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Here are the titles of future releases.

• Ahnhem, StefanThe Ninth Grave#2Fabian Risk01/2017
• Airth, RennieThe Death of Kings#5John Madden, Scotland Yard Policeman, Southern Counties, early 20th Century01/2017
Alexander, TashaA Terrible Beauty#11Lady Emily10/2016
• Atherton, NancyAunt Dimity and the Widow's Curse#22Aunt Dimity05/2017
Bauer, BelindaThe Beautiful Dead11/2016
Beaton, M CDeath of a Ghost#33PC Hamish Macbeth, Lochdubh, Scotland02/2017
Bell, AnnisThe Black Orchid#2Lady Jane, 1860s England10/2016
• Birkby, MichelleThe Women of Baker Street#2Mrs Hudson and Mary Watson02/2017
• Bjork, SamuelThe Owl Always Hunts at Night#2Holger Munch & Mia Kruger, Oslo Police03/2017
• Black, SaulLovemurder#2Valerie Hart, Homicide Detective11/2016
• Blackhurst, JennyBefore I Let You In11/2016
• Bonda, KatarzynaGirl at Midnight06/2017
• Bragi, SteinarThe Ice Lands10/2016
• Brekke, JorgenThe Fifth Element#3Odd Singsaker, Police Officer02/2017
Brody, FrancesDeath at the Seaside#8Kate Shackleton, Bradford, 1920s10/2016
Bruce, AlisonCambridge Black#7DC Gary Goodhew, Cambridge02/2017
Camilleri, AndreaA Voice in the Night#20Inspector Montalbano, Sicily, Italy10/2016
Camilleri, AndreaA Nest of Vipers#21Inspector Montalbano, Sicily, Italy01/2017
• Carter, M JThe Devil's Feast#3Blake & Avery, India, 183710/2016
• Clarke, AngelaWatch Me#2DS Nasreen Cudmore and journalist Freddie Venton11/2016
Cleeves, AnnCold Earth#7Detective Jimmy Perez, Shetlands10/2016
Cole, MartinaBetrayal10/2016
Crombie, DeborahGarden of Lamentations#17Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James, Scotland Yard02/2017
• Cummins, FionaRattle01/2017
Cutler, JudithHead Start10/2016
• Cutts, LisaMercy Killing10/2016
• Daly, PaulaThe Trophy Child01/2017
• Dard, FredericCrush10/2016
• Davies, MichelleWrong Place#2DC Maggie Neville, Family Liaison Officer02/2017
de Jager, AnjaA Cold Case in Amsterdam Central#2Lotte Meerman, a Cold Case Detective, Amsterdam11/2016
• de la Motte, AndersUltimatum (apa The Silenced)#2David Sarac05/2017
• Dearman, LaraThe Devil's Claw#1Jennifer Dorey, journalist & DCI Michael Gilbert, Guernsey11/2017
• Diamond, KaterinaThe Secret10/2016
• Dolan, EvaWatch Her Disappear#4DI Zigic and DS Ferreira, Peterborough01/2017
Downing, DavidLenin's Roller Coaster#3Jack McColl03/2017
Ellis, KateA High Mortality of Doves11/2016
Ellis, KateThe Mermaid's Scream#21Wesley Peterson (policeman) and Neil Watson (archaeologist), Tradmouth, Devon02/2017
Ellory, Roger Jon/R JKings of America11/2016
• Elsberg, MarcBlackout02/2017
Emerson, Kathy LynnMurder in a Cornish Alehouse#3Mistress Rosamond Jaffrey, Spy, Elizabethan Era12/2016
• Enger, ThomasKilled#5Henning Juul, Reporter, Oslo2017
• Enger, ThomasCursed#4Henning Juul, Reporter, Oslo2017
Eriksson, KjellStone Coffin#3Detective Ann Lindell, Uppsala, Sweden11/2016
• Essex, DavidFaded Glory10/2016
• Falkenberg, HendrikThe Northern Cross#2Baltic Sea Crime Novels10/2016
