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Roderic Jeffries

Born in England

See also: Peter Alding, Jeffrey Ashford, Roderic Graeme, Graham Hastings

Author's Website

Hyperlinks on book titles are to reviews by 'Euro Crime' reviewers, supplemented by reviews from 'Reviewing the Evidence' (to 2013) and 'Crime Review' (from 2019).

    • Evidence of the Accused1961
    • Exhibit No. Thirteen1962
    • The Benefits of Death1963
    • An Embarrassing Death1964
    • Dead Against The Lawyers1965
    • Death in the Coverts1966
    • A Deadly Marriage1967
    • A Traitors Crime1968
    • Dead Man's Bluff1970

    Insp Alvarez, Majorca
    • Mistakenly in Mallorca19741
    • Two-Faced Death19762
    • Troubled Deaths19773
    • Murder Begets Murder19794
    • Just Desserts19815
    • Unseemly End19816
    • Deadly Petard19847
    • Three and One Make Five19848
    • Layers of Deceit19859
    • Almost Murder198610
    • Relatively Dangerous198711
    • Death Trick198812
    • Dead Clever198913
    • Too Clever by Half199014
    • Murder's Long Memory199115
    • A Fatal Fleece199216
    • Murder Confounded199317
    • Death Takes Time199418
    • An Arcadian Death199519
    • An Artistic Way to Go199620
    • A Maze of Murders199721
    • An Enigmatic Disappearance199822
    • The Ambiguity of Murder199923
    • An Artful Death200024
    • Definitely Deceased200125
    • Seeing is Deceiving200226
    • An Intriguing Murder200327
    • An Air of Murder200328
    • A Sunny Disappearance200529
    • Murder Delayed200630
    • Murder Needs Imagination200731
    • An Instinctive Solution200832
    • Sun, Sea and Murder200933
    • A Question of Motive200934
    • Murder, Majorcan Style201135
    • Murdered by Nature201236
    • In Search of Murder201337

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