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Releases in 2012 (First Novel)

Published in the UK during 2012.

• Ballantyne, LisaThe Guilty OneFirst Novel
• Beardsley, MartynMurder in Montague PlaceFirst Novel, Historical
• Benn, TomThe Doll PrincessFirst Novel
• Bilyeau, NancyThe CrownFirst Novel, Historical
• Binet, LaurentHHrHFirst Novel, Translated
• Brady, ConorA June Of Ordinary MurdersFirst Novel, Historical
• Byrne, TanyaHeart-Shaped BruiseFirst Novel
• Campion, PhilDesert FireFirst Novel
Chatterton, EdA Dark Place to DieFirst Novel
Churton, AlexThe Babylon GeneFirst Novel
• Clifford, MichaelGhost TownFirst Novel
• Cottrell, Peter JamesEngland's JanissaryFirst Novel, Historical
• Cross, A JGone in SecondsFirst Novel
• Cunnell, HowardThe Sea on Fire (apa Marine Boy)First Novel
Dahl, ArneMisterioso (apa The Blinded Man)First Novel, Translated
• Darby, KateThe Whores' AsylumFirst Novel, Historical
• Dean, A MThe Lost LibraryFirst Novel
• Dean, JasonThe Wrong ManFirst Novel
Dennison, HannahA Vicky Hill Exclusive!First Novel
• Dymott, ElanorEvery Contact Leaves A TraceFirst Novel
• Gillies, AndreaThe White LieFirst Novel
• Grebe, Camilla & Traff, AsaSome Kind of PeaceTranslated, First Novel
Grecian, AlexThe YardFirst Novel, Historical
• Grieves, TomSleepwalkersFirst Novel
• Hancock, PennyTideline (apa Kept in the Dark)First Novel
Hanley, C BThe Sins of the FathersFirst Novel, Historical
Hannah, MariThe Murder WallFirst Novel
Harris, TessaThe Anatomist's ApprenticeHistorical, First Novel
• Hauxwell, AnnieIn Her BloodFirst Novel
Hill, AntonioThe Summer of Dead ToysTranslated, First Novel
• Hjorth-Rosenfeldt, Sebastian Bergman (apa Dark Secrets)Translated, First Novel
• Hutton, EwartGood PeopleFirst Novel
• Jameson, HannaSomething You AreFirst Novel
Jordan, WillRedemptionFirst Novel
King, CatrionaA Limited JusticeFirst Novel
• Lapidus, JensEasy MoneyFirst Novel, Translated
Lehtolainen, LeenaMy First MurderTranslated, First Novel
• Malone, Michael JBlood TearsFirst Novel
• Mark, DavidThe Dark WinterFirst Novel
• Marwood, AlexThe Wicked GirlsFirst Novel
McGowan, ClaireThe FallFirst Novel
• McGuire, MattDark DawnFirst Novel
McNeill, FergusEye ContactFirst Novel
Meredith, D EDevouredFirst Novel, Historical
• Millar, LouiseThe PlaydateFirst Novel
Mogford, ThomasShadow of the RockFirst Novel
• Molay, FrederiqueThe 7th WomanFirst Novel, Translated
Murphy, PeterRemovalFirst Novel
Nesbo, JoThe BatFirst Novel, Translated
O'Bryan, LaurenceThe Istanbul PuzzleFirst Novel
• Oldfield, MarkThe SentinelFirst Novel, Historical
Pavone, ChrisThe ExpatsFirst Novel
• Pearce, RogerAgent of the StateFirst Novel
• Peterson, MarkFlesh and BloodFirst Novel
Phillips, LouiseRed RibbonsFirst Novel
• Radmann, ChristopherHeld UpFirst Novel
• Raverat, AnnaSigns of LifeFirst Novel
Rhodes, KateCrossbones YardFirst Novel
• Rose, JacquiTakenFirst Novel
• Russell, MichaelThe City of ShadowsFirst Novel, Historical
• Shepherd, LloydThe English MonsterHistorical, First Novel
• Sinclair, John Gordon/J GSeventy Times SevenFirst Novel
• Varenne, AntoninBed of NailsFirst Novel, Translated
• Wallentin, JanStrindberg's StarTranslated, First Novel
Wareham, EvonneNever Coming HomeFirst Novel
• Whitworth, VMThe Bone ThiefFirst Novel, Historical

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