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Releases in 2017 (Historical)

Published in the UK during 2017.

• Abarbanell, StephanDisplacedFirst Novel, Translated, Historical
• Adams, JaneDeath SceneHistorical
• Airth, RennieThe Death of KingsHistorical
Akunin, BorisAll The World's A StageHistorical, Translated
Alexander, TashaDeath in St. PetersburgHistorical
Ashton, DavidThe Lost DaughterHistorical
• Beaufort, SimonMind of a KillerHistorical
• Birkby, MichelleThe Women of Baker StreetHistorical
Black, BenjaminPrague Nights (apa Wolf on a String)Historical
• Bolton, GuyThe PicturesHistorical, First Novel
Bowen, RhysAway in a MangerHistorical
Bowen, RhysIn Farleigh FieldHistorical
Bowen, RhysThe Edge of DreamsHistorical
Bowen, RhysTime of Fog and FireHistorical
• Brandreth, BenetThe Assassin of VeronaHistorical
Brandreth, GylesJack the Ripper: Case ClosedHistorical
Brett, SimonBlotto, Twinks and the Stars of the Silver ScreenHistorical
Brody, FrancesDeath in the StarsHistorical
• Brown, EricMurder Take ThreeHistorical
• Buckley, FionaA Deadly BetrothalHistorical
• Burke, StephenThe Reluctant ContactHistorical
Clare, AlysThe Devil's CupHistorical
Clare, AlysThe Rufus SpyHistorical
Clark, CassandraTen Weeks That Changed England ForeverHistorical
Clements, RoryCorpusHistorical
Cookman, LesleyEntertaining DeathHistorical
Davis, LindseyThe Third NeroHistorical
• De Giovanni, MaurizioGlass SoulsTranslated, Historical
• de Muriel, OscarA Mask of ShadowsHistorical
• Dickinson, DavidDeath at Melrose HallHistorical
Doherty, P C/Paul Devil's WolfHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulThe Mansions of MurderHistorical
• Donald, AngusBlood's GameHistorical
• Dowling, GregoryThe Four HorsemenHistorical
Downing, DavidLenin's Roller CoasterHistorical
• Dunnakey, SarahThe CompanionFirst Novel, Historical
• Eccles, MarjorieThe Property of LiesHistorical
• Eldridge, JimShadows of the DeadHistorical
Ellis, MarkMerlin at WarHistorical
Ellory, Roger Jon/R JKings of AmericaHistorical
Fellowes, JessicaThe Mitford MurdersFirst Novel, Historical
• Fielden, T PResort to MurderHistorical
• Fielden, T PThe Riviera ExpressHistorical, First Novel
• Finlay, MickArrowoodFirst Novel, Historical
• Fiorato, MarinaCrimson and BoneHistorical
• Fraser, HughMaliceHistorical
• Gilbert, Paul DThe Four-Handed GameHistorical
Gordon-Smith, Dolores The Price of SilenceHistorical
Gray, ClioBurning SecretsHistorical
Gray, ClioDeadly ProspectsHistorical
Gregory, SusannaThe Executioner of St Paul'sHistorical
Gregory, SusannaThe Habit of MurderHistorical
• Griffin, KateKitty Peck and the Daughter of SorrowHistorical
Griffiths, EllyThe Vanishing BoxHistorical
Hall, PatriciaCover UpHistorical
• Harris, RobertMunichHistorical
• Harris, Robert JThe Thirty-One KingsHistorical
Harrison, CoraA Gruesome DiscoveryHistorical
Harrison, CoraBeyond AbsolutionHistorical
Harrison, CoraThe Cardinal's CourtHistorical
Hawkins, AlisNone So BlindHistorical
Hawkswood, SarahMarked to DieHistorical
Hill, Suzette AShot in SouthwoldHistorical
• Hingley, DavidPuritanHistorical
• Hughes, AndrewThe Coroner's DaughterHistorical
Hurley, GrahamAuroreHistorical
Ison, GrahamHardcastle's RunawayHistorical
Janes, DianeThe Magic Chair MurderHistorical
Jecks, MichaelA Murder Too SoonHistorical
• Kasasian, M R CDark Dawn over Steep HouseHistorical
