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Published in the UK during 2021.

• Abbott, RachelClose Your Eyes
• Abdullah, KiaNext of Kin
• Adams, JaneBright Young ThingsHistorical
• Adams, JaneThe Sister's Twin
• Adams, R GAllegationFirst Novel
• Adolfsson, MariaFatal IslesTranslated, First Novel
• Ægisdóttir, Eva BjörgGirls Who LieTranslated
• Alderson, SarahThe Stalker
• Allan, ClaireAsk No Questions
• Allen, HaniaThe Ice Hotel
• Allen, JoDeath in the Mist (ebook only)
• Allen, JoDeath in the Woods (ebook only)
• Allingham, MerrynMurder on the PierHistorical
• Allingham, MerrynThe Bookshop MurderHistorical
• Amphlett, RachelA Darker Place
• Amphlett, RachelAssassins Rogue
• Amphlett, RachelThe Beachcomber
• Amphlett, RachelThe Lost Boy
• Amsinck, HeidiMy Name is Jensen
Anderson, LinThe Killing Tide
• Anholt, LawrenceSolstice of Death
• Anthology, AnBodies from the Library 4 (ed. Tony Medawar)Anthology
• Anthology, AnDaggers Drawn (ed. Maxim Jakubowski)Anthology
• Anthology, AnMany Deadly Return (ed. Martin Edwards)Anthology
Archer, JeffreyOver My Dead Body
• Arlidge, M JTruth or Dare
• Arriaga, GuillermoThe UntameableTranslated
• Atkinson, HeatherBad Blood
• Atkinson, HeatherBlood Ties
• Austin, StephanieThe Dartmoor Murders
• Bailey, AnnaTall Bones (apa Where the Truth Lies)First Novel
Bailey, ElizabethThe Dagger Dance Historical
• Bailey, MartineThe ProphetHistorical, First Novel
• Baker, TinaCall Me MummyFirst Novel
Bannister, JoChina Roses
• Barnes, KerryOutcast (ebook only)
• Barnes, KerryThe Choice
• Barnes, KerryTrusted (ebook only)
• Baskerville, BNorthern Roulette (ebook only)
• Batchelor, PennyHer New Best Friend
Bauer, BelindaExit
• Bayard, TaniaMurder in the CloisterHistