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Here are the titles of future releases.

Adler-Olsen, JussiThe Washington Decree08/2018
Akunin, BorisBlack City#12Erast Fandorin, Gentleman Sleuth, Russia10/2018
• Arlen, TessaDeath of an Unsung Hero#4Lady Montfort, Edwardian Era04/2018
• Ashley, JenniferScandal Above Stairs#2Kat Holloway, Victorian Era07/2018
• Atherton, NancyAunt Dimity and the King's Ransom#23Aunt Dimity07/2018
Bates, QuentinCold Breath#6Gunnhildur, Police Sergeant, Reykjavik, Iceland03/2018
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin and the Dead Ringer#29Agatha Raisin, Retired PR person, Cotswolds10/2018
• Beck, PeterDamnation03/2018
• Bell, NatashaExhibit Alexandra03/2018
Billingham, MarkThe Killing Habit#15DI Tom Thorne, London05/2018
• Blake, SamNo Turning Back#3Detective Garda Cathy Connolly, Dublin05/2018
Bolton, S J/SharonThe Craftsman04/2018
• Bonda, KatarzynaGirl at Midnight08/2019
Booth, StephenFall Down Dead#18Detectives Ben Cooper & Diane Fry, Peak District08/2018
• Bouchard, RoxanneWe Were the Salt of the Sea03/2018
• Brook, RhidianThe Killing of Butterfly Joe03/2018
• Brown, EricMurder Takes a Turn#5Donald Langham, Crime Writer, London, 195503/2018
• Bussi, MichelTime is a Killer04/2018
• Callaghan, TomAutumn Hunting#4Inspector Akyl Borubaev08/2018
Carofiglio, GianricoThe Cold Summer#1Maresciallo Pietro Fenogli, 199205/2018
• Carter, AliA Brush with Death07/2018
Carter, AndreaMurder at Greysbridge#4Benedicta 'Ben' O'Keeffe, Solicitor, Inishowen peninsula in County Donegal, Ireland.10/2018
• Chapman, JeanDeadly Odds#5John Cannon, Ex-Met Officer, Fens03/2018
• Chapman, JuliaDate with Mystery#3The Dales Detective Series03/2018
Child, LeePast Tense#23Jack Reacher, ex MP, USA11/2018
Cleeves, AnnWild Fire#8Detective Jimmy Perez, Shetlands09/2018
• Cole, DanielHangman#2Fawkes and Baxter03/2018
Dahl, K O/Kjell OlaThe Ice Swimmer#8Gunnarstranda and Frolich, Oslo Police04/2018
• Davies, Michelle False Witness#3DC Maggie Neville, Family Liaison Officer03/2018
Davis, LindseyPandora's Boy#6Flavia Albia, the adopted daughter of Marcus Didius Falco04/2018
• Dazieri, SandroneKill the Angel#2Colomba Caselli and Dante Torre04/2018
• de Hahn, TraceeA Well-Timed Murder#2Swiss-American police officer Agnes Luthi03/2018
• Delaney, J PBelieve Me07/2018
• Delaney, LukeA Killing Mind#5DI Sean Corrigan05/2018
• Driscoll, TeresaThe Friend03/2018
Dugdall, RuthThe Things You Didn't See04/2018
• Dyer, AshleySplinter in the Blood#1Sergeant Ruth Lake and DCI Greg Carver03/2018
• England, CarolineMy Husband's Lies03/2018
• Escobar, MelbaHouse of Beauty03/2018
Fowler, ChristopherBryant & May - Hall of Mirrors#15Inspectors Bryant and May, London03/2018
French, NicciDay of the Dead#8Frieda Klein, Psychotherapist07/2018
• Galan, JorgeNovember06/2018
George, ElizabethThe Punishment She Deserves#20Inspector Thomas Lynley & Sergeant Barbara Havers (and colleagues)03/2018
Goddard, RobertPanic Room03/2018
• Gordon, AlexiaKilling in C Sharp#3Gethsemane Brown, Ireland03/2018
