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Published in the UK during 2016.

• Aaronovitch, BenThe Hanging Tree
Ace, CathyThe Case of the Curious Cook
• Adams, JaneThe Murder BookHistorical
• Adenle, LeyeEasy Motion Tourist
• Ahnhem, StefanVictim Without a FaceTranslated, First Novel
Aird, CatherineLearning Curve
Alexander, TashaA Terrible BeautyHistorical
Alexander, TashaBehind the Shattered GlassHistorical
Alexander, TashaDeath in the Floating CityHistorical
Alexander, TashaThe AdventuressHistorical
Alexander, TashaThe Counterfeit HeiressHistorical
• Alzamora, SebastiaBlood CrimeTranslated
• Amphlett, RachelScared to Death
Anderson, LinNone but the Dead
• Andrews, SallyThe Satanic Mechanic
• Anthology, AnKiller Women: Crime Club Anthology #1Anthology
• Anthology, AnMotives for Murder (ed. Martin Edwards)Anthology
• Anthology, AnMurder under the Christmas Tree (ed. Cecily Gayford)Anthology
• Anthology, AnSunshine Noir (ed.s Annamaria Alfieri & Michael Stanley)Anthology
• Anthology, AnThe Highway Kind (ed. Patrick Millikin)Anthology
• Anthology, AnTrouble is Our Business (ed. Declan Burke)Anthology
• Arlidge, M JHide and Seek
• Arlidge, M JLittle Boy Blue
• Armstrong, RossThe Watcher (apa The Woman in Apartment 49)First Novel
Ashton, DavidMistress of the Just LandHistorical
• Bagchi, DavidThe Mystery of Briony LodgeHistorical, First Novel
• Bai, XiaoFrench ConcessionTranslated
• Bailey, R JSafe From HarmFirst Novel
Baker, SamThe Woman Who Ran
• Baldwin, JackieDead Man's PrayerFirst Novel
Barton, FionaThe WidowFirst Novel
Bates, QuentinThin Ice
Bauer, BelindaThe Beautiful Dead
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin: Pushing up Daisies
Beaton, M CDeath of a Nurse
• Beaufort, SimonThe Killing Ship
Bell, AnnisThe Black OrchidHistorical, Translated
• Bendoris, MattWicked Leaks
Benedict, A KJonathan Dark or The Evidence Of Ghosts
• Benmore, JamesDodger of the RevolutionHistorical
• Bilal, ParkerCity of Jackals
Billingham, MarkDie of Shame
• Bingham, HarryThe Dead House
• Birkby, MichelleThe House at Baker StreetHistorical, First Novel
• Black, SaulLovemurder
Black, SeanC is for Coochy Coo (with Rebecca Cantrell) (ebook only)
Black, Sean'D' is for Drunk (with Rebecca Cantrell)
Black, SeanThe Edge of Alone
Black, TonySummoning the Dead
• Blackhurst, JennyBefore I Let You In
• Blake, RobinSkin and BoneHistorical
• Blake, SamLittle BonesFirst Novel
• Bolt, BrittaDeadly Secrets
Bolton, S J/SharonDaisy in Chains
Bolton, S J/SharonHere Be Dragons (ebook only)
• Booker, SimonWithout TraceFirst Novel
Booth, StephenSecrets of Death
• Bosco, Maria AngelicaDeath Going DownFirst Novel, Translated
Bowen, RhysA Royal PainHistorical
Bowen, RhysBless the BrideHistorical
Bowen, RhysCity of Darkness and LightHistorical
Bowen, RhysHeirs and GracesHistorical
Bowen, RhysHer Royal SpynessHistorical
Bowen, RhysIn a Gilded CageHistorical
Bowen, RhysMalice at the PalaceHistorical
Bowen, RhysNaughty in NiceHistorical
Bowen, RhysQueen of HeartsHistorical
Bowen, RhysRoyal BloodHistorical
Bowen, RhysRoyal FlushHistorical
Bowen, RhysTell Me, Pretty MaidenHistorical
Bowen, RhysThe Amersham Rubies (e-novella)Historical
Bowen, RhysThe Family WayHistorical
Bowen, RhysThe Last IllusionHistorical
Bowen, RhysThe Twelve Clues of ChristmasHistorical
