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Here are the titles of future releases.

• Ahnhem, StefanThe Ninth Grave#2Fabian Risk01/2017
• Schepp, EmelieMarked For Revenge#2Jana Berzelius, Public Prosecutor03/2017
• Schepp, EmelieMarked for Death#3Jana Berzelius, Public Prosecutor12/2017
• Alaux, Jean-Pierre & Balen, NoelRed-Handed in Romanae-Conti#9Benjamin Cooker, world-renowned winemaker turned gentleman detective07/2016
• Alzamora, SebastiaBlood Crime09/2016
Anderson, LinNone but the Dead#12Rhona MacLeod, forensic scientist, Glasgow08/2016
• Arlidge, M JHide and Seek#6Helen Grace, Southampton Police09/2016
• Bagchi, DavidThe Mystery of Briony Lodge08/2016
Bauer, BelindaThe Beautiful Dead11/2016
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin: Pushing up Daisies#28Agatha Raisin, Retired PR person, Cotswolds09/2016
Beaton, M CDeath of a Ghost#33PC Hamish Macbeth, Lochdubh, Scotland02/2017
• Beaufort, SimonThe Killing Ship07/2016
• Bingham, HarryThe Dead House#5DC Fiona Griffiths07/2016
• Birkby, MichelleThe Women of Baker Street#2Mrs Hudson and Mary Watson02/2017
• Bjork, SamuelThe Owl Always Hunts at Night#2Holger Munch & Mia Kruger, Oslo Police07/2016
• Black, SaulLovemurder#2Valerie Hart, Homicide Detective11/2016
• Blackhurst, JennyBefore I Let You In11/2016
• Bonda, KatarzynaGirl at Midnight06/2017
Bowen, RhysCrowned and Dangerous#11Lady Georgiana Rannoch ('Georgie'), 1930s Britain08/2016
Bradley, AlanThrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd#8Eleven year old Flavia de Luce, 1950s England09/2016
Brett, SimonAppeal07/2016
Bruen, KenEmerald Lie#12Jack Taylor08/2016
Camilleri, AndreaA Voice in the Night#20Inspector Montalbano, Sicily, Italy10/2016
Carlotto, MassimoFor All the Gold in the World#8Alligator, PI, Padova, Italy07/2016
• Celestin, RayDead Man's Blues#208/2016
Charlton, KarenThe Sculthorpe Murder#3Detective Lavender and Constable Woods08/2016
Child, LeeNight School#21Jack Reacher, ex MP, USA08/2016
Clare, AlysA Rustle of Silk#1Gabriel Taverner, Former ship's surgeon, C17 Devon09/2016
Cleeves, AnnCold Earth#7Detective Jimmy Perez, Shetlands10/2016
• Corry, JaneMy Husband's Wife08/2016
Cotterill, ColinI Shot the Buddha#11Dr Siri Paiboun, Laos08/2016
• Cummins, FionaRattle01/2017
• Dard, FredericThe Wicked Go to Hell08/2016
• Dard, FredericCrush10/2016
• Davey, E MThe Napoleon Complex#2Book of Thunder series08/2016
Davies, David StuartThe Ripper Legacy#6Sherlock Holmes07/2016
• De Giovanni, MaurizioDarkness for the Bastards of Pizzofalcone#2Bastards of Pizzofalcone08/2016
de Jager, AnjaThe Murderer's Guide to Family#2Lotte Meerman, a Cold Case Detective, Amsterdam11/2016
• de la Motte, AndersUltimatum12/2016
• Dearman, LaraThe Devil's Claw#1Jennifer Dorey, journalist & DCI Michael Gilbert, Guernsey11/2017
• Diamond, KaterinaThe Secret10/2016
• Dickinson, DavidDeath Comes to Lynchester Close#14Lord Francis Powerscourt, Victorian era08/2016
Doherty, P C/PaulDark Serpent#18Hugh Corbett08/2016
• Douglas, ClaireLocal Girl Missing08/2016
Downie, Ruth (R S)Vita Brevis#7Gaius Petreius Ruso, Chester, Roman Britain07/2016
• Durrant, SabineLie With Me07/2016
Ellis, KateA High Mortality of Doves11/2016
Ellis, KateThe Mermaid's Scream#21Wesley Peterson (policeman) and Neil Watson (archaeologist), Tradmouth, Devon02/2017
Ellory, Roger Jon/R JKings of America11/2016
• Enger, ThomasCursed#4Henning Juul, Reporter, Oslo2017
• Enger, ThomasKilled#5Henning Juul, Reporter, Oslo2017
Fforde, JasperEarly Riser01/2017
Francis, DickTriple Crown (by Felix Francis)#3Jefferson Hinkley09/2016
• Frank, MatthewBetween the Crosses#2Ex-soldier police detective Joseph Stark, London09/2016
French, TanaThe Trespasser#6Dublin Murder Squad08/2016
