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Releases in 2018 (Translated)

Published in the UK during 2018.

• Ahnhem, StefanEighteen BelowTranslated
Akunin, BorisBlack CityHistorical, Translated
• Beck, PeterDamnationTranslated
• Bengtsdotter, LinaAnnabelleTranslated, First Novel
• Bonnier, JonasThe Helicopter HeistFirst Novel, Translated
• Bottini, OliverZen and the Art of MurderFirst Novel, Translated
• Bouchard, RoxanneWe Were the Salt of the SeaTranslated
• Bussi, MichelTime is a KillerTranslated
Camilleri, AndreaDeath at SeaTranslated, Anthology
Camilleri, AndreaThe Pyramid of MudTranslated
• Carlsson, ChristofferThe Thin Blue LineTranslated
Carofiglio, GianricoThe Cold SummerTranslated
• Colize, PaulBack UpTranslated
Dahl, ArneHuntedTranslated
Dahl, K O/Kjell OlaThe Ice SwimmerTranslated
• Dazieri, SandroneKill the AngelTranslated
Elsberg, MarcZeroTranslated
• Enger, ThomasKilledTranslated
• Eriksson, CarolineThe WatcherTranslated
• Escobar, MelbaHouse of BeautyTranslated
• Fossum, KarinThe WhispererTranslated
• Galan, JorgeNovemberTranslated
• Giordano, MarioAuntie Poldi and the Fruits of the LordTranslated
• Goldammer, FrankA Thousand DevilsHistorical, Translated
• Goldammer, FrankThe Air Raid KillerHistorical, First Novel, Translated
• Gustawsson, JohanaKeeperTranslated
• Hammer, Lotte and SorenThe Night FerryTranslated
• Haohui, ZhouDeath NoticeTranslated
• Henaff, SophieStick TogetherTranslated
• Hezroni, NirLast InstructionsTranslated
Horst, Jorn LierThe Katharina CodeTranslated
Indridason, ArnaldurThe Shadow KillerTranslated
• Jansson, SusanneThe Forbidden PlaceTranslated, First Novel
• Jeong, You-JeongThe Good SonTranslated
Jonasson, RagnarThe DarknessTranslated
• Kallentoft, MonsEarth StormTranslated
• Karjel, RobertAfter the MonsoonTranslated
• Kepler, LarsThe Rabbit HunterTranslated
• Koutsakis, PolBaby BlueTranslated
• Kurbjuweit, DirkFearTranslated
• Kutscher, VolkerGoldsteinHistorical, Translated
Lackberg, CamillaThe Girl in the WoodsTranslated
Lehtolainen, LeenaDerailedTranslated
Lehtolainen, LeenaThe Nightingale MurderTranslated
• Lemaitre, PierreInhuman ResourcesTranslated
• Lindgren, MinnaThe Lavender Ladies Detective Agency: The End of Sunset GroveTranslated
• Luatah, SabriSavages: The WeddingTranslated, First Novel
• Lucius, WalterAngel in the ShadowsTranslated
• Mendoza, ElmerName of the DogTranslated
• Miloszewski, ZygmuntPricelessTranslated
Nesbo, JoMacbethTranslated
Nesser, HakanThe Root of EvilTranslated
• Noreback, ElisabethTell Me You're MineTranslated, First Novel
• Nykanen, HarriHoly CeremonyTranslated
• Ohlsson, KristinaThe Lies We TellTranslated
• Potzsch, Oliver The Council of TwelveHistorical, Translated
• Raabe, MelanieThe Stranger Upstairs The Stranger UpstairsTranslated
Redondo, DoloresAll This I Will Give to YouTranslated
• Saadawi, AhmedFrankenstein in BagdadTranslated
• Schepp, EmelieSlowly We Die (UK: ebook only)Translated
• Sigurdardottir, LiljaTrapTranslated
Sigurdardottir, YrsaThe ReckoningTranslated
• Slimani, LeilaLullaby (apa The Perfect Nanny)Translated, First Novel
Staalesen, GunnarBig SisterTranslated
• Stein, JesperUnrestTranslated, First Novel
• Sten, VivecaIn the Heat of the MomentTranslated
• Suter, MartinThe Last WeynfeldtTranslated
• Sveistrup, SorenThe Chestnut ManTranslated, First Novel
• Svensson, AntonMade In Sweden Part 2: The SonsTranslated
• Tuomainen, AnttiPalm Beach, FinlandTranslated
• Varesi, ValerioThe Lizard StrategyTranslated
• Verdan, NicolasThe Greek WallTranslated
Vichi, MarcoGhosts of the PastHistorical, Translated
Wolf, IngerFrost and Ashes (ebook only)Translated
• Yokoyama, HideoSeventeenTranslated

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