Bradley, AlanThe Curious Case of the Copper Corpse (ebook only)Historical
Bradley, AlanThrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'dHistorical
• Bradley, RebeccaMade To Be Broken
• Brady, ConorA Hunt in WinterHistorical
• Bragi, SteinarThe Ice LandsTranslated
• Brandreth, BenetThe Spy of VeniceFirst Novel, Historical
Brett, SimonMrs Pargeter's Public Relations
• Broadfoot, NeilAll the Devils
Brody, FrancesDeath at the SeasideHistorical
Brookmyre, ChristopherBlack Widow
• Brown, EricMurder at the LochHistorical
Bruce, AlisonThe Promise
• Buckley, FionaThe Heretic's CreedHistorical
• Bugler, SheilaAll Things Nice
Burrows, SteveA Cast of Falcons
Burrows, SteveA Pitying of Doves
Burrows, SteveA Siege of Bitterns
• Bussi, MichelBlack Water LiliesTranslated
• Caan, AlexCut to the BoneFirst Novel
• Callaghan, HelenDear AmyFirst Novel
• Callaghan, TomA Spring Betrayal
• Cameron, StellaMelody of Murder
Camilleri, AndreaA Voice in the NightTranslated
Camilleri, AndreaMontalbano's First Case and Other StoriesTranslated, Anthology
Carlotto, MassimoFor All the Gold in the WorldTranslated
• Carlsson, ChristofferThe Falling DetectiveTranslated
Carofiglio, GianricoA Fine LineTranslated
Carol, JamesThe Killing Game (as J S Carol)
• Carrington, SamSaving SophieFirst Novel
• Carson, ClareThe Salt Marsh
Carter, AndreaTreacherous Strand
• Carter, M JThe Devil's FeastHistorical
Carver, Caroline/CJSpare Me the Truth
• Carver, TaniaThe Lost Girl
• Cato, JoyceAn Unholy Shame
Cavanagh, SteveThe Plea
• Celestin, RayDead Man's BluesHistorical
Chambers, KimberleyTainted Love
Charles, PaulSt Ernan's Blues
Charlton, KarenThe Sculthorpe MurderHistorical
Chatterton, EdRemission
• Chen, ZijinThe Untouched CrimeTranslated
Child, LeeNight School
• Christer, SamThe House Of Moriarty
Clare, AlysA Rustle of SilkHistorical
Clare, AlysThe Night WandererHistorical
• Clarke, AngelaWatch Me
• Claverton, RosieCaptcha Thief
Cleeves, AnnCold Earth
Cleeves, AnnToo Good To Be True (Quick Reads)
• Cleverly, BarbaraDiana's AltarHistorical
Clifford, AoifeAll These Perfect StrangersFirst Novel
• Coates, AnneDancers in the WindFirst Novel
• Cohen, TammyWhen She Was Bad
Cole, MartinaBetrayal
Collett, ChrisA Good Death
Connolly, JohnA Time of Torment
Cookman, LesleyMurder Dancing
Cookman, LesleyMurder on the Run
• Cornell, PaulWho Killed Sherlock Holmes?
• Corry, JaneMy Husband's WifeFirst Novel
• Cowley, Liz & O'Brien, DonoughSerial Damage
Craig, JamesActs of Violence
• Crane, SimonThe Secret BrokerFirst Novel
• Crilley, PaulPoison City
• Cross, MasonThe Time to Kill (apa Winterlong)
Cumming, CharlesA Divided Spy
Cutler, JudithHead Start
• Cutts, LisaMercy Killing
Dalbuono, NadiaThe American
• Dalton, AnnieWritten in Red
• Daly, BillCutting Edge
• Damhaug, TorkilDeath By WaterTranslated
• Damhaug, TorkilFireraiserTranslated
Dams, Jeanne MSmile and Be a Villain
• Dard, FredericBird in a CageFirst Novel, Translated
• Dard, FredericCrushTranslated
• Dard, FredericThe Wicked Go to HellTranslated
• Davey, E MThe Napoleon Complex
Davies, David StuartThe Ripper LegacyHistorical
• Davies, MichelleGone AstrayFirst Novel
Davis, LindseyThe Graveyard of the HesperidesHistorical
• Dawson, LucyYou Sent Me a Letter
• De Angelis, AugustoThe Hotel of the Three RosesTranslated
• De Angelis, AugustoThe Murdered BankerTranslated
