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Releases in 2009 (Historical)

Published in the UK during 2009.

• Adair, GilbertAnd Then There Was No OneHistorical
Akunin, BorisShe Lover of DeathHistorical, Translated
Akunin, BorisThe CoronationTranslated, Historical
Ashton, DavidTrick of the LightHistorical
• Beaufort, SimonDeadly InheritanceHistorical
Benn, James RBlood AloneHistorical
• Blake, RichardThe Terror of ConstantinopleHistorical
• Bradby, TomBlood MoneyHistorical
Bradley, AlanThe Sweetness at the Bottom of the PieHistorical
Brandreth, GylesOscar Wilde and the Dead Man's SmileHistorical
• Breckon, IanKnight of SwordsFirst Novel, Historical
Brett, SimonBlotto, Twinks and the Ex-King's DaughterHistorical
Brody, FrancesDying in the WoolHistorical
• Cabasson, ArmandMemory of FlamesTranslated, Historical
• Cameron, KennethThe Bohemian GirlHistorical
• Cameron, KennethThe Frightened ManHistorical
Clare, AlysMist Over the WaterHistorical
Clare, AlysOut of the Dawn LightHistorical
Clark, CassandraThe Red Velvet TurnshoeHistorical
• Clarke, Mary AndreaLove not PoisonHistorical
Clements, RoryMartyrHistorical, First Novel
• Cleverly, BarbaraBright Hair About the BoneHistorical
David, SaulZulu HartHistorical, First Novel
Davies, David StuartRequiem for a DummyHistorical
Davis, LindseyAlexandriaHistorical
Dean, AnnaA Gentleman of FortuneHistorical
Dexter, GaryThe Oxford Despoiler: and Other Mysteries from the Casebook of Henry St LiverHistorical, First Novel
• Dickinson, DavidDeath of a PilgrimHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulThe Darkening GlassHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulThe Templar MagicianHistorical
Done, StephenThe Torn CurtainHistorical
Downing, DavidStettin StationHistorical
• Drake, NickTutankhamunHistorical
Dunn, CarolaDeath at Wentwater CourtHistorical
Dunn, CarolaRequiem for a MezzoHistorical
Dunn, CarolaSheer FollyHistorical
Dunn, CarolaThe Winter Garden MysteryHistorical
Duns, JeremyFree AgentHistorical, First Novel
• Eccles, MarjorieBroken MusicHistorical
• Featherstone, AnnWalking in PimlicoFirst Novel, Historical
• Fleming, JamesCold BloodHistorical
Franklin, ArianaGrave Goods (apa Relics of the Dead (UK))Historical
• Fraser, GuyA Plague of LionsHistorical
• Fraser, SaraThe Drowned OnesHistorical
Frazer, MargaretThe Prioress's TaleHistorical
• Gooden, PhilipThe Durham DisappearanceHistorical
Gordon-Smith, DoloresAs If By MagicHistorical
Gray, ClioBrotherhood of FiveHistorical
Gregorio, MichaelA Visible DarknessHistorical
Gregory, SusannaA Murder on London BridgeHistorical
Gregory, SusannaA Vein of DeceitHistorical
Harrison, CoraThe Sting of JusticeHistorical
Harrison, CoraWrit in StoneHistorical
Hill, Suzette ABone IdleHistorical
Ison, GrahamHardcastle's MandarinHistorical
• Izner, ClaudeThe Marais Assassin (apa The Assassin in the Marais)Historical, Translated
• Jacq, ChristianThe Judgement of the MummyHistorical, Translated
• Japp, Andrea HThe Breath of the RoseHistorical, Translated
• Japp, Andrea HThe Divine BloodHistorical, Translated
Jecks, MichaelNo Law in the LandHistorical
Jecks, MichaelThe Bishop Must DieHistorical
• Keating, H R FA Small Case for Inspector Ghote?Historical
• Kerr, PhilipIf the Dead Rise NotHistorical
King, Laurie RThe Language of BeesHistorical
Knight, BernardCrowner RoyalHistorical
Krajewski, MarekThe End of the World in BreslauTranslated, Historical
