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Judith Cutler

Born in England

Author's Website

Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).

    • Scar Tissue2004
    • Staging Death2009

    Chief Superintendent Frances Harman
    Life Sentence20051
    Cold Pursuit20072
    • Still Waters20083
    Burying the Past20124
    • Double Fault20135
    Green and Pleasant Land20146

    DS Kate Power, Birmingham
    Power on Her Own19981
    Staying Power19992
    Power Games20003
    • Will Power20014
    • Hidden Power20025
    • Power Shift20036

    Jane Cowan, Wrayford, Kent
    • Head Start20161
    • Head Count20172
    • Head Wind20183

    Jodie Welsh
    • Death in Elysium20141

    Josie Welford, Pub licensee, Kings Duncombe
    The Food Detective20051
    • The Chinese Takeout20062

    Lina Townend
    Drawing the Line20041
    • Silver Guilt20102
    • Ring of Guilt20103
    • Guilty Pleasures20114
    • Guilt Trip20125
    • Guilt Edged20136
    • Guilty as Sin20157

    Matthew Rowsley, Steward & Mrs Faulkner, Housekeeper, Victorian Era
    • The Wages of Sin20191
    • Legacy of Death20202
    • Death's Long Shadow20213
    • A House Divided20224

    Sophie Rivers, English lecturer, Birmingham
    • Dying Fall19951
    • Dying to Write19962
    • Dying on Principle19963
    • Dying for Millions19974
    • Dying for Power19985
    • Dying to Score19996
    • Dying by Degrees20007
    • Dying By The Book20018
    • Dying in Discord20029
    • Dying to Deceive200310

    Tobias Campion, Parson, 1810
    The Keeper of Secrets20071
    • Shadow of the Past20082
    • Cheating the Hangman20153

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