• De Angelis, AugustoThe Mystery of the Three OrchidsTranslated
• De Giovanni, MaurizioDarkness for the Bastards of PizzofalconeTranslated
• De Giovanni, MaurizioThe Bastards of PizzofalconeTranslated
de Jager, AnjaA Cold Case in Amsterdam Central
• de Muriel, OscarA Fever of the BloodHistorical
• Dean, JohnDeath List
• del Arbol, VictorThe Heart Tastes BitterTranslated
• Delaney, LukeThe Rule of Fear
Dennison, HannahA Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall
• Dhand, A AStreets of DarknessFirst Novel
• Diamond, KaterinaThe Secret
• Diamond, KaterinaThe TeacherFirst Novel
• Dickinson, DavidDeath Comes to Lynchester CloseHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulA Pilgrimage to MurderHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulDark SerpentHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulThe Great RevoltHistorical
• Dolan, EvaAfter You Die
• Donoghue, ClareTrust No One
Doughty, LouiseBlack Water
• Douglas, ClaireLocal Girl Missing
• Douglas-Home, MarkThe Malice of Waves
• Doward, JamieHostage
Downie, Ruth (R S)Vita BrevisHistorical
Downing, DavidOne Man's FlagHistorical
• Duffy, MargaretDust to Dust
Dunn, CarolaBuried in the Country
Dunne, StevenDeath Do Us Part
Duns, JeremySpy out the LandHistorical
• Durrant, SabineLie With Me
Eastland, SamBerlin RedHistorical
Edwards, YvvetteThe Mother
• Ekback, CeciliaIn the Month of the Midnight SunHistorical
• Eldridge, JimAssassinsHistorical
Ellis, JoyHunted on the Fens
Ellis, JoyKiller on the Fens
Ellis, JoyStalker on the Fens
Ellis, JoyThe Murderer's Son
Ellis, KateA High Mortality of DovesHistorical
Ellis, KateThe House of Eyes
Ellis, P RMurder In Doubt (ebook only)
Emerson, Kathy LynnMurder in a Cornish AlehouseHistorical
Eriksson, KjellStone CoffinTranslated
• Essex, DavidFaded GloryFirst Novel, Historical
Evans, GeraldineThe Spanish Connection (ebook only)
Ewan, Chris/C MLong Time Lost
• Falkenberg, HendrikThe Northern CrossTranslated
• Falkenberg, HendrikTime Heals No WoundsFirst Novel, Translated
• Faye, LyndsayJane SteeleHistorical
Finch, PaulStrangers
Fitzek, SebastianThe NightwalkerTranslated
FitzGerald, HelenViral
Flanders, JudithA Cast of Vultures
• Flint, ShaminiInspector Singh Investigates: A Frightfully English Execution
• Fortin, SueThe Girl Who Lied
• Fossum, KarinHellfireTranslated
• Fountain, N J/NevPainkiller
Fowler, ChristopherBryant & May - Strange Tide
Francis, DickTriple Crown (by Felix Francis)
• Frank, MatthewBetween the Crosses
• Fraser, AntheaRetribution
• Fraser-Sampson, GuyDeath in ProfileFirst Novel
• Frazer, AndreaTightrope
• Freebrn, RichardWatching the Accident Happen
French, NicciSaturday Requiem (apa Dark Saturday)
French, TanaThe Trespasser
• Friis, Agnete & Kaaberbol, LeneThe Considerate KillerTranslated
Froden, Martin CathcartDevil Take the HindmostFirst Novel, Historical
Furst, AlanA Hero in FranceHistorical
Gallagher, StephenThe Authentic William JamesHistorical
• Gamboa, SantiagoNight PrayersTranslated
• Gardner, FrankCrisisFirst Novel
• Garnier, PascalThe Eskimo SolutionTranslated
• Garnier, PascalToo Close to the EdgeTranslated
Garrett, A DTruth Will Out
• Giordano, MarioAuntie Poldi and the Sicilian LionsFirst Novel, Translated
• Glasby, EdmundThe Doppelganger Deaths
• Glynn, AlanParadime
• Granger, AnnThe Dead Woman of DeptfordHistorical
