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Releases in 2008 (Historical)

Published in the UK during 2008.

Akunin, BorisPelagia and the Red RoosterHistorical, Translated
Akunin, BorisThe State CounsellorTranslated, Historical
• Andrews, BethThe Unforgiving EyeHistorical
• Archibald, MalcolmPryde and the Infernal DeviceHistorical
• Auswaks, AlexSherlock Holmes in RussiaTranslated, Historical
Black, BenjaminThe LemurHistorical
Brandreth, GylesOscar Wilde and the Ring of Death (apa Oscar Wilde and a Game Called Murder)Historical
• Burdess, WendyCriminal AffairHistorical
• Burdess, WendyThe Meticulous MessengerHistorical
• Burman, CarinaThe Streets of BabylonTranslated, Historical
• Cabasson, ArmandWolf HuntTranslated, Historical
• Calderon, EmilioThe Creator's MapHistorical, Translated
Clare, AlysThe Joys of My LifeHistorical
Clare, AlysThe Paths of the AirHistorical
Clark, CassandraHangman BlindHistorical, First Novel
• Cleverly, BarbaraThe Tomb of ZeusHistorical
Cox, MichaelGlass of TimeHistorical
Craske, DarrenThe Equivoque PrincipleFirst Novel, Historical
Davies, David StuartWithout ConscienceHistorical
Dean, AnnaA Moment of Silence (apa Bellfield Hall)Historical, First Novel
• Dickinson, DavidDeath on the Holy MountainHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulMurder's Immortal MaskHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulNightshadeHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulThe Spies of SobeckHistorical
Done, StephenThe Murder of CrowsHistorical
Downie, Ruth (R S)Ruso and the Demented Doctor (apa Terra Incognita)Historical
Downing, DavidSilesian StationHistorical
Dunn, CarolaBlack ShipHistorical
• Eccles, MarjorieLast NocturneHistorical
Faulks, SebastianDevil May Care (writing as Ian Fleming)Historical
Ferris, GordonAn Unquiet Heart (apa The Unquiet Heart)Historical
Fitzpatrick, KylieThe Ninth StoneFirst Novel, Historical
Francis, JuneTilly's StoryHistorical
Franklin, ArianaThe Serpent's Tale (apa The Death Maze (UK))Historical
• Fraser, GuyJupiter's GoldHistorical
• Fraser, SaraThe Resurrection MenHistorical
Gardner, JohnMoriartyHistorical
• Gatiss, MarkBlack ButterflyHistorical
• Gilbert, Paul DThe Chronicles of Sherlock HolmesHistorical
• Gooden, PhilipThe Salisbury ManuscriptHistorical
Goodwin, JasonThe Bellini CardHistorical
Gordon-Smith, DoloresMad About The Boy?Historical
• Granger, AnnA Mortal CuriosityHistorical
Gray, ClioEnvoy of the Black PineHistorical
Gregory, SusannaThe Butcher of SmithfieldHistorical
Gregory, SusannaThe Devil's DisciplesHistorical
Gregory, SusannaThe Westminster PoisonerHistorical
Hammond, MelindaLucastaHistorical
Harrison, CoraMichaelmas Tribute (apa A Secret and Unlawful Killing)Historical
Hawkins, AlisTestamentFirst Novel, Historical
Hill, Suzette ABones in the BelfryHistorical
Ison, GrahamHardcastle's BurglarHistorical
• Izner, ClaudeThe Montmartre InvestigationTranslated, Historical
• Jackson, James H/JamesPilgrimHistorical
Jackson, Lee/L MThe Mesmerist's ApprenticeHistorical
• Japp, Andrea HThe Season of the BeastHistorical, Translated
Jecks, MichaelThe Kings of ThievesHistorical
Jecks, MichaelThe Prophecy of DeathHistorical
Jego, Yves & Lepee, DenisThe Sun King RisesFirst Novel, Translated, Historical
• Kaddour, HediWaltenbergHistorical, Translated, First Novel
• Keating, H R FInspector Ghote's First CaseHistorical
