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Sally Spencer

Born in England

See also: Alan Rustage, James Garcia Woods

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Reviews are provided by Euro Crime or Reviewing the Evidence.

    • The Paradise Job1999
    • Pilgrimage of Death (ebook only)2015
    • The Madeiran Double Cross (ebook only)2015

    Chief Inspector Woodend, Whitebridge, Lancashire, 1950s and on.
    • The Salton Killings19981
    • Murder at Swann's Lake19992
    • Death of a Cave Dweller20003
    • The Dark Lady20014
    • The Golden Mile to Murder20015
    • Dead on Cue20026
    • The Red Herring20027
    • Death of an Innocent20028
    • A Death Left Hanging20039
    • The Enemy Within200310
    • The Witch Maker200411
    • The Butcher Beyond200412
    • Dying in the Dark200513
    • Stone Killer200514
    • A Long Time Dead200615
    Sins of the Fathers200616
    • Dangerous Games200717
    • Death Watch200718
    • A Dying Fall200819
    • Fatal Quest: Woodend's First Case200820

    DCI Monika Paniatowski, Whitebridge
    • The Dead Hand of History20091
    • The Ring of Death20102
    • Echoes of the Dead20103
    • Backlash20114
    • Lambs To The Slaughter20125
    • A Walk with the Dead20126
    Death's Dark Shadow20137
    Supping with the Devil20148
    • Best Served Cold20159
    • Thicker Than Water201510
    • Death in Disguise201611
    • The Hidden201712

    Detective Sam Brody
    • The Stalker20171

    Inspector Blackstone, London, turn of C20th
    • Rendezvous with Death (as Alan Rustage)20031
    • Blackstone and the Tiger (as Alan Rustage)20032
    • Blackstone and the Golden Egg (as Alan Rustage) (apa Blackstone and the House of Secrets)20043
    • Blackstone and the Fire Bug (as Alan Rustage) (apa Blackstone and the Burning Secret)20054
    • Blackstone and the Balloon of Death (apa Blackstone and the Stage of Death)20065
    • Blackstone and the Heart of Darkness20066
    • Blackstone and the New World20097
    • Blackstone and the Wolf of Wall Street20108
    • Blackstone and the Great War20119
    • Blackstone and the Endgame201310

    Jennie Redhead, PI, Oxford, 1974
    • The Shivering Turn20161
    • Dry Bones20172

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