• Grant, EllyPalm Trees in the Pyrenees
Gray, AlexThe Darkest Goodbye
Gray, ClioThe Legacy of the LynxHistorical
• Grebe, CamillaThe Ice Beneath HerTranslated
Grecian, AlexLost and Gone ForeverHistorical
• Green, LindaWhile My Eyes Were Closed
Gregorio, MichaelThink Wolf
Gregory, SusannaA Grave ConcernHistorical
Gregory, SusannaThe Chelsea StranglerHistorical
• Gregson, J MFinal Act
• Grey, IsabelleShot Through the Heart
Griffiths, EllyThe Blood CardHistorical
Griffiths, EllyThe Woman in Blue
• Griffiths, RebeccaThe Primrose PathFirst Novel
• Grimwood, JackMoskva
• Gross, AndrewThe One ManHistorical
• Grylls, BearBurning Angels
• Gulvin, JMThe Long Count
• Hall, LisaBetween You and MeFirst Novel
• Hall, LisaTell Me No Lies
Hall, PatriciaDeep WatersHistorical
• Hamdouchi, AbdelilahWhiteflyTranslated
Hamdy, AdamPendulum
Hamdy, AdamRun (ebook only)
• Hammer, Lotte and SorenThe VanishedTranslated
• Hanington, PeterA Dying BreedFirst Novel
Hanley, C BBrother's BloodHistorical
Hannah, MariGallows Drop
Hannah, SophieClosed Casket: The New Hercule Poirot MysteryHistorical
Hannah, SophieThe Narrow Bed
• Hardie, MarkBurned and BrokenFirst Novel
• Hargla, IndrekApothecary Melchior and the Ghost of Rataskaevu StreetHistorical, Translated
Harris, JoanneDifferent Class
• Harris, OliverThe House of Fame
• Harris, RobertConclave
Harris, TessaSecrets in the StonesHistorical
Harris, TessaShadow of the RavenHistorical
Harris, TessaThe Lazarus CurseHistorical
Harrison, CoraA Shocking AssassinationHistorical
Harrison, CoraAn Unjust JudgeHistorical
Harrod-Eagles, CynthiaOld Bones
• Hartung, AlexanderGrave IntentTranslated
• Hauxwell, AnnieHouse of Bones
Hawkswood, SarahOrdeal by FireHistorical
Hayes, SamIn Too Deep (as Samatha Hayes)
• Haynes, ElizabethNever Alone
• Heathcote, ElizabethUndertowFirst Novel
Heley, VeronicaFalse Fire
Heley, VeronicaMurder in Style
• Henry, JamesBlackwater
• Herrera, YuriThe Transmigration of BodiesTranslated
Herron, Mick/MReal Tigers
• Hiekkapelto, KatiThe ExiledTranslated
• Higashino, KeigoA Midsummer's EquationTranslated
• Hilary, SarahTastes Like Fear
Hill, Suzette AThe Primrose PursuitHistorical
• Hilton, L SMaestra
Hilton, MattNo Safe Place
Hilton, MattPainted Skins
• Hingley, DavidBirthrightFirst Novel, Historical
• Hjorth-Rosenfeldt, The Man Who Wasn't ThereTranslated
• Hodgson, AntoniaA Death at Fountains AbbeyHistorical
• Ho-Kei, ChanThe BorrowedTranslated
• Holliday, SJI/SusiWillow Walk
• Holmen, MartinClinchTranslated, First Novel
Holt, AnneBeyond the TruthTranslated
Holt, AnneNo EchoTranslated
• Honda, TetsuyaThe Silent DeadTranslated
• Horowitz, AnthonyThe Magpie Murders
Horst, Jorn LierOrdealTranslated
Howard, AlexAn Incidental Death
• Howard, Catherine RyanDistress SignalsFirst Novel
• Howells, DebbieThe Beauty of the End
Huber, LindaChosen Child
Huber, LindaWard Zero
• Hunter, MaxMurder at the AshmoleanHistorical
Hurley, GrahamFinisterreHistorical
• Isaksen, JogvanWalpurgis TideTranslated
Ison, GrahamSuddenly at Home
• Jackson, CorrieBreaking Dead
Jackson, DavidA Tapping at My Door
• Jackson, James H/JamesTreasonHistorical
• Jacobsen, SteffenRetributionTranslated
• James, ChristinaRooted in Dishonour
• James, EdThe Hope that Kills
• James, EdWorth Killing For
James, P DThe Mistletoe Murder and Other StoriesAnthology
