Marble Arch201228
    Death on Blackheath201329
    • The Angel Court Affair201430
    • Treachery at Lancaster Gate201531
    • Murder on the Serpentine201632

    Daniel Pitt, Barrister,1910
    • Twenty-One Days20171
    • Triple Jeopardy20182
    • One Fatal Flaw20193
    • Death with a Double Edge 20204
    • Three Debts Paid20215
    • The Fourth Enemy20226

    Elena Standish, Photographer, 1930s
    • Death in Focus20191
    • A Question of Betrayal20202
    • A Darker Reality20213
    • A Truth To Lie For20224
    • The Traitor Among Us20235

    Inspector Monk
    • The Face of a Stranger19901
    • A Dangerous Mourning19912
    • Defend and Betray19923
    • A Sudden, Fearful Death19934
    • Sins of the Wolf19945
    • Cain His Brother19956
    • Weighed in the Balance19967
    The Silent Cry19978
    • The Whited Sepulchres (apa A Breach of Promise)19989
    • The Twisted Root199910
    Slaves of Obsession200011
    Funeral in Blue200112
    Death of a Stranger200213
    The Shifting Tide200414
    Dark Assassin200615
    Execution Dock200916
    Acceptable Loss201117
    A Sunless Sea201218
    • Blind Justice201319
    Blood on the Water201420
    • Corridors of the Night201521
    • Revenge in a Cold River201622
    • An Echo of Murder201723
    • Dark Tide Rising201824

    Joseph Reavley, Chaplain, 1st World War
    No Graves as Yet20031
    Shoulder the Sky20042
    • Angels in the Gloom20053
    At Some Disputed Barricade20064
    We Shall Not Sleep20075

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