• Granger, AnnAn Unfinished Murder#6Inspector Jess Campbell & Superintendent Ian Carter, Cotswolds07/2018
Gray, Alex Only the Dead Can Tell#15DCI Lorimer & psychologist Solomon Brightman, Glasgow03/2018
• Grey, IsabelleWrong Way Home#4Detective Grace Fisher, Essex05/2018
• Hamilton, KarenThe Perfect Girlfriend03/2018
• Hammer, Lotte and SorenThe Night Ferry#5Detective Chief Superintendent Konrad Simonsen and his team from the Murder Squad in Copenhagen03/2018
Hannah, MariThe Lost#1Stone and Oliver03/2018
Harrison, CoraDeath of a Novice#5Reverend Mother Aquinas, Cork, 1920s03/2018
Harvey, JohnBody & Soul#4Retired Detective Inspector Elder, Cornwall04/2018
• Harvey, SamanthaThe Western Wind03/2018
• Hayes, TerryThe Year of the Locust09/2018
• Higashino, KeigoNewcomer#8Detective Kaga09/2018
• Hilary, SarahCome and Find Me#5DI Marnie Rome03/2018
Hill, SusanThe Comforts of Home#9Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler, Lafferton10/2018
Horst, Jorn LierThe Katharina Code#12Chief Inspector William Wisting, Larvik08/2018
Huber, Anna LeeA Brush with Shadow#6Lady Darby, Scotland, 1830s03/2018
Indridason, ArnaldurThe Shadow Killer#2Konrád, a former detective03/2018
James, PeterDead If You Don't#14Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, Brighton05/2018
Jardine, QuintinA Brush with Death#29Detective Chief Superintendent Bob Skinner, Edinburgh04/2018
• Johnson, MattEnd Game#3Robert Finlay03/2018
Jonasson, RagnarThe Darkness#1Detective Inspector Hulda Hermannsdotti03/2018
Jonasson, RagnarThe Island#2Detective Inspector Hulda Hermannsdotti03/2019
Keane, JessieFearless03/2018
• Kepler, LarsThe Rabbit Hunter#6DI Joona Linna, Stockholm05/2018
• Kerr, PhilipGreeks Bearing Gifts#13Private Detective Bernhard Gunther, 1930s Berlin04/2018
• Khan, VaseemMurder at the Grand Raj Palace#4Inspector Chopra05/2018
• Knox, JosephThe Smiling Man#2Detective Aidan Waits, Manchester03/2018
• Koutsakis, PolBaby Blue#2Stratos Gazis06/2018
• Kristjansson, SnorriKin#1Helga Finnsdottir03/2018
• Kutscher, VolkerGoldstein#3Detective Inspector Rath, Berlin, 1929/30s05/2018
Leather, StephenTall Order#15Dan Shepherd, SAS trooper turned undercover cop07/2018
Lehtolainen, LeenaThe Nightingale Murder#9Detective Maria Kallio, Helsinki03/2018
Leon, DonnaThe Temptation of Forgiveness#27Commissario Guido Brunetti, Venice04/2018
• Lucius, WalterAngel in the Shadows#2Heartland Trilogy04/2018
MacBride, Stuart/Stuart BThe Blood Road#11DS Logan McRae, Aberdeen05/2018
Mackintosh, ClareLet Me Lie03/2018
Marsh, NgaioMoney in the Morgue (completed by Stella Duffy)#33Inspector Roderick Alleyn03/2018
• McGeorge, ChrisGuess Who05/2018
• McGeorge, ChrisNow You See Me07/2019
McGowan, ClaireThe Killing House#6Paula Maguire, Forensic psychologist, Northern Ireland04/2018
McPherson, CatrionaScot Free#1Last Ditch Mysteries04/2018
• McTiernan, DervlaThe Ruin03/2018
• Medina, K T/KateTwo Little Girls#3Dr Jessie Flynn, Psychologist03/2018
• Merritt, StephanieWhile You Sleep03/2018