Fforde, JasperEarly Riser01/2017
Finch, CharlesThe Inheritance#10Charles Lenox, Victorian gentleman and armchair explorer11/2016
Fowler, ChristopherBryant & May - Wild Chamber#14Inspectors Bryant and May, London03/2017
• Gaind, ArjinA Very Pukka Murder#1Maharajah Mysteries11/2016
Garrett, A DTruth Will Out#3DI Kate Simms, Manchester11/2016
• Gratz, AlanProjekt 106510/2016
Griffiths, EllyThe Blood Card#3Stephens and Mephisto, Brighton, 1950s11/2016
Griffiths, EllyThe Chalk Pit#9Dr Ruth Galloway, forensic archaeologist and DCI Harry Nelson02/2017
• Gunn, AlastairThe Keeper#3DCI Antonia Hawkins, London10/2016
Hannah, MariGallows Drop#6Detective Chief Inspector Kate Daniels11/2016
Harrod-Eagles, CynthiaOld Bones#19Bill Slider, Shepherd's Bush CID10/2016
• Hauxwell, AnnieHouse of Bones#4Catherine Berlin, a civilian investigator, London10/2016
• Hayes, TerryThe Year of the Locust04/2017
• Haynes, ElizabethNever Alone10/2016
• Henry, JamesFrost at Midnight#4DS Jack Frost, 1980s06/2017
• Hiekkapelto, KatiThe Exiled#3Anna Fekete, Detective, Finland10/2016
• Higashino, KeigoThe Name of the Game is Kidnapping10/2016
• Holt, AnneBeyond the Truth#7Hanne Wilhelmsen10/2016
• Horowitz, AnthonyThe Magpie Murders10/2016
Indridason, ArnaldurThe Man from Manitoba#1Konrád, a former detective04/2017
• Ireland, D EGet Me to the Grave On Time#3Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins11/2016
• Jackson, James H/JamesTreason#2Christian Hardy10/2016
• James, EdWorth Killing For#1DI Fenchurch, London10/2016
James, P DThe Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories10/2016
Jonasson, RagnarRupture#3Ari Thor, Policeman01/2017
Jonasson, RagnarThe Darkness#1Detective Inspector Hulda Hermannsdotti2018
Jungstedt, MariThe Fourth Victim#9Inspector Anders Knutas, Gotland, Sweden10/2016
• Kallentoft, MonsSouls of Air#7Superintendent Malin Fors, Linkoping04/2017
• Kelleher, CaseyThe Taken10/2016
• Khan, VaseemThe Strange Disappearance of a Bollywood Star#3Inspector Chopra05/2017
• Koreto, R JDeath Among Rubies#2Lady Frances Ffolkes, Edwardian era10/2016
La Plante, LyndaHidden Killers#2WPC Tennison10/2016
• Land, AliGood Me Bad Me01/2017
• Law, J SDefiance#2Lieutenant Danielle Lewis, Royal Navy10/2016
• Maclean, Shona/S GThe Black Friar#2Damian Seeker, agent of the Lord Protector, 165410/2016
MacNeal, Susan EliaThe Queen's Accomplice#6Maggie Hope10/2016
• MacRae, MollyPlaid and Plagiarism#1The Highland Bookshop Mystery Series12/2016
Magson, AdrianThe Bid#2A Cruxys Solutions Investigation01/2017
Maitland, KarenThe Plague Charmer10/2016
• Mark, DavidCruel Mercy#6Detective Sergeant McAvoy of Humberside CID01/2017
Marston, Edward/A EThe Enemy Within#6Inspector Harvey Marmion and Sergeant Joe Keedy10/2016
Masters, PriscillaCrooked Street#13Detective Inspector Joanna Piercy, Leek, Staffordshire10/2016
May, PeterCast Iron#6Enzo Macleod, Biologist, Toulouse01/2017