• Kerr, PhilipPrussian BlueHistorical
• Kinsey, T EChristmas at the Grange (ebook only)Historical
• Kinsey, T EDeath around the BendHistorical
Knight, AlannaThe Darkness WithinHistorical
• Kutscher, VolkerThe Silent DeathHistorical, Translated
• Lahlum, Hans OlavThe Anthill MurdersTranslated, Historical
• Le Corre, HerveAfter the WarTranslated, Historical
• Llobregat, JordiThe Secret of VesaliusHistorical, Translated, First Novel
• Lyle, H BThe IrregularFirst Novel, Historical
• MacBird, BonnieUnquiet SpiritsHistorical
MacKenzie, A JThe Body in the IceHistorical
Magson, Adrian Rocco and the NightingaleHistorical
• Mark, DavidThe Zealot's Bones (as D M Mark)Historical
Marston, Edward/A EA Christmas Railway MysteryHistorical
Marston, Edward/A EDate with the ExecutionerHistorical
Marston, Edward/A EThe Circus Train ConspiracyHistorical
Marston, Edward/A EUnder AttackHistorical
Martin, AndrewSootHistorical
• Maskew, H POn The HouseFirst Novel, Historical
Masterton, GrahamThe CovenHistorical
• McGee, JamesThe ReckoningHistorical
McPherson, CatrionaDandy Gilver and a Spot of Toil and TroubleHistorical
• Michaud, AndreeBoundaryHistorical, Translated
Mina, DeniseThe Long DropHistorical
• Mukherjee, AbirA Necessary EvilHistorical
Myers, AmyDancing with DeathHistorical
Nickson, ChrisFree from All DangerHistorical
Nickson, ChrisOn Copper StreetHistorical
Nickson, ChrisThe Holywell DeadHistorical
Nickson, ChrisThe Year of the GunHistorical
Pastor, BenRoad to IthacaHistorical
• Peacock, CaroFool's GoldHistorical
Perry, AnneA Christmas ReturnHistorical
Perry, AnneAn Echo of MurderHistorical
Perry, AnneTwenty-One DaysHistorical
• Petit, ChrisPale Horse RidingHistorical
• Potzsch, OliverThe Play of DeathHistorical, Translated
• Purcell, LauraThe Silent CompanionsHistorical
Raybourn, DeannaA Perilous UndertakingHistorical
• Rhys, RachelA Dangerous CrossingHistorical
Ripley, MikeMr Campion's AbdicationHistorical
Rowe, RosemaryThe Price of FreedomHistorical
Runcie, JamesSidney Chambers and the Persistence of LoveHistorical
• Russell, MichaelThe City of LiesHistorical
• Russell, NormanAn Oxford ScandalHistorical
• Sansom, IanEssex PoisonHistorical
Scarrow, SimonDay of the CaesarsHistorical
• Schumacher, TonyAn Army of OneHistorical
Shaw, WilliamSympathy For The DevilHistorical
• Sheridan, SaraRussian RouletteHistorical
Smith, Fiona VeitchThe Death BeatHistorical
• Stansfield, KatherineFalling CreaturesHistorical
Stratmann, LindaA True and Faithful BrotherHistorical
Sutton, WilliamLawless and the House of ElectricityHistorical
• Swanston, Andrew/A DIncendiumHistorical
• Sykes, S DCity of MasksHistorical
• Thomson, E SDark AsylumHistorical
• Tija, M JShe Be DamnedHistorical
Tremayne, PeterNight of the LightbringerHistorical
Trow, M JEleventh HourHistorical
Trow, M JThe IslandHistorical
Trow, M JThe RingHistorical
Tyler, L CFireHistorical
Upson, NicolaNine LessonsHistorical
• Weaver, AshleyThe Essence of MaliceHistorical
• Welsh, KaiteThe Wages of SinFirst Novel, Historical
Westerson, JeriSeason of BloodHistorical
• Wilson, AndrewA Talent for MurderHistorical
• Wilton, RobertTreason's SpringHistorical
Winspear, JacquelineIn This Grave HourHistorical
• Wright, A JElementary MurderHistorical
• Young, DavidStasi WolfHistorical

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