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The Duncan Lawrie International Dagger

Eligible titles for The Duncan Lawrie International Dagger

The criteria is any translated crime novel published in the UK between 16th September 2005 and 31st May 2006. This is an unofficial* list of translated crime novels from Europe that may have been considered :

  • Boris Akunin - Pelagia and the White Bulldog
  • Andrea Camilleri - Excursion to Tindari Review
  • Gianrico Carofiglio - A Walk in the Dark Review
  • Luca di Fulvio - The Mannequin Man
  • Christophe Dufossé - School's Out
  • Aris Fioretos - The Truth About Sascha Knisch
  • Friedrich Glauser - Fever Review
  • Matti Joensuu - The Priest of Evil Review
  • Dominique Manotti - Dead Horsemeat Review
  • Manuel Vazquez Montalban - The Man of My Life
  • Jo Nesbo - The Devil's Star Review
  • Hakan Nesser - Borkmann's Point Review
  • Arturo Perez-Reverte - Purity of Blood
  • Rafael Reig - Blood on the Saddle Review
  • Giampiero Rigosi - Night Bus Review
  • Frank Schätzing - The Swarm: A Novel of the Deep
  • Fred Vargas - The Three Evangelists Review
  • Jan Costin Wagner - Ice Moon Review

    * of course there may be omissions from the above list and at this time it does not include translated crime from the rest of the world.

    last updated 16/12/2006 09:01