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M J Trow

Born in Wales

Author's Website

Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).

    A Grand & Batchelor Victorian Mystery
    • The Blue and the Grey20141
    • The Circle20162
    • The Angel20163
    • The Island20174
    • The Ring20175
    • The Black Hills20196
    • Last Nocturne20207

    Christopher Marlowe
    • Dark Entry20111
    • Silent Court20112
    • Witchhammer20123
    • Scorpion's Nest20124
    • Crimson Rose20135
    • Traitor's Storm20146
    • Secret World20157
    • Eleventh Hour20178
    • Queen's Progress20189
    • Black Death201910
    • The Reckoning202011

    Christopher Marlowe Short Story
    • All Hallows' Eve (ebook only)20151

    Geoffrey Chaucer
    • The Knight's Tale20211
    • The Yeoman's Tale20222
    • The Clerk's Tale20223

    Inspector Lestrade, from the Sherlock Holmes stories
    • The Adventures of Inspector Lestrade (apa The Supreme Adventure of Inspector Lestrade)19851
    • Brigade: Further Adventures of Inspector Lestrade19862
    • Lestrade and the Hallowed House19873
    • Lestrade and the Leviathan19874
    • Lestrade and the Brother of Death19885
    • Lestrade and the Ripper19886
    • Lestrade and the Guardian Angel19907
    • Lestrade and the Deadly Game19908
    • Lestrade and the Gift of the Prince19919
    • Lestrade and the Magpie199110
    • Lestrade and the Dead Man's Hand199211
    • Lestrade and the Sign of Nine199212
    • Lestrade and the Sawdust Ring199313
    • Lestrade and the Mirror of Murder199314
    • Lestrade and the Kiss of Horus199515
    • Lestrade and the Devil's Own199616
    • Lestrade and the Giant Rat of Sumatra201417

    Margaret Murray, Archaeologist, London 1900
    • Four Thousand Days20211
    • Breaking the Circle20232

    Peter Maxwell, Teacher
    • Maxwell's House19941
    • Maxwell's Flame19952
    • Maxwell's Movie19983
    • Maxwell's War19994
    • Maxwell's Ride20005
    • Maxwell's Curse20006
    • Maxwell's Reunion20017
    • Maxwell's Match20038
    • Maxwell's Inspection20039
    Maxwell's Grave200410
    • Maxwell's Mask200511
    • Maxwell's Point200712
    • Maxwell's Chain200813
    • Maxwell's Revenge200914
    • Maxwell's Retirement201015
    Maxwell's Island201116
    • Maxwell's Crossing201217
    • Maxwell's Return201418
    • Maxwell's Academy201519

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