• Kerr, PhilipA Quiet FlameHistorical
Knight, AlannaMurder in ParadiseHistorical
Knight, BernardThe Manor of DeathHistorical
Krajewski, MarekDeath in BreslauFirst Novel, Translated, Historical
Lock, JoanDead CentreHistorical
Lucarelli, CarloVia delle OcheTranslated, Historical
• MacLean, Shona/S GThe Redemption of Alexander SeatonFirst Novel, Historical
Maitland, KarenCompany of LiarsHistorical, First Novel
• Marr, ChrisThe Lady of the ManorFirst Novel, Historical
Marston, Edward/A EDrums of WarHistorical
Marston, Edward/A EMurder on the Brighton ExpressHistorical
Marston, Edward/A ESoldier of FortuneHistorical
Martin, AndrewDeath on a Branch LineHistorical
Masters, PriscillaBuried in ClayHistorical
• McGee, JamesRapscallionHistorical
McIntosh, PatThe Rough CollierHistorical
McPherson, CatrionaThe Winter GroundHistorical
Medieval Murderers, TheThe Lost PropheciesHistorical
Melikan, RoseThe Blackstone KeyHistorical
• Monaldi, Rita & Sorti, FrancescoImprimaturTranslated, Historical
Monroe, AlyThe Maze of CadizFirst Novel, Historical
Morris, Roger/R NA Vengeful LongingHistorical
Morson, IanCity of the DeadHistorical
Morson, IanFalconer and the Ritual of DeathHistorical
• Nadel, BarbaraAshes to AshesHistorical
• Nicole, ChristopherAngel of DoomHistorical
• Nicole, ChristopherAngel RisingHistorical
• Parot, Jean-FrancoisThe Man with the Lead StomachHistorical, Translated
• Parot, Jean-FrancoisThe Phantom of Rue RoyaleTranslated, Historical
• Peacock, CaroDeath of a Dancer (apa A Dangerous Affair)Historical
• Pearce, MichaelA Dead Man in BarcelonaHistorical
• Pearce, MichaelThe Mark of the PashaHistorical
Pepper, AndrewKill-Devil And WaterHistorical
Perez-Reverte, ArturoThe King's GoldHistorical, Translated
Perry, AnneA Christmas GraceHistorical
Perry, AnneBuckingham Palace GardensHistorical
• Picardie, JustineDaphneHistorical
Raybourn, DeannaSilent in the GraveHistorical
Raybourn, DeannaSilent in the SanctuaryHistorical
Roberts, DavidNo More DyingHistorical
• Rowden, JeanDeadlier Than the SwordHistorical
Rowe, RosemaryDeath at Pompeia's WeddingHistorical
• Russell, NormanDepths of DeceitHistorical
Ryan, Rob/RobertEmpire of SandHistorical
Sansom, C JRevelationHistorical
• Savage, AlanThe Flowing TideHistorical
Saylor, StevenThe Triumph of CaeserHistorical
Schenkel, Andrea MariaThe Murder FarmHistorical, Translated, First Novel
• Sedley, KateThe Green ManHistorical
Slade, NicolaMurder Most WelcomeHistorical
Smith, Tom RobChild 44Historical, First Novel
Sole, LindaA Different Kind of JusticeHistorical
• Souter, KeithThe Pardoner's CrimeHistorical, First Novel
Southey, RozChords and DiscordsHistorical
Spencer, SallyA Dying FallHistorical
Tallis, FrankFatal LiesHistorical
Taylor, AndrewBleeding Heart SquareHistorical
Thompson, BrianThe Widow's SecretHistorical
• Tombs, KerryThe Worcester WhisperersHistorical
Tremayne, PeterThe Council of the CursedHistorical
Upson, NicolaAn Expert in MurderFirst Novel, Historical
• Vaughan-Hughes, PipPainted in BloodHistorical
Vernon, RolandA Dark EnchantmentHistorical
Waters, PaulOf Merchants and HeroesHistorical, First Novel
• White, JennyThe Abyssinian ProofHistorical
Wilson, LauraStratton's War (apa The Innocent Spy)Historical
Winspear, JacquelineAn Incomplete RevengeHistorical
Wishart, DavidIllegally DeadHistorical
Young, RobynRequiemHistorical

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