Kristian, GilesRaven: Blood EyeFirst Novel, Historical
Lake, DerynDeath and the Black PyramidHistorical
• Lawrence, PaulThe Sweet Smell of DecayFirst Novel, Historical
Leoni, GiulioThe Kingdom of LightHistorical, Translated
Maitland, KarenThe Owl KillersHistorical
Marston, Edward/A EThe Silver Locomotive MysteryHistorical
Martin, AndrewThe Last Train to ScarboroughHistorical
• McCleary, CarolThe Alchemy of MurderFirst Novel, Historical
• McCreet, JamesThe Incendiary's TrailFirst Novel, Historical
• McCuaig, CatrionaSnares and NetsHistorical
• McGregor, RafeThe Architect of MurderHistorical
McIntosh, PatThe Stolen VoiceHistorical
McKay, ShirleyHue and CryHistorical, First Novel
McPherson, CatrionaDandy Gilver and the Proper Treatment of BloodstainsHistorical
Medieval Murderers, TheKing Arthur's BonesHistorical
Melikan, RoseThe Counterfeit GuestHistorical
• Mills, MarkThe Information OfficerHistorical
• Monaldi, Rita & Sorti, FrancescoSecretumHistorical, Translated
Monroe, AlyWashington ShadowHistorical
Morson, IanFalconer's TrialHistorical
• Moules, Joan MScript for MurderHistorical
• Nadel, BarbaraSure and Certain DeathHistorical
• Newman, G FCrime and PunishmentHistorical
• Nicole, ChristopherAngel of DarknessHistorical
• Nicole, ChristopherAngel of DestructionHistorical
O'Brien, CharlesDeadly QuarrelHistorical
• Oldfield, PamelaTruth Will OutHistorical
Parker, I JThe Convict's SwordHistorical
• Parot, Jean-FrancoisThe Nicolas Le Floch AffairHistorical, Translated
Peace, DavidTokyo Occupied CityHistorical
• Peacock, CaroA Corpse in Shining Armour (apa A Family Affair)Historical
• Pearce, MichaelA Dead Man in NaplesHistorical
• Pears, IainStone's FallHistorical
Perez-Reverte, ArturoThe Man in the Yellow DoubletHistorical, Translated
Perry, AnneA Christmas PromiseHistorical
Perry, AnneExecution DockHistorical
Phillips, ChristiThe Devlin DiaryHistorical
• Puzo, MarioSix Graves to MunichHistorical
Raybourn, DeannaSilent On The MoorHistorical
Roberts, DavidSweet SorrowHistorical
Robertson, ImogenInstruments of DarknessFirst Novel, Historical
• Rowden, JeanMore Deaths Than OneHistorical
Russell, CraigLennoxHistorical
• Russell, NormanThe Dorset House AffairHistorical
Rustage, AlanBlackstone and the New WorldHistorical
Scarrow, SimonThe GladiatorHistorical
• Schatzing, FrankDeath and the DevilHistorical, Translated
Schenkel, Andrea MariaIce ColdTranslated, Historical
• Sedley, KateThe Dance of DeathHistorical
• Simmons, DanDroodHistorical
Sington, PhilipThe Einstein GirlHistorical
Slade, NicolaDeath is the CureHistorical
Smith, Tom RobThe Secret SpeechHistorical
• Souter, KeithThe Fool's FollyHistorical
Southey, RozSecret LamentHistorical
Spencer, SallyBlackstone and the New WorldHistorical
• Stockbridge, SaraHammer (apa The Fortunes of Grace Hammer)First Novel, Historical
Tallis, FrankDarkness Rising (apa Vienna Secrets)Historical
Thompson, BrianThe Captain's Table (apa The Sailor's Ransom)Historical
Todd, MarilynBlood MoonHistorical
• Tombs, KerryThe Ledbury LamplightersHistorical
Tremayne, PeterThe Dove of DeathHistorical
Upson, NicolaAngel with Two FacesHistorical
Waters, PaulCast Not the DayHistorical
• Williams, AndrewThe InterrogatorHistorical, First Novel
Wilson, ElizabethWar DamageHistorical
Wilson, LauraAn Empty DeathHistorical
Winspear, JacquelineAmong the MadHistorical

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