Garrett, A DTruth Will Out#3DI Kate Simms, Manchester11/2016
• Giordano, MarioAuntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions#1Auntie Poldi, Sicily07/2016
• Grebe, CamillaThe Ice Beneath Her09/2016
Griffiths, EllyThe Blood Card#3Stephens and Mephisto, Brighton, 1950s11/2016
Griffiths, EllyThe Chalk Pit#9Dr Ruth Galloway, forensic archaeologist and DCI Harry Nelson02/2017
• Gross, AndrewThe One Man08/2016
• Gunn, AlastairThe Keeper#3DCI Antonia Hawkins, London10/2016
Hannah, SophieClosed Casket: The New Hercule Poirot Mystery#2Hercule Poirot and Inspector Edward Catchpool of Scotland Yard09/2016
Harris, TessaSecrets in the Stones#6Dr Thomas Silkstone, 18C England07/2016
• Hayes, TerryThe Year of the Locust04/2017
• Henry, JamesBlackwater#1DI Nick Lowry, Essex, 198307/2016
• Henry, JamesFrost at Midnight#4DS Jack Frost, 1980s06/2017
• Herrera, YuriThe Transmigration of Bodies07/2016
• Hiekkapelto, KatiThe Exiled#3Anna Fekete, Detective, Finland10/2016
• Higashino, KeigoThe Name of the Game is Kidnapping10/2016
• Hingley, DavidBirthright#1Mercia Blakewood07/2016
• Hodgson, AntoniaA Death at Fountains Abbey#3Tom Hawkins, London, 172708/2016
• Howells, DebbieThe Beauty of the End07/2016
Huber, Anna LeeAs Death Draws Near#5Lady Darby, Scotland, 1830s07/2016
• Ireland, D EGet Me to the Grave On Time#3Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins11/2016
Ison, GrahamSuddenly at Home#15DI Brock & DS Poole07/2016
Jonasson, RagnarBlackout#2Ari Thor, Policeman07/2016
Jungstedt, MariThe Fourth Victim#9Inspector Anders Knutas, Gotland, Sweden10/2016
• Kallentoft, MonsSouls of Air#7Superintendent Malin Fors, Linkoping10/2016
Kelly, JimDeath Ship#7DI Peter Shaw & Detective Sergeant George Valentine, Norfolk08/2016
• Kelly, StephenThe Wages of Desire#2Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Lamb, World War II08/2016
• Koch, HermanDear Mr M08/2016
• Land, AliGood Me Bad Me01/2017
• Law, J SDefiance#2Lieutenant Danielle Lewis, Royal Navy10/2016
• Lawson, MarkThe Allegations07/2016
• Le Corre, HerveAfter the War08/2016
Leather, Stephen Dark Forces#13Dan Shepherd, SAS trooper turned undercover cop07/2016
Lehtolainen, LeenaFatal Headwind#6Detective Maria Kallio, Helsinki07/2016
• Lemaitre, PierreBlood Wedding07/2016
Lovesey, PeterAnother One Goes Tonight#16Peter Diamond, Bath07/2016
• Lucius, WalterButterfly on the Storm#1Heartland Trilogy07/2016
• Mackay, MalcolmFor Those Who Know the Ending07/2016
• Malone, Michael JA Suitable Lie09/2016
• Manzini, AntonioA Cold Death#2Rocco Schiavone, deputy prefect of police, Italian Alps08/2016
• Marrison, JamesThe Sleepless Ones#2DCI Guillermo Downes and Sergeant Graves, Cotswolds09/2016
Masterton, GrahamLiving Death#6Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire, Ireland09/2016
• Mazzola, AnnaThe Unseeing07/2016
McCulloch, TomA Private Haunting07/2016
McDermid, Val/V.L.Out of Bounds#4Karen Pirie09/2016
McIntosh, PatThe Lanimer Bride#11Gil Cunningham, notary-in-training, medieval Glasgow07/2016
• McKinty, AdrianPolice at the Station and They Don't Look Friendly#6Sean Duffy01/2017
McPherson, CatrionaDandy Gilver and the Most Misleading Habit#11Dandy Gilver, Society Sleuth, 1920s Scotland07/2016
Mendelson, PaulThe History of Blood#3Colonel Vaughn de Vries, Cape Town07/2016
• Miller, Derek BThe Girl in Green07/2016
• Miloszewski, ZygmuntRage#3State Prosecutor Teodor Szacki, Warsaw08/2016
Mina, DeniseThe Long Drop#6DS Alex Morrow, Glasgow07/2016
• Minato, KanaePenance04/2017
• Minier, BernardDon't Turn Out the Lights#3Commandant Servaz10/2016
Mitchell, Dreda SayBlood Sister#1Flesh and Blood Trilogy08/2016
• Molay, FrederiqueLooking to the Woods#4Chief of Police Nico Sirsky08/2016