• Miller, Derek BAmerican by Day04/2018
Mina, DeniseConviction#1tbc01/2019
• Mitchell, CarolineSilent Victim03/2018
• Mitchell, CarolineTruth and Lies#1Detective Amy Winter09/2018
Morris, Roger/R NThe Red Hand of Fury#4Silas Quinn, police detective03/2018
• Mukherjee, AbirSmoke and Ashes#3Captain Sam Wyndham, Calcutta, 191906/2018
• Naughton, Sarah JThe Other Couple03/2018
Nesbo, JoMacbeth04/2018
• Newham, VickiTurn a Blind Eye#1DI Maya Rahman04/2018
Nickson, ChrisThe Tin God#6Detective Inspector Tom Harper, Leeds Police, 1890s03/2018
• Nykanen, HarriHoly Ceremony#4Ariel Kafka, inspector in the Violent Crime Unit of the Helsinki police03/2018
• Paris, B ABring Me Back03/2018
• Parsons, TonyGirl On Fire#5Detective Max Wolfe of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, London03/2018
Penrose, AndreaMurder at Half Moon Gate#2Wrexford & Sloane03/2018
• Porter, HenryFirefly06/2018
Quincy, D MMurder in Bloomsbury03/2018
• Reeve, AlexThe House on Half Moon Street#1Leo Stanhope, Victorian era05/2018
• Reynolds, AmandaLying to You07/2018
Robinson, PeterCareless Love#25Insp. Alan Banks, Yorkshire07/2018
• Rowley, EmmaWhere the Missing Go03/2018
Russell, LeighClass Murder#10DI Geraldine Steel03/2018
• Sansom, IanThe Sussex Murders#5The County Guides to Murder05/2019
Shaw, WilliamSalt Lane#1DS Alexandra Cupidi05/2018
Sigurdardottir, YrsaThe Reckoning#2Children's House series05/2018
• Silver, MitchThe Bookworm03/2018
• Sinclair, RobSleeper 1303/2018
Staalesen, GunnarBig Sister#20Varg Veum, PI in Bergen, Norway06/2018
Staincliffe, CathFear of Falling11/2018
Steen, JaneLady Helena Investigates (ebook only)#1Scott-De Quincy Mysteries03/2018
• Stirling, Joss05/2018
Stratmann, Linda Murder at the Bayswater Bicycle Club#8Frances Doughty, London, 188003/2018
• Swallow, JamesGhost#3Marc Dane05/2018
• Tarttelin, AbigailDead Girls05/2018
• Taylor, C LThe Fear03/2018
Thorne, David/D BPerfect Match04/2018
• Thorogood, RobertMurder in the Caribbean#4Death in Paradise (DI Richard Poole)12/2018
Todd, CharlesThe Gatekeeper#20Insp Rutledge03/2018
Trow, M J Queen's Progress#9Christopher Marlowe03/2018
• Unsworth, CathiThat Old Black Magic03/2018
• Varesi, ValerioThe Lizard Strategy#12Commissario Soneri, Italy06/2018
Vichi, MarcoGhosts of the Past#6Inspector Bordelli, Florence, 1960s04/2018
• Vincent, MBJess Castle and the Eyeballs of Death#1Jess Castle, academic-turned-detective, Castle Kidbury10/2018
• Wagner, David PFuneral in Montova#5Rick Montoya Italian Mysteries03/2018
Wassmer, JulieDisappearance at Oare#5Pearl Nolan, Whitstable05/2018
• Watkins, RozThe Devil's Dice#1DI Meg Dalton, Derbyshire03/2018
• Weeks, StephenSins of the Father#2The Countess of Prague05/2018
• Wilson, AndrewA Different Kind of Evil#2Agatha Christie03/2018
• Wilson, EdwardSouth Atlantic Requiem#6Catesby03/2018
Winspear, JacquelineTo Die But Once#14Maisie Dobbs, Psychologist and Investigator, 1930s London03/2018
• Wolff, JamesBeside the Syrian Sea04/2018

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