James, PeterLove You Dead
• Jameson, HannaRoad Kill
Janes, DianeStick or Twist
Jardine, QuintinPrivate Investigations
Jarvela, JariThe Girl and the RatTranslated
Jecks, MichaelRebellion's MessageHistorical
• Jennings, AmandaIn Her Wake
Jennings, MaureenDead Ground in BetweenHistorical
• Jewell, LisaI Found You
• Johnson, MattWicked GameFirst Novel
Johnstone, DougCrash Land
Jonasson, RagnarBlackoutTranslated
Jones, Chris MorganThe Searcher
• Jordan, NeilThe Drowned Detective
Jordan, WillGhost Target (ebook only)
Jordan, WillSecond Chances (ebook only)
• Judd, AlanDeep Blue
Jungstedt, MariA Darker Sky (with Ruben Eliassen)Translated
Jungstedt, MariThe Fourth VictimTranslated
• Kallentoft, MonsSouls of AirTranslated
• Kantaria, AnnabelThe Disappearance
• Kasasian, M R CThe Secrets of Gaslight LaneHistorical
• Kavanagh, EmmaThe Missing Hours
• Kay, SanjidaBone by BoneFirst Novel
Keane, JessieStay Dead
• Kelleher, CaseyThe Taken
Kelly, JimDeath Ship
• Kelly, LesleyA Fine House in TrinityFirst Novel
• Kent, ChristobelThe Loving Husband
• Kepler, LarsStalkerTranslated
Kernick, SimonThe Witness
• Kerr, PhilipThe Other Side of SilenceHistorical
• Khan, VaseemThe Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown
Khemiri, Jonas HassenEverything I Don't RememberFirst Novel, Translated
King, Laurie RThe Murder of Mary RussellHistorical
• Kinsey, T EA Quiet Life In The CountryHistorical, First Novel
• Kinsey, T EIn the Market for MurderHistorical
Kitson, BillThe Haunted Lady
Knight, AlannaAkin to MurderHistorical
• Koch, HermanDear Mr MTranslated
Kray, RobertaExposed
• Kutscher, VolkerBabylon BerlinTranslated, Historical
La Plante, LyndaHidden Killers
Lackberg, CamillaThe Ice ChildTranslated
• Lahlum, Hans OlavChameleon PeopleHistorical, Translated
Lake, DerynDeath at the Boston Tea PartyHistorical
• Lawson, MarkThe Allegations
Lawton, JohnThe Unfortunate EnglishmanHistorical
Leather, Stephen Dark Forces
Leather, StephenFirst Response
Lebor, AdamThe Reykjavik Assignment
• Legat, AnnaSwimming with SharksFirst Novel
Lehtolainen, LeenaFatal HeadwindTranslated
Lehtolainen, LeenaThe Devil's CubsTranslated
• Lemaitre, PierreBlood WeddingTranslated
Leon, DonnaThe Waters of Eternal Youth
Lesiewicz, AgaReboundFirst Novel
• Lilleyman, DeanThe Gospel According to Johnny Bender
• Lindgren, MinnaThe Lavender Ladies Detective Agency: Death in Sunset GroveTranslated
Lindsay, DouglasSong of the Dead
Linskey, HowardBehind Dead Eyes
• Longo, DavideThe Bramard CaseTranslated
Lovesey, PeterAnother One Goes Tonight
• Lowery, ChristopherThe Rwandan Hostage
MacBride, Stuart/Stuart BIn the Cold Dark Ground
MacDonald, SiobhanThe Blue Pool (ebook only)
MacDonald, SiobhanTwisted RiverFirst Novel
• Mackay, MalcolmFor Those Who Know the Ending
MacKenzie, A JThe Body on the DoorstepHistorical, First Novel
Mackintosh, ClareI See You
• MacLean, Shona/S GThe Black FriarHistorical
MacLeod, TorquilMidnight In Malmo
• Macmillan, GillyThe Perfect Girl
• Madeley, RichardThe Night Book
• Magnanti, BrookeThe Turning TideFirst Novel
Magson, AdrianHard Cover
Maitland, BarryCrucifixion Creek
Maitland, KarenThe Plague CharmerHistorical
• Makovesky, TessRaise the Blade
• Malone, Michael JA Suitable Lie
• Malone, Michael JBad Samaritan
• Manzini, AntonioA Cold Death (apa Adam's Rib)Translated
