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Here are the titles of future releases.

Adler-Olsen, JussiThe Washington Decree08/2018
• Ahnhem, StefanMotive X#4Fabian Risk01/2019
Akunin, BorisBlack City#12Erast Fandorin, Gentleman Sleuth, Russia10/2018
• Amphlett, RachelGone to Ground#6Detective Kay Hunter07/2018
Anderson, LinSins of the Dead#14Rhona MacLeod, forensic scientist, Glasgow08/2018
• Ani, FriedrichThe Nameless Day#1Jakob Franck07/2018
• Anthology, AnBodies from the Library07/2018
• Anthology, AnPrague Noir (ed. Pavel Mandys)08/2018
• Ashley, JenniferScandal Above Stairs#2Kat Holloway, Victorian Era07/2018
• Askew, ClaireAll the Hidden Truths#1DI Helen Birch08/2018
• Atherton, NancyAunt Dimity and the King's Ransom#23Aunt Dimity07/2018
• Baldwin, Jackie Perfect Dead#2DI Frank Farrell, Dumfries08/2018
Bates, QuentinCold Breath#6Gunnhildur, Police Sergeant, Reykjavik, Iceland10/2018
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin and the Dead Ringer#29Agatha Raisin, Retired PR person, Cotswolds10/2018
• Begbie, HannahMother07/2018
• Bengtsdotter, LinaAnnabelle12/2018
Blaedel, SaraThe Midnight Witness#1Detective Inspector Louise Rick10/2018
Blaedel, SaraHer Father's Secret#2Ilka Nichols Jensen03/2019
• Bonda, KatarzynaGirl at Midnight08/2019
Booth, StephenFall Down Dead#18Detectives Ben Cooper & Diane Fry, Peak District08/2018
• Bottini, OliverA Summer of Murder#2The Black Forest Investigations08/2018
Bowen, Rhys Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding#13Lady Georgiana Rannoch ('Georgie'), 1930s Britain08/2018
• Brabazon, JamesThe Break Line#1Max McLean07/2018
• Bruni, RiccardoThe Hawthorne Season08/2018
• Buchanan, TracyThe Lost Sister09/2018
• Buchholz, SimoneBeton Rouge#2Chastity Riley02/2019
• Callaghan, TomAutumn Hunting#4Inspector Akyl Borubaev08/2018
• Calonego, BernadetteThe Stranger on the Ice08/2018
Camilleri, AndreaDeath at Sea#2Inspector Montalbano short stories09/2018
• Carlsson, ChristofferThe Thin Blue Line#4Leo Junker, Police Officer09/2018
Carofiglio, GianricoThe Cold Summer#1Maresciallo Pietro Fenogli, 199209/2018
• Carpenter, Elisabeth11 Missed Calls07/2018
• Carrington, SamOne Little Lie09/2018
• Carter, AliA Brush with Death07/2018
Carter, AndreaMurder at Greysbridge#4Benedicta 'Ben' O'Keeffe, Solicitor, Inishowen peninsula in County Donegal, Ireland.10/2018
Charles, PaulA Day in the Life of Louis Bloom#2Brendy McCusker08/2018
Child, LeePast Tense#23Jack Reacher, ex MP, USA11/2018
• Chirovici, E OBad Blood07/2018
• Clannachan, LezanneThe Colour of Lies08/2018
• Clark, RayImplant#3Gardener and Reilly08/2018
Cleeves, AnnWild Fire#8Detective Jimmy Perez, Shetlands09/2018
• Conroy, VivianThe Butterfly Conspiracy#1Merriweather and Royston, Victorian Era08/2018
Conway, AidanA Cold Flame#2Detective Michael Rossi, Rome09/2018
Cookman, LesleyMurder and the Glovemaker's Son#19Libby Sarjeant, middle aged actress/investigator, Kent08/2018
Cotterill, ColinDon't Eat Me#13Dr Siri Paiboun, Laos08/2018
• Cross, A JCold, Cold Heart#5Dr Kate Hanson, forensic psychologist, West Midlands08/2018
• Curtis, EmmaWhen I Find You08/2018
Cutler, JudithHead Wind#3Jane Cowan, Wrayford, Kent10/2018
• Dahl, AlexThe Boy at the Door07/2018
Dahl, ArneHunted#2Detective Sam Berger11/2018
• Daly, PaulaOpen Your Eyes07/2018