• McKinty, AdrianPolice at the Station and They Don't Look Friendly#6Sean Duffy01/2017
McNab, AndyCold Blood#18The Nick Stone Missions10/2016
• Mills, MarkWhere Dead Men Meet11/2016
Mina, DeniseThe Long Drop03/2017
• Minato, KanaePenance04/2017
• Minier, BernardDon't Turn Out the Lights#3Commandant Servaz10/2016
• Mitchell, CarolineWitness#112/2016
• Morton, MandyThe Ghost of Christmas Paws#4Hettie Bagshot10/2016
• Nair, AnitaChain of Custody#2Inspector Gowda10/2016
Nesbo, JoThe Thirst#11Detective Harry Hole, Oslo, Norway05/2017
• Ohlsson, KristinaBuried Lies06/2017
• Ould, ChrisThe Killing Bay#2Detective Hjalti Hentze and DI Jan Reyna, Faroe Islands02/2017
Perry, AnneA Christmas Message11/2016
Poulson, ChristineDeep Water10/2016
Quinn, Anthony JTrespass#4Celcius Daly, Police Inspector, Northern Ireland11/2016
Rankin, IanRather Be Devil#21Inspector Rebus, Edinburgh11/2016
• Riverton, SteinThe Iron Chariot2016
• Robins, JaneWhite Bodies12/2017
Roslund, Anders & Hellstrom, BorgeThree Minutes#7Detective Inspector Ewert Grens03/2017
• Russell, MichaelThe City in Darkness#3Garda Detective Stefan Gillespie10/2016
• Rydahl, ThomasThe Hermit10/2016
• Sansom, IanEssex Poison#4The County Guides to Murder01/2017
• Schepp, EmelieMarked For Revenge#2Jana Berzelius, Public Prosecutor03/2017
• Schepp, EmelieMarked for Death#3Jana Berzelius, Public Prosecutor12/2017
• Sedgwick, MarcusSaint Death10/2016
• Serong, JockThe Rules of Backyard Cricket10/2016
• Shelton, PaigeA Christmas Tartan (ebook only)#1Scottish Bookshop Mystery Short Story10/2016
• Shelton, PaigeOf Books and Bagpipes#2Scottish Bookshop Mystery04/2017
Sherez, StavThe Intrusions#3DI Jack Carrigan and DS Geneva Miller, London02/2017
• Skredderberget, AsleThe Oslo Conspiracy#1Milo Cavalli10/2016
Staalesen, GunnarNo One is Safe in Danger#18Varg Veum, PI in Bergen, Norway2017
• Steinhauer, OlenThe Middleman01/2017
• Stridsberg, SaraThe Gravity of Love11/2016
• Sylvain, DominiqueSun and Shadows#3Lola Jost and Ingrid Diesel, Paris10/2016
• Thomas, SherryA Study in Scarlet Women#1Lady Sherlock10/2016
Thomas, WillHell Bay#8Barker and Llewelyn, Victorian London10/2016
Todd, CharlesThe Shattered Tree#8Bess Crawford, battlefield nurse, WWI10/2016
Tope, RebeccaA Cotswold CasebookShort Stories10/2016
• Tudor, C JThe Chalk Man01/2018
• Tuomainen, AnttiThe Mine10/2016
• Tursten, HeleneWho Watcheth#912/2016
Tyler, L CThe Plague Road#3John Grey, lawyer, 165710/2016
• Vallgren, Carl-JohanThe Tunnel#2Danny Katz10/2016
• Ward, SarahA Patient Fury#3DI Sadler, DS Palmer & DCI Childs, Bampton, Derbyshire09/2017
• Weaver, AshleyA Most Novel Revenge#3Amory Ames10/2016
• Welsh, KaiteThe Wages of Sin#1Sarah Gilchrist, Victorian Era, Scotland06/2017
• Welsh, LouiseNo Dominion#3Plague Times Trilogy01/2017
Wilkinson, KerryNo Place Like Home11/2016
• Wilson, SamZodiac11/2016
• Wood, LesDark Side of the Moon10/2016
• Zander, JoakimThe Brother (apa The Believer)10/2016

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