Mariani, ScottStar of Africa
Mariani, ScottThe Cassandra Sanction
Mariani, ScottThe Devil's Kingdom
• Mark, DavidDead Pretty
Marklund, LizaThe Final WordTranslated
• Marrison, JamesThe Sleepless Ones
• Marsh, AvaExposure
Marshall, MichaelThe Echoes of Her Passing
• Marsons, AngelaBlood Lines
Marston, Edward/A ESignal for Vengeance Historical
Marston, Edward/A ESteps to the GallowsHistorical
Marston, Edward/A EThe Enemy WithinHistorical
• Martin, FaithA Narrow Trajectory
• Marwood, AlexThe Darkest Secret
Masters, PriscillaCrooked Street
Masters, PriscillaDangerous Minds
Masterton, GrahamBuried
Masterton, GrahamLiving Death
Masterton, GrahamScarlet WidowHistorical
• Matsumoto, SeichoA Quiet PlaceTranslated
• Matthews, JasonPalace of Treason
May, PeterCoffin Road
• Mazzola, AnnaThe UnseeingFirst Novel, Historical
McCallin, LukeThe Ashes of BerlinHistorical
• McCallum, DavidOnce a Crooked ManFirst Novel
• McCarthy, RobThe Hollow MenFirst Novel
• McCoy, A PNarrowing the Field
McCoy, KenDead or Alive
McCulloch, TomA Private Haunting
McDermid, Val/V.L.Out of Bounds
McDermott, AndyThe Midas Legacy
McGowan, ClaireA Savage Hunger
McIntosh, PatThe Lanimer BrideHistorical
• McKay, KathleenHard WiredFirst Novel
• McKinty, AdrianRain Dogs
McNab, AndyCold Blood
McPherson, CatrionaDandy Gilver and the Most Misleading HabitHistorical
McPherson, CatrionaThe Child Garden
• McQuaile, KateWhat She Never Told MeFirst Novel
• McQueen, F JOut Damned Spot!
• Medina, K T/KateFire Damage
Mendelson, PaulThe History of Blood
• Meyrick, DenzilThe Rat Stone Serenade
• Michael, SimonAn Honest ManHistorical
• Miller, Derek BThe Girl in Green
• Mills, MarkWhere Dead Men MeetHistorical
• Miloszewski, ZygmuntRageTranslated
• Minier, BernardDon't Turn Out the LightsTranslated
• Mishani, D AThe Man Who Wanted to KnowTranslated
• Mitchell, CarolineThe Silent Twin
• Mitchell, CarolineWitness
Mitchell, Dreda SayBlood Sister
• Monteas, RaphaelPerfect DaysTranslated
Moody, SusanQuick and The Dead
Moody, SusanQuick Off the Mark
• Moore, TaraFade to Dead
• Morfoot, PeterImpure BloodFirst Novel
• Morrell, DavidRuler of the NightHistorical
• Morton, MandyThe Death of Downton Tabby
• Morton, MandyThe Ghost of Christmas Paws
Mountain, FionaThe Storyteller's Daughter
Muddiman, RebeccaTell Me Lies
• Muir, Frank/T FBlood Torment
• Mukherjee, AbirA Rising ManFirst Novel, Historical
• Mullins, SteveFade to BlackFirst Novel
Murphy, PeterThe Heirs of Owain Glyndwr
• Murray, AlanThe TurncoatHistorical
Myers, AmyClassic at Bay
• Myers, BenjaminTurning Blue
• Myerson, JulieThe Stopped Heart
• Nadel, BarbaraOn the Bone
• Nair, AnitaChain of Custody
• Nakamura, FuminoriThe GunTranslated
• Nakamura, FuminoriThe KingdomTranslated
• Nally, JamesDance With the Dead
• Neary, AnnemarieSirenFirst Novel
Neuhaus, NeleI Am Your Judge (apa To Catch A Killer (UK))Translated
Neville, StuartSo Say the Fallen
Nickson, ChrisModern CrimesHistorical
Nickson, ChrisThe Iron WaterHistorical
Nickson, ChrisThe New Eastgate SwingHistorical
• Nicol, GrantA Place to Bury Strangers
Norman, HilaryWhirlwind
• Norton, GrahamHoldingFirst Novel
• Nugent, LizLying in Wait
O'Brien, MartinTalking To The Sharks
Oldham, Nick Ambush
Oldham, NickBad Blood
Oldham, NickOnslaught
• O'Riordan, KatePenance
• O'Sullivan, RonnieFramedFirst Novel
