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Releases in 2017 (Translated)

Published in the UK during 2017.

• Abarbanell, StephanDisplacedHistorical, Translated, First Novel
Adler-Olsen, JussiThe Scarred WomanTranslated
• Ahnhem, StefanThe Ninth GraveTranslated
Akunin, BorisAll The World's A StageTranslated, Historical
• Alsterdal, ToveThe Forgotten DeadTranslated, First Novel
• Angstrom, EmmaThe Man In The WallTranslated, First Novel
• Avdic, AsaThe Dying GameTranslated, First Novel
• Axat, FedericoKill the Next OneFirst Novel, Translated
• Binet, LaurentThe 7th Function of LanguageTranslated
• Bjork, SamuelThe Owl Always Hunts at NightTranslated
• Bussi, MichelDon't Let GoTranslated
Camilleri, AndreaA Nest of VipersTranslated
• Carlsson, ChristofferMaster, Liar, Traitor, FriendTranslated
• Carlsson, ChristofferOctober is the Coldest MonthTranslated
• Carrisi, DonatoThe Girl in the FogTranslated
Dahl, ArneWatching YouTranslated
Dahl, K O/Kjell OlaFaithlessTranslated
• Damhaug, TorkilCertain Signs that You are DeadTranslated
• D'Andrea, LucaThe MountainTranslated, First Novel
• Dard, FredericThe Executioner WeepsTranslated
• Dard, FredericThe King of FoolsTranslated
• Dashkova, PolinaMadness Treads LightlyTranslated
• Dazieri, SandroneKill the FatherTranslated
• De Cataldo, GiancarloSuburra (written with Carlo Bonini)Translated
• De Giovanni, MaurizioGlass SoulsTranslated, Historical
• de la Motte, AndersUltimatum (apa The Silenced (UK))Translated
• Despentes, VirginieVernon Subutex OneTranslated
Elsberg, MarcBlackoutFirst Novel, Translated
• Enger, ThomasCursedTranslated
• Eriksson, CarolineThe MissingFirst Novel, Translated
• Eterovic, Ramon DiazDark Echoes of the PastFirst Novel, Translated
• Friis, AgneteWhat My Body RemembersTranslated
• Gamboa, SantiagoReturn to the Dark ValleyTranslated
• Garnier, PascalLow HeightsTranslated
• Gaude, LaurentHell's GateTranslated
• Georget, PhilippeCrimes of WinterTranslated
• Giolito, Malin PerssonQuicksandTranslated, First Novel
• Gustawsson, JohanaBlock 46First Novel, Translated
• Gutfreund, AmirLast Bullet Calls ItTranslated
• Hamalainen, KaroCruel is the NightTranslated
• Hamdouchi, AbdelilahBled DryTranslated
• Hammer, Lotte and SorenThe LakeTranslated
• Haohui, ZhouValley of TerrorTranslated
• Henaff, SophieThe Awkward SquadTranslated
• Herrmann, ElisabethThe CleanerTranslated
• Hezroni, NirThree EnvelopesFirst Novel, Translated
• Hirvonen, ElinaWhen Time Runs OutTranslated
• Hjorth-Rosenfeldt, The Silent GirlTranslated
• Hoeg, PeterThe Susan EffectTranslated
• Holmen, MartinDown for the CountTranslated
Holt, AnneIn Dust and AshesTranslated
Holt, AnneOffline (apa Odd Numbers)Translated
Holt, AnneWhat Dark Clouds HideTranslated
• Honda, TetsuyaSoul CageTranslated
Horst, Jorn LierWhen It Grows Dark (prequel novella)Translated
Indridason, ArnaldurThe Shadow DistrictTranslated
Jonasson, RagnarRuptureTranslated
Jonasson, RagnarWhiteoutTranslated
• Koutsakis, PolAthenian BluesFirst Novel, Translated
• Kutscher, VolkerThe Silent DeathTranslated, Historical
• Lagercrantz, DavidThe Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (Millennium V)Translated
• Lagioia, NicolaFerocityTranslated, First Novel
• Lahlum, Hans OlavThe Anthill MurdersTranslated, Historical
• Lapidus, JensStockholm DeleteTranslated
• Le Corre, HerveAfter the WarTranslated, Historical
Lehtolainen, LeenaBefore I GoTranslated
Lehtolainen, LeenaBelow the SurfaceTranslated
• Lemaitre, PierreThree Days and a LifeTranslated
• Lindgren, MinnaThe Lavender Ladies Detective Agency: Escape from Sunset GroveTranslated
• Llobregat, JordiThe Secret of VesaliusTranslated, First Novel, Historical
• Lucius, WalterButterfly on the StormTranslated
Mankell, HenningAfter the FireTranslated
• Mendoza, ElmerThe Acid TestTranslated
Meyer, DeonFeverTranslated
• Michaud, AndreeBoundaryHistorical, Translated
• Michelet, JonThe Frozen WomanTranslated
• Minato, KanaePenanceTranslated
• Mouron, QuentinThree Drops of Blood and A Cloud of CocaineFirst Novel, Translated
• Naess, KristineOnly HumanFirst Novel, Translated
• Nakamura, FuminoriThe Boy in the EarthTranslated
Nesbo, JoThe ThirstTranslated
Nesser, HakanThe Darkest DayTranslated
• Ohlsson, KristinaBuried LiesTranslated
• Oksanen, SofiNormaTranslated
• Olsson, Fredrik TActs of VanishingTranslated
• Padura, LeonardoHereticsTranslated
• Pfluger, AndreasIn the DarkFirst Novel, Translated
• Potzsch, OliverThe Play of DeathTranslated, Historical
• Raabe, MarcThe ShockTranslated
• Rademacher, CayThe Wolf ChildrenTranslated
• Ramqvist, KarolinaThe White CityFirst Novel, Translated
Redondo, DoloresOffering to the StormTranslated
Roslund, Anders & Hellstrom, BorgeThree MinutesTranslated
• Rufin, Jean-ChristopheCheckpointTranslated
• Santiago, MikelThe Last Night at Tremorne BeachFirst Novel, Translated
• Schepp, EmelieMarked For RevengeTranslated
• Sigurdardottir, LiljaSnareTranslated, First Novel
Sigurdardottir, YrsaThe LegacyTranslated
Staalesen, GunnarWolves in the DarkTranslated
• Sten, VivecaGuiltlessTranslated
• Sten, VivecaTonight You're DeadTranslated
• Sveen, GardHell Is OpenTranslated
• Theils, LoneFatal CrossingTranslated, First Novel
• Tuomainen, AnttiThe Man Who DiedTranslated
• Tursten, HeleneProtected by the ShadowsTranslated
• Valtonen, JussiThey Know Not What They DoTranslated, First Novel
• Varenne, AntoninRetribution RoadTranslated
Vargas, FredThe AccordionistTranslated
• Varvello, ElenaCan you hear me?Translated
Wolf, IngerDark SeptemberTranslated
Wolf, IngerUnder a Black SkyTranslated

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