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Reginald Hill

Born in England

See also: Dick Morland, Patrick Ruell, Charles Underhill

Author's Website

Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).

    • Fell of Dark1971
    • The Turning of the Tide (apa The Castle of the Demon and written as Patrick Ruell)1971
    • A Fairly Dangerous Thing1972
    • Singleton's Law (apa Albion! Albion! and written as Dick Morland)1974
    • The Low Road (apa Death takes the Low Road and written as Patrick Ruell)1974
    • Very Good Hater1974
    • Beyond the Bone (apa Urn Burial and written as Patrick Ruell)1975
    • Another Death in Venice1976
    • The Spy's Wife1980
    • A Very Good Hater: A Tale of Revenge1982
    • Who Guards a Prince? (apa Guardians of the Prince)1982
    • Traitor's Blood1983
    • No Man's Land1985
    • Death of a Dormouse (written as Patrick Ruell)1987
    The Collaborators1987
    • The Long Kill (written as Patrick Ruell)1988
    • Dream of Darkness (written as Patrick Ruell)1989
    • The Only Game (written as Patrick Ruell)1991
    • Matlock's System1996
    The Stranger House2005
    The Woodcutter2010

    Dalziel & Pascoe Novella set in 2010
    • One Small Step1990

    Dalziel & Pascoe Short Stories
    • Asking for the Moon1994

    Joe Sixsmith, PI, Luton
    • Blood Sympathy19941
    • Born Guilty19952
    • Killing the Lawyers19973
    • Singing the Sadness19994
    The Roar of the Butterflies20085

    Short Stories
    • Pascoe's Ghost and Other Brief Chronicles of Crime1979
    There Are No Ghosts in the Soviet Union1987
    • Dalziel and Pascoe Hunt the Christmas Killer & Other Stories2022

    Supt. Dalziel & Sgt. Pascoe
    A Clubbable Woman19701
    • An Advancement of Learning19722
    • Ruling Passion19733
    • April Shroud19754
    • A Pinch of Snuff19785
    • A Killing Kindness19806
    • Deadheads19837
    • Exit Lines19848
    • Child's Play19879
    • Under World198810
    • Bones and Silence199011
    Recalled to Life199212
    • Pictures of Perfection199413
    The Wood Beyond199614
    On Beulah Height199815
    Arms and the Women199916
    Dialogues of the Dead200117
    Death's Jest Book200218
    Good Morning, Midnight200419
    The Death of Dalziel (apa Death Comes for the Fat Man)200720
    A Cure for All Diseases (apa The Price of Butcher's Meat)200821
    Midnight Fugue200922

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