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Releases in 2010 (Historical)

Published in the UK during 2010.

Akunin, BorisHe Lover of DeathTranslated, Historical
• Arnold, MichaelTraitor's BloodHistorical, First Novel
• Ash, MaureenThe Alehouse MurdersFirst Novel, Historical
• Barone, SamQuest for Honour (apa Conflict of Empires)Historical
• Baruth, PhilipThe Brothers BoswellHistorical
• Beaufort, SimonA Dead Man's SecretHistorical
• Beaufort, SimonThe Bloodstained ThroneHistorical
• Best, G MOliver Twist InvestigatesFirst Novel, Historical
Black, BenjaminElegy for AprilHistorical
• Blake, RichardThe Blood of AlexandriaHistorical
• Bourland, FabriceThe Baker Street PhantomHistorical, First Novel, Translated
Bradley, AlanThe Weed That Strings the Hangman's BagHistorical
Brandreth, GylesOscar Wilde and the Nest of Vipers (apa Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders)Historical
Brett, SimonBlotto, Twinks and the Dead Dowager DuchessHistorical
Brody, FrancesA Medal for MurderHistorical
• Cameron, KennethThe Second WomanHistorical
Clare, AlysMusic of the Distant StarsHistorical
• Clarke, Mary AndreaDebt of DishonourHistorical
Clements, RoryRevengerHistorical
• Cleverly, BarbaraStrange Images of DeathHistorical
Craske, DarrenThe Eleventh PlagueHistorical
David, SaulHart of EmpireHistorical
Davies, David StuartThe Darkness of DeathHistorical
Davis, LindseyNemesisHistorical
Dean, AnnaA Woman of ConsequenceHistorical
• Dickinson, DavidDeath of a Wine MerchantHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulThe MysteriumHistorical
Downie, Ruth (R S)Ruso and the Root of All Evils (apa Persona Non Grata)Historical
Downing, DavidPotsdam StationHistorical
Dunn, CarolaDamsel in DistressHistorical
Dunn, CarolaDead in the WaterHistorical
Dunn, CarolaMurder on the Flying ScotsmanHistorical
Dunn, CarolaRattle His BonesHistorical
Dunn, CarolaStyx and StonesHistorical
Dunn, CarolaTo Davy Jones BelowHistorical
Duns, JeremyFree Country (apa Song of Treason)Historical
Eastland, SamEye of the Red TsarHistorical
• Featherstone, AnnThe Newgate JigHistorical
• Forrester, JamesSacred TreasonFirst Novel, Historical
Franklin, ArianaA Murderous Procession (apa The Assassin's Prayer (UK))Historical
• Fraser, GuyAvenging the DeadHistorical
• Gilbert, Paul DSherlock Holmes and the Giant Rat of SumatraHistorical
Gordon-Smith, DoloresA Hundred Thousand DragonsHistorical
Gordon-Smith, DoloresOff the RecordHistorical
• Granger, AnnA Better Quality of MurderHistorical
Gregorio, MichaelUnholy AwakeningHistorical
Gregory, SusannaA Killer of PilgrimsHistorical
• Hare, BrunoThe Lost KingsHistorical, First Novel
Harrison, CoraEye of the LawHistorical
Hill, Suzette ABones in High PlacesHistorical
Ison, GrahamHardcastle's SoldiersHistorical
• Izner, ClaudeThe Predator of BatignollesTranslated, Historical
• Jackson, James H/JamesRealmHistorical
Jecks, MichaelThe OathHistorical
Jenkins, RebeccaDeath of a RadicalHistorical
• Kerr, PhilipField GreyHistorical
• Kilworth, Garry DouglasScarlet Sash: A Novel of the Zulu WarsHistorical
King, Laurie RThe God of the HiveHistorical
Knight, AlannaQuest for a KillerHistorical
Knight, BernardA Plague of HereticsHistorical
Knight, BernardAccording to the EvidenceHistorical
Knight, BernardWhere Death DelightsHistorical
