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Margery Allingham

Born in England

Author's Website

Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).

    • Blackkerchief Dick1923
    • Water in a Sieve1925
    • The White Cottage Mystery1928
    • Other Man's Danger (apa The Man of Dangerous Secrets) (as Maxwell March)1933
    • The Mystery Man of Soho1933
    • Rogues' Holiday (as Maxwell March)1935
    • The Shadow in the House (as Maxwell March)1936
    • Black Plumes1940
    • Deadly Duo (apa Take Two at Bedtime)1949

    Albert Campion
    The Crime at Black Dudley (apa The Black Dudley Murder)19291
    • Mystery Mile19302
    • Look to the Lady (apa The Gyrth Chalice Mystery)19313
    • Police at the Funeral19314
    • Sweet Danger (apa Kingdom of Death/The Fear Sign)19335
    • Death of a Ghost19346
    • Flowers for the Judge (apa Legacy in Blood)19367
    • Dancers in Mourning (apa Who Killed Chloe?)19378
    • The Case of the Late Pig19379
    • The Fashion in Shrouds193810
    • Traitor's Purse (apa The Sabotage Murder Mystery)194111
    • Coroner's Pidgin (apa Pearls Before Swine)194512
    • More Work for the Undertaker194813
    • The Tiger in the Smoke195214
    • No Love Lost195415
    • The Beckoning Lady (apa The Estate of the Beckoning Lady)195516
    • Hide My Eyes (apa Tether's End/Ten Were Missing)195817
    • The China Governess196218
    • The Mind Readers196519
    • Cargo of Eagles (completed by Philip Youngman Carter)196820

    Short Stories
    • Mr Campion: Criminologist1937
    • Mr Campion and Others1939
    • Wanted: Someone Innocent1946
    • The Case Book of Mr Campion1947
    • Mr Campion and Others (revised)1950
    • The Darings of the Red Rose1995

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