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Anne Perry

Born in England

Author's Website

Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.

    • The One Thing More2000
    • A Dish Taken Cold2001
    • A Christmas Journey (apa Journey Towards Christmas)2003
    • A Christmas Visitor2004
    • A Christmas Guest2005
    A Christmas Secret2006
    • A Christmas Beginning2007
    • Heroes ('Most Wanted' novella)2007
    A Christmas Grace2008
    A Christmas Promise2009
    A Christmas Odyssey2010
    • The Sheen on the Silk2010
    A Christmas Homecoming2011
    A Christmas Garland2012
    • A Christmas Hope2013
    • A New York Christmas2014
    • A Christmas Escape2015
    • A Christmas Message2016

    Charlotte and Thomas Pitt
    • The Cater Street Hangman19791
    • Callander Square19802
    • Paragon Walk19813
    • Resurrection Row19814
    • Rutland Place19835
    • Bluegate Fields19846
    • Death in the Devil's Acre19857
    • Cardington Crescent19878
    • Silence in Hanover Close19889
    • Bethlehem Road199010
    • Highgate Rise199111
    • Belgrave Square199212
    • Farriers' Lane199313
    • The Hyde Park Headsman199414
    • Traitors' Gate199515
    • Pentecost Alley199616
    • Ashworth Hall199717
    • Brunswick Gardens199818
    • Bedford Square199919
    • Half Moon Street200020
    • The Whitechapel Conspiracy200121
    • Southampton Row200222
    Seven Dials200323
    • Long Spoon Lane200524
    • Buckingham Palace Gardens200825
    Betrayal at Lisson Grove (apa Treason at Lisson Grove)201026
    Dorchester Terrace201127
    Midnight at Marble Arch201228
    Death on Blackheath201329
    • The Angel Court Affair201430
    • Treachery at Lancaster Gate201531
    • Murder on the Serpentine201632

    Daniel Pitt, Barrister,1910
    • Twenty-One Days20171

    Inspector Monk
    • The Face of a Stranger19901
    • A Dangerous Mourning19912
    • Defend and Betray19923
    • A Sudden, Fearful Death19934
    • Sins of the Wolf19945
    • Cain His Brother19956
    • Weighed in the Balance19967
    The Silent Cry19978
    • The Whited Sepulchres (apa A Breach of Promise)19989
    • The Twisted Root199910
    Slaves of Obsession200011
    Funeral in Blue200112
    Death of a Stranger200213
    The Shifting Tide200414
    Dark Assassin200615
    Execution Dock200916
    Acceptable Loss201117
    A Sunless Sea201218
    • Blind Justice201319
    Blood on the Water201420
    • Corridors of the Night201521
    • Revenge in a Cold River201622
    • An Echo of Murder201723
    • Dark Tide Rising201824

    Joseph Reavley, Chaplain, 1st World War
    No Graves as Yet20031
    Shoulder the Sky20042
    • Angels in the Gloom20053
    At Some Disputed Barricade20064
    We Shall Not Sleep20075

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