Krajewski, MarekPhantoms of BreslauTranslated, Historical
Kristian, GilesRaven: Sons of ThunderHistorical
• Lawrence, PaulA Plague of SinnersHistorical
• MacLean, Shona/S GA Game of SorrowsHistorical
Magson, AdrianDeath on the MaraisHistorical
• Maraini, DaciaTrain to BudapestHistorical, Translated
Marston, Edward/A ERailway to the GraveHistorical
• Massie, AllanDeath in BordeauxHistorical
• McCleary, CarolThe Illusion of MurderHistorical
• McCreet, JamesThe Vice SocietyHistorical
McIntosh, PatA Pig of Cold PoisonHistorical
McKay, ShirleyFate and FortuneHistorical
McPherson, CatrionaDandy Gilver and an Unsuitable Day for a MurderHistorical
Medieval Murderers, TheThe Sacred StoneHistorical
Melikan, RoseThe Mistaken WifeHistorical
• Morgan, TerenceThe Master of BrugesHistorical, First Novel
Morris, Roger/R NA Razor Wrapped in SilkHistorical
Morson, IanFalconer and the Death of KingsHistorical
Nickson, ChrisThe Broken TokenHistorical, First Novel
• Oldfield, PamelaThe Boat HouseHistorical
• Paling, ChrisNimrod's ShadowHistorical
• Parot, Jean-FrancoisThe Saint-Florentin MurdersTranslated, Historical
• Parris, S JHeresyHistorical
• Pearce, MichaelA Dead Man in MaltaHistorical
Pepper, AndrewThe Detective BranchHistorical
Perez-Reverte, ArturoPirates of the LevantHistorical, Translated
Perry, AnneA Christmas OdysseyHistorical
Perry, AnneBetrayal at Lisson Grove (apa Treason at Lisson Grove)Historical
Perry, AnneThe Sheen on the SilkHistorical
Pilkington, JohnAfter the FireHistorical
• Powers, TimDeclareHistorical
• Reynolds, MaureenMcQueen's AgencyHistorical
• Rice, John FSherlock Holmes' Tibetan AdventureFirst Novel, Historical
Rickman, PhilThe Bones of AvalonHistorical
Robertson, ImogenAnatomy of MurderHistorical
Rowe, RosemaryRequiem For A SlaveHistorical
Russell, CraigThe Long Glasgow KissHistorical
• Russell, NormanThe Calton PapersHistorical
Rustage, AlanBlackstone and the Wolf of Wall StreetHistorical
Ryan, WilliamThe Holy ThiefHistorical, First Novel
• Sanderson, MarkSnow HillFirst Novel, Historical
Sansom, C JHeartstoneHistorical
Scarrow, SimonThe LegionHistorical
Scott, MandaThe Fire of Rome (apa The Emperor's Spy)Historical
• Sedley, KateWheel of FateHistorical
Shepherd, LynnMurder at Mansfield ParkHistorical, First Novel
Southey, RozSword and SongHistorical
Speller, ElizabethThe Return of Captain John EmmettFirst Novel, Historical
Spencer, SallyBlackstone and the Wolf of Wall StreetHistorical
Stanford-Smith, MThe Great LieFirst Novel, Historical
Tallis, FrankDeadly Communion (apa Vienna Twilight)Historical
Taylor, AndrewThe Anatomy of GhostsHistorical
Taylor, D JAt the Chime of a City ClockHistorical
Thompson, BrianThe Player's CurseHistorical
Todd, CharlesThe Red DoorHistorical
Todd, MarilynStill WatersHistorical
Tremayne, PeterThe Chalice of BloodHistorical
Upson, NicolaTwo For SorrowHistorical
• Vaughan-Hughes, PipThe Fools' CrusadeHistorical
• Walker, PeterThe Courier's TaleHistorical
Walsh, Jill PatonThe Attenbury Emeralds: Lord Peter Wimsey's First CaseHistorical
• Watt, DouglasDeath of a ChiefHistorical
• Williams, AndrewTo Kill a TsarHistorical
• Wilson, EdwardThe Darkling SpyHistorical
Wilson, LauraA Capital CrimeHistorical
Wishart, DavidBodies PoliticHistorical
• Wright, A JAct of MurderHistorical

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