Oswald, JamesThe Damage Done
• Ould, ChrisThe Blood Strand
• Owen, NikkiThe Killing Files
• Paige, RobinDeath at RottingdeanHistorical
• Paris, B ABehind Closed Doors
• Parris, S JConspiracyHistorical
• Parsons, TonyFresh Blood (ebook only)
• Parsons, TonyThe Hanging Club
• Pasternak, SimonDeath ZonesTranslated, First Novel, Historical
• Paulson-Ellis, MaryThe Other Mrs WalkerFirst Novel, Historical
Pavone, ChrisThe Travellers
• Pearce, MichaelThe Women of the SoukHistorical
• Penketh, AnneMurder On the Marsh
Perry, AnneA Christmas MessageHistorical
Perry, AnneMurder on the SerpentineHistorical
Perry, AnneRevenge in a Cold RiverHistorical
• Perry, KarenGirl Unknown
• Persson, Leif GWThe Dying DetectiveTranslated
• Persson, Leif GWThe Sword of JusticeTranslated
• Petit, ChrisThe Butchers of BerlinHistorical
• Pineiro, ClaudiaBetty BooTranslated
Poulson, ChristineDeep Water
• Powell, LauraThe Unforgotten
• Price, StevenBy GaslightHistorical
Quinn, Anthony JTrespass
• Raabe, MarcCutTranslated, First Novel
• Raabe, MelanieThe TrapTranslated, First Novel
Ramsay, CaroRat Run
• Ramsay, DanielleThe Puppet Maker
Rankin, IanRather Be the Devil
Rankin, IanThe Travelling Companion
• Ravatn, AgnesThe Bird TribunalTranslated
• Raven, JaimeThe Alibi
• Raven, JaimeThe MadamFirst Novel
Rayne, SarahDeath Notes
• Reading, MarioThe Templar Succession
• Redmond, PhilHighbridge
Redondo, DoloresLegacy of the BonesTranslated
• Reynolds, RodBlack Night Falling
Rhodes, KateBlood Symmetry
• Ribchester, LucyThe Amber ShadowsHistorical
Rimington, StellaBreaking Cover
Ripley, MikeMr Campion's FaultHistorical
• Roberts, MarkDead Silent
Robertson, CraigMurderabilia
Robinson, PeterWhen the Music's Over
• Rogers, BillThe Falcon Tattoo
• Rogers, BillThe Pick, The Spade, and The Crow
• Roll, LiselotteGood Girls Don't TellFirst Novel, Translated
• Ross, JacobThe Bone ReadersFirst Novel
• Ross, L JHeavenfield
Rowe, RosemaryThe Ides of JuneHistorical
Rowson, PaulineDangerous Cargo
Runcie, JamesSidney Chambers and The Dangers of TemptationHistorical
Russell, CraigThe Quiet Death of Thomas QuaidHistorical
Russell, LeighGirl in Danger
Russell, LeighJourney to Death
Russell, LeighMurder Ring
• Russell, MichaelThe City in DarknessHistorical
• Russell, NormanAn Oxford AnomalyHistorical
• Ryan, ChrisBad Soldier
• Ryan, ChrisDeathlist
Ryan, Rob/RobertThe Sign of FearHistorical
Ryan, WilliamThe Constant SoldierHistorical
• Rydahl, ThomasThe HermitTranslated, First Novel
• Sansom, IanWestmorland AloneHistorical
• Saunders, KateThe Secrets of WishtideHistorical
Scarrow, Simon InvictusHistorical
• Schepp, EmelieMarked for LifeTranslated
• Seddon, HollyTry Not to BreatheFirst Novel
• Sedgwick, MarcusMister MemoryHistorical
Seeber, ClaireThe Stepmother
• Sendker, Jan-PhilippDragon Games (apa The Language of Solitude)Translated
• Sennen, MarkTwo Evils
• Serong, JockThe Rules of Backyard Cricket
Seymour, GeraldNo Mortal Thing
Shaw, WilliamThe Birdwatcher
• Shepherd, LloydThe Detective and the DevilHistorical
• Sheridan, SaraOperation GoodwoodHistorical
Sherratt, MelThe Girls Next Door
Sigurdardottir, YrsaWhy Did You Lie?Translated
• Silvester, JamesEscape to PerditionFirst Novel
• Skelton, DouglasOpen Wounds
Slovo, GillianTen Days
Smith, Alexander McCallPrecious and Grace
Smith, AnnaKill Me Twice