• Mori, HiroshiSeven Stories (ebook only)07/2016
• Nakamura, FuminoriThe Kingdom07/2016
• Nakayama, ShichiriNocturne of Remembrance07/2016
Nesbo, JoThe Kidnapping09/2016
Neville, StuartSo Say the Fallen#2DCI Serena Flanagan07/2016
Nickson, ChrisThe Iron Water#4Detective Inspector Tom Harper, Leeds Police, 1890s07/2016
• Nozawa, HisashiDeep Red08/2016
• Nugent, LizLying in Wait07/2016
• Ohlsson, KristinaBuried Lies09/2016
Poulson, ChristineDeep Water10/2016
• Raabe, MarcCut07/2016
• Rademacher, CayThe Trafficker#2Inspector Stave, Hamburg, 19472016
• Rademacher, CayThe Forger#3Inspector Stave, Hamburg, 19472017
Rankin, IanThe Travelling CompanionShort Stories07/2016
Rankin, IanRather Be Devil#21Inspector Rebus, Edinburgh11/2016
• Ravatn, AgnesThe Bird Tribunal09/2016
Redondo, DoloresLegacy of the Bones#2The Baztan Trilogy08/2016
• Reed, HannahDressed to Kilt#3A Scottish Highlands Mystery07/2016
Rees, Matt BenyonThe Damascus Threat#1Dominic Verrazzano08/2016
• Reynolds, RodBlack Night Falling#2Charlie Yates, Reporter, USA08/2016
Robertson, CraigMurderabilia#5DS Rachel Narey, Glasgow09/2016
• Robertson, MichaelThe Baker Street Jurors#5Brothers Reggie and Nigel Heath, Lawyers, Baker Street07/2016
• Robins, JaneWhite Bodies12/2017
Robinson, PeterWhen the Music's Over#23Insp. Alan Banks, Yorkshire07/2016
Roslund, Anders & Hellstrom, BorgeThree Minutes#7Detective Inspector Ewert Grens03/2017
Russell, CraigThe Quiet Death of Thomas Quaid#5Lennox, PI, 1950s Glasgow08/2016
• Rydahl, ThomasThe Hermit10/2016
• Sansom, IanEssex Poison#4The County Guides to Murder01/2017
• Saunders, KateThe Secrets of Wishtide#1Laetitia Rodd, Private Detective, Victorian Era07/2016
Sharp, ZoeAbsence of LightCharlie Fox Novella07/2016
• Shimizu, YoshinoriLabyrinth (ebook only)08/2016
Sigurdardottir, YrsaWhy Did You Lie?08/2016
Smith, Alexander McCallPrecious and Grace#17Mma Ramotswe, PI, Botswana09/2016
Smith, AnnaKill Me Twice#7Rosie Gilmour, Crime Journalist, 1990s08/2016
Staalesen, GunnarNo One is Safe in Danger#18Varg Veum, PI in Bergen, Norway2017
Staincliffe, CathThe Silence Between Breaths07/2016
Starr, Mel/Melvin RLucifer's Harvest#9Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon, 14thC England08/2016
• Steinhauer, OlenThe Middleman01/2017
Stratmann, LindaThe Royal Ghost#2Mina Scarletti, Brighton, 187109/2016
• Stridsberg, SaraThe Gravity of Love11/2016
Sutton, WilliamLawless and the Flowers of Sin#2Campbell Lawless, Victorian Policeman07/2016
• Thomas, JuliaThe English Boys07/2016
• Thomas, MikeAsh and Bones#1DC Will MacReady, Cardiff08/2016
• Thomas, SherryA Study in Scarlet Women#1Lady Sherlock10/2016
Thomas, WillHell Bay#8Barker and Llewelyn, Victorian London10/2016
Todd, CharlesThe Shattered Tree#8Bess Crawford, battlefield nurse, WWI10/2016
Tremayne, PeterPenance of the Damned#25Sister Fidelma07/2016
Trow, M JThe Angel#3A Grand & Batchelor Victorian Mystery07/2016
• Tuomainen, AnttiThe Mine10/2016
• Vallgren, Carl-JohanThe Tunnel#2Danny Katz10/2016
Vargas, FredA Climate of Fear#9Commissaire Adamsberg, Paris07/2016
• Veste, LucaThen She Was Gone#4DI David Murphy and DS Laura Rossi, Liverpool07/2016
• Ward, SarahA Deadly Thaw09/2016
• Way, CamillaWatching Edie07/2016
Weaver, TimBroken Heart#7David Raker, Missing Persons Investigator07/2016
Weeks, LeeCold Killers#5DC Ebony Willis, London08/2016
• Welsh, KaiteThe Wages of Sin#1Sarah Gilchrist, Victorian Era, Scotland2017
• Welsh, LouiseNo Dominion#3Plague Times Trilogy01/2017
Wilkinson, KerrySomething Hidden#2Andrew Hunter, PI, Manchester07/2016
Wilkinson, KerryNo Place Like Home11/2016
• Wood, MichaelOutside Looking In#2DCI Matilda Darke07/2016

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