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Patricia Wentworth

Born in England

Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.

    • The Fire Within1913
    • The Astonishing Adventure of Jane Smith1923
    • The Annam Jewel1924
    • The Red Lacquer Case1924
    • The Black Cabinet1925
    • The Dower House Mystery1925
    • The Amazing Chance1926
    • Anne Belinda1927
    • Hue and Cry1927
    • Will o' the Wisp1928
    • Fool Errant1929
    • Beggar's Choice1930
    • Kingdom Lost1930
    • The Coldstone1930
    • Danger Calling1931
    • Nothing Venture1932
    • Red Danger (apa Red Shadow)1932
    • Seven Green Stones (apa Outrageous Fortune)1933
    • Walk with Care1933
    • Devil-in-the-Dark (apa Touch and Go)1934
    • Fear by Night1934
    • Blindfold1935
    • Red Stefan1935
    • Dead or Alive1936
    • Hole and Corner1936
    • Down Under1937
    • Mr. Zero1938
    • Run!1938
    • Rolling Stone1940
    • Who Pays the Piper? (apa Account Rendered)1940
    • Unlawful Occasions (apa Weekend with Death)1941
    • Silence in Court1945

    Inspector Ernest Lamb
    • The Blind Side19391
    • Pursuit of a Parcel19422

    Miss Silver
    • Grey Mask19281
    • The Case Is Closed19372
    • Lonesome Road19393
    • Danger Point (apa In the Balance)19414
    • The Chinese Shawl19435
    • Miss Silver Intervenes (apa Miss Silver Deals with Death)19436
    • The Clock Strikes Twelve19447
    • The Key19448
    • The Traveller Returns (apa She Came Back)19459
    • Pilgrim's Rest (apa Dark Threat)194610
    • Latter End194711
    • Spotlight (apa Wicked Uncle)194712
    • Eternity Ring194813
    • The Case of William Smith194814
    • Miss Silver Comes to Stay194915
    • The Catherine Wheel194916
    • Through the Wall195017
    • The Brading Collection (apa Mr. Brading´s Collection)195018
    • The Ivory Dagger195019
    • Anna, Where Are You? (apa Death at Deep End)195120
    • The Watersplash195121
    • Ladies´ Bane195222
    • Out of the Past195323
    • Vanishing Point195324
    • The Silent Pool195425
    • The Benevent Treasure195426
    • The Listening Eye195527
    • Poison in the Pen195528
    • The Fingerprint195629
    • The Gazebo (apa The Summerhouse)195630
    • The Alington Inheritance195831
    • The Girl in the Cellar196132

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