Smith, AnnaRough Cut
Smith, Fiona VeitchThe Kill FeeHistorical
• Smith, FrankDead Weight
Smith, Martin CruzThe Girl from VeniceHistorical
• Spain, JoBeneath the Surface
Spencer, SallyDeath in Disguise
Spencer, SallyThe Shivering Turn
Staalesen, GunnarWhere Roses Never DieTranslated
Stacey, LyndonNo Second Chances
Staincliffe, CathThe Silence Between Breaths
Stanley, MichaelA Death in the Family
Steiner, SusieMissing, Presumed
• Sten, VivecaClosed CirclesTranslated
Stratmann, LindaDeath in BayswaterHistorical
Stratmann, LindaThe Royal GhostHistorical
• Street, Karen LeeEdgar Allan Poe and The London MonsterHistorical, First Novel
• Sund, Erik AxlThe Crow GirlTranslated, First Novel
• Suter, MartinMontecristoTranslated
Sutton, WilliamLawless and the Flowers of SinHistorical
• Sveen, GardThe Last PilgrimFirst Novel, Translated
• Swallow, JamesNomad
• Sylvain, DominiqueShadows and SunTranslated
• Tantimedh, AdiHer Nightly Embrace
Taylor, AndrewThe Ashes of LondonHistorical
• Taylor, C LThe Missing
• Taylor, MarsaliGhosts of the Vikings
• Thomas, MikeAsh and Bones
• Thomson, E SBeloved PoisonHistorical, First Novel
Thomson, LesleyThe House With No Rooms
Thorne, David/D BPromises of Blood
Tope, RebeccaA Cotswold CasebookAnthology
Tope, RebeccaGuilt in the Cotswolds
Tope, RebeccaThe Hawkshead Hostage
Tremayne, PeterPenance of the DamnedHistorical
• Tremayne, S KThe Fire Child
Trow, M JSecret WorldHistorical
Trow, M JThe AngelHistorical
Trow, M JThe CircleHistorical
• Tuomainen, AnttiThe MineTranslated
• Turnbull, PeterA Cold Case
• Turnbull, PeterA Dreadful Past
• Tursten, HeleneWho WatchethTranslated
Tyler, L CCat Among the Herrings
Tyler, L CThe Plague RoadHistorical
• Vallgren, Carl-JohanThe TunnelTranslated
• Varesi, ValerioA Woman Much MissedTranslated
Vargas, FredA Climate of FearTranslated
• Veste, LucaThen She Was Gone
Vichi, MarcoDeath in the Tuscan HillsHistorical, Translated
Walker, MartinFatal Pursuit
• Walters, AlexCandles and Roses
• Walters, AlexDark Corners
• Walters, AlexLate Checkout
• Ward, SarahA Deadly Thaw
• Ware, RuthThe Woman in Cabin 10
Wassmer, JulieMay Day Murder
• Way, CamillaWatching Edie
• Weaver, AshleyA Most Novel RevengeHistorical
Weaver, TimBroken Heart
Weeks, LeeCold Killers
• Welsh, LesleyTruth Lies BuriedFirst Novel
Westerson, JeriA Maiden WeepingHistorical
Westerson, JeriThe Silence of StonesHistorical
• Westo, KjellThe Wednesday ClubHistorical, Translated
• Whitaker, ChrisTall OaksFirst Novel
• Whitehouse, LucieKeep You Close
Wignall, KevinA Death in Sweden
Wilkinson, KerryFor Richer, For Poorer
Wilkinson, KerryNo Place Like Home
Wilkinson, KerrySomething Hidden
Williams, TimothyThe Second Day of the Renaissance
Wilson, ElizabethShe Died YoungHistorical
• Wilson, SamZodiacFirst Novel
Winspear, JacquelineJourney to MunichHistorical
• Winter, HannaSacrificeTranslated, First Novel
Wishart, DavidForeign BodiesHistorical
• Wood, LesDark Side of the MoonFirst Novel
• Wood, MichaelOutside Looking In
• Wood, MichaelThe Fallen (ebook only)
• Wood, TomA Time to Die
• Wright, A JStriking MurderHistorical
• Yokoyama, HideoSix FourTranslated
• Young, DavidStasi ChildFirst Novel, Historical
• Zander, JoakimThe Brother (apa The Believer)Translated
Zouroudi, AnneThe Gifts of Poseidon

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