• De Giovanni, MaurizioNameless Serenade#9Commissario Ricciardi, Naples, 1930s08/2018
• Dearman, LaraDark Sky Island#2Jennifer Dorey, journalist & DCI Michael Gilbert, Guernsey11/2018
• Delaney, J PBelieve Me07/2018
• Dibdin, EmmaThrough His Eyes08/2018
• Douglas, ClaireDo Not Disturb08/2018
Dunn, CarolaThe Corpse at the Crystal Palace#23Daisy Dalrymple, Journalist, 1920s07/2018
Edwards, MartinGallows Court#1Jacob Flint, Journalist, 193009/2018
• Eldridge, JimMurder at the Fitzwilliam#1Former Detective Inspector Daniel Wilson08/2018
• Elliot, LauraGuilty07/2018
Ellis, KateThe Boy Who Lived with the Dead#2Inspector Albert Lincoln, 191912/2018
Ellis, KateDead Man's Lane#23Wesley Peterson (policeman) and Neil Watson (archaeologist), Tradmouth, Devon02/2019
Elsberg, MarcZero07/2018
• Empson, ClareHim08/2018
• Enger, ThomasInborn02/2019
• Eriksson, CarolineThe Watcher09/2018
• Fielden, T PA Quarter Past Dead#3Miss Dimont, Temple Regis, Devon11/2018
• Fields, HelenPerfect Silence#4DI Luc Callanach, Edinburgh08/2018
Finch, PaulKiss of Death#7Detective Mark 'Heck' Heckenberg08/2018
• Flint, SarahBroken Dolls#4DC 'Charlie' Stafford08/2018
• Forbes, ElenaA Bad, Bad Thing#1Eve West08/2018
• Ford, JackDead Edge#2Thomas J Cooper08/2018
• Fossum, KarinThe Whisperer#13Inspector Konrad Sejer, Norway12/2018
French, NicciDay of the Dead#8Frieda Klein, Psychotherapist07/2018
French, TanaThe Wych Elm (apa The Witch Elm)2019
Galbraith, RobertLethal White#4Cormoran Strike09/2018
• Gibney, PatriciaThe Missing Ones#1Detective Lottie Parker07/2018
• Goldammer, FrankA Thousand Devils#2Max Heller, Dresden Detective10/2018
• Goodwin, DawnThe Pupil08/2018
• Granger, AnnAn Unfinished Murder#6Inspector Jess Campbell & Superintendent Ian Carter, Cotswolds07/2018
Gregory, SusannaIntrigue in Covent Garden#13Thomas Chaloner, Restoration London08/2018
Griffiths, EllyThe Stranger Diaries11/2018
Griffiths, EllyThe Stone Circle#11Dr Ruth Galloway, forensic archaeologist and DCI Harry Nelson02/2019
• Hall, LisaThe Party07/2018
Hall, PatriciaPlaying with Fire#7Kate O'Donnell, Photographer, 1960s08/2018
Hannah, SophieThe Mystery of Three Quarters: The New Hercule Poirot Mystery#3Hercule Poirot and Inspector Edward Catchpool of Scotland Yard08/2018
• Harper, ElodieThe Death Knock07/2018
• Hay, L VDo No Harm07/2018
• Hayes, TerryThe Year of the Locust09/2018
• Henaff, SophieStick Together#2Anne Capestan07/2018
• Henry, JamesYellowhammer #2DI Nick Lowry, Essex, 198307/2018
• Higashino, KeigoNewcomer#8Detective Kaga09/2018
Hill, SusanThe Comforts of Home#9Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler, Lafferton10/2018
Hill, Suzette AThe Cambridge Plot#4Rosy Gilchrist07/2018
• Holliday, SJI/SusiThe Lingering11/2018
Horst, Jorn LierThe Katharina Code#12Chief Inspector William Wisting, Larvik08/2018
• Huang, ChristopherA Gentleman's Murder07/2018
• Hunter, CaraIn The Dark#2DI Adam Fawley, Oxford07/2018
• Hunter, CaraNo Way Out#3DI Adam Fawley, Oxford01/2019
• Hunter, MaddyCatch Me if Yukon#12Emily Andrews12/2018
• Jakeman, JoSticks and Stones (apa The Exes' Revenge)07/2018
• James, EdKill With Kindness#5DI Fenchurch, London08/2018
Janes, DianeThe Poisoned Chalice Murder#2Frances Black and Tom Dod, 192907/2018
• Jansson, SusanneThe Forbidden Place09/2018
Jecks, MichaelA Missed Murder#3Jack Blackjack, Tudor Era08/2018
• Jenkins, MichaelThe Failsafe Query07/2018
• Jewell, LisaWatching You07/2018
Jonasson, RagnarThe Island#2Detective Inspector Hulda Hermannsdotti03/2019
• Jordan, JackBefore Her Eyes08/2018
• Karjel, RobertAfter the Monsoon#2Ernst Grip07/2018
• Kasasian, M R CBetty Church and the Suffolk Vampire#1Inspector Betty Church, 1939, Sackwater, Suffolk07/2018
• Kent, SerenaDeath in Provence#1Penelope Kite08/2018
• Kent, SerenaDeath in Avignon#2Penelope Kite06/2019
• Kent, TonyMarked for Death01/2019
Kernick, SimonDead Man's Gift#1Short Stories07/2018
• Kerr, PhilipMetropolis#14Private Detective Bernhard Gunther, 1930s Berlin04/2019
• Lagercrantz, DavidMillennium VI08/2019
• Lapidus, JensTop Dog#2Emelie Jansson, Lawyer & Teddy, Ex-con11/2018
• Laws, PeterUnleashed#2Professor Matt Hunter07/2018
Leather, StephenTall Order#15Dan Shepherd, SAS trooper turned undercover cop07/2018
Lehtolainen, LeenaDerailed#10Detective Maria Kallio, Helsinki08/2018
Lehtolainen, LeenaWhere Have All the Young Girls Gone#11Detective Maria Kallio, Helsinki01/2019
Lelic, SimonThe Liar's Room08/2018
• Lemaitre, PierreInhuman Resources09/2018
• Lindstein, MarietteThe Cult on Fog Island#1The Cult on Fog Island Trilogy01/2019
• Lloyd, FrancesMurder in Disguise08/2018
• Lyle, H BThe Red Ribbon#2Wiggins, 190908/2018
• MacKay, AsiaKilling It07/2018
• Mackay, NikiI, Suspect#2Madison Attalee03/2019
MacKenzie, A JThe Body in the Boat#3The Romney Marsh Mysteries11/2018
• MacLean, Shona/S GDestroying Angel#3Damian Seeker, agent of the Lord Protector, 165407/2018
MacNeal, Susan EliaThe Prisoner in the Castle#8Maggie Hope08/2018
Magson, AdrianSmart Moves08/2018
• Mancini, RuthIn the Blood08/2018
• Mangos, LouiseStrangers On a Bridge08/2018
Marston, Edward/A EPoints of Danger#16Det. Insp Colbeck, Scotland Yard, mid 19th Century10/2018
Martin, AndrewThe Martian Girl07/2018
• Martin, FaithA Fatal Obsession#1Ryder & Loveday, Oxford, 1960s07/2018
• Martinez, AgustinVillage of the Lost Girls01/2019
• Mascarenhas, KateThe Psychology of Time Travel08/2018
• Masters, S RThe Killer You Know08/2018
• Mazzola, AnnaThe Story Keeper07/2018
McDermid, Val/V.L.Broken Ground#5Karen Pirie08/2018
• McDermott, AlanRun and Hide#1Eva Driscoll08/2018
• McDermott, AlanSeek and Destroy#2Eva Driscoll11/2018
• McGeorge, ChrisNow You See Me07/2019
• McIntyre, WHS/WilliamStitch Up#9Best Defense08/2018
• Miller, DannyA Lethal Frost#5Inspector Frost Prequel (see also James Henry)08/2018
• Miloszewski, ZygmuntPriceless07/2018
Mina, DeniseConviction#1tbc01/2019
• Minier, BernardNight#4Commandant Servaz02/2019
• Mitchell, CarolineTruth and Lies#1Detective Amy Winter09/2018
• Moran, EleanorToo Close For Comfort08/2018
• Morton, MandyMagical Mystery Paws#6The No. 2 Feline Detective Agency07/2018
• Mosawi, AnthonyTrust No One08/2018
• Mundy, ElizabethA Clean Canvas#2Lena Szarka, Hungarian cleaner, London01/2019
• Nadel, BarbaraDisplaced#6PI Lee Arnold and his assistant, Mumtaz Hakim. East End London07/2018
Nesbo, JoKnife#12Detective Harry Hole, Oslo, Norway07/2019
Nesser, HakanIntrigo#1Short Story & Novella Collection09/2018
Nesser, HakanThe Root of Evil#2Inspector Barbarotti11/2018
• Newham, VickiOut of the Ashes#2DI Maya Rahman04/2019
• Noreback, ElisabethTell Me You're Mine08/2018
• North, AlexThe Whisper Man06/2019
• Obregon, NicolasSins As Scarlet#2Inspector Iwata07/2018
• Perks, HeidiNow You See Her07/2018
• Powell, E MThe Monastery Murders#2Stanton and Barling09/2018
• Purcell, LauraThe Corset09/2018
• Raabe, MelanieThe Stranger Upstairs The Stranger Upstairs09/2018
• Rademacher, CayThe Forger#3Inspector Stave, Hamburg, 194708/2018
• Rahman, KhurrumHomegrown Hero#2Jay Qasim11/2018
Rankin, IanIn a House of Lies#22Inspector Rebus, Edinburgh10/2018
Rayne, SarahSong of the Damned#3Phineas Fox07/2018
• Redmond, HeatherA Tale of Two Murders#1Charles Dickens07/2018
Redondo, DoloresAll This I Will Give to You09/2018
• Reynolds, AmandaLying to You07/2018
• Reynolds, RodCold Desert Sky#3Charlie Yates, Reporter, USA07/2018
Rhodes, KateRuin Beach#2DI Ben Kitto01/2019
• Rhys, RachelFatal Inheritance07/2018
Rickman, PhilFor the Hell of It#15Rev. Merrily Watkins, Ledwardine, Herefordshire01/2019
Ridpath, MichaelThe Wanderer#5Magnus Jonson, homicide detective, Iceland09/2018
Riel, AneResin08/2018
Ripley, Mike Mr Campion's War#5Albert Campion08/2018
Robinson, PeterCareless Love#25Insp. Alan Banks, Yorkshire07/2018
• Robinson, SteveLetters from the Dead#7Jefferson Tayte08/2018
• Rose, JacquiToxic07/2018
Runcie, JamesThe Road to Grantchester#1Sidney Chambers prequel03/2019
Sansom, C JTombland#7Shardlake, C16th10/2018
• Sansom, IanThe Sussex Murders#5The County Guides to Murder05/2019
Scott, MandaA Treachery of Spies08/2018
• Sigurdardottir, LiljaTrap#2Sonja10/2018
Sigurdardottir, YrsaThe Absolution#3Children's House series05/2019
• Skuse, C JIn Bloom#2Sweetpea08/2018
Solana, TeresaThe First Prehistoric Serial Killer and other storiesShort Stories10/2018
Staincliffe, CathFear of Falling11/2018
Stanley, MichaelDead of Night07/2018
Starr, Mel/Melvin RPrince Edward's Warrant#11Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon, 14thC England08/2018
• Steadman, CatherineSomething in the Water07/2018
• Stein, JesperUnrest#1Axel Steen07/2018
• Sten, VivecaIn the Heat of the Moment#5Sandhamn Murders09/2018
• Suter, MartinAllmen and the Pink Diamond#2Allmen01/2019
• Sveistrup, SorenThe Chestnut Man10/2018
• Tangen, GeirRequiem07/2018
• Theurillat, MichaelDeath in Summer#1Inspector Eschenbach08/2018
• Thorogood, RobertMurder in the Caribbean#4Death in Paradise (DI Richard Poole)12/2018
• Tija, M JA Necessary Murder#2Heloise Chancey, Victorian London07/2018
Tope, RebeccaCrisis in the Cotswolds#16Thea Osborne, House Sitter, Cotswolds07/2018
Tremayne, PeterBloodmoon#27Sister Fidelma07/2018
• Tremayne, S K Just Before I Died08/2018
• Tuomainen, AnttiPalm Beach, Finland10/2018
• Tursten, HeleneHunting Game#1Detective Inspector Embla Nystrom02/2019
• Vincent, MBJess Castle and the Eyeballs of Death#1Jess Castle, academic-turned-detective, Castle Kidbury10/2018
• Ward, SarahThe Shrouded Path#4DI Sadler, DS Palmer & DC Childs, Bampton, Derbyshire09/2018
Watkins, RozDead Man's Daughter#2DI Meg Dalton, Derbyshire04/2019
• Watt, DouglasThe Unnatural Death of a Jacobite#4John MacKenzie, Lawyer, 17thC Edinburgh02/2019
• Watt, HollyTo The Lions#1Casey Benedict, Investigative Journalist02/2019
White, NeilThe Darkness Around Her#2Dan Grant, Lawyer08/2018
• Willocks, TimMemo from Turner08/2018
• Wood, Tom Kill For Me#8Victor, Assassin07/2018
• Zur, YigalDeath in Shangri-La#1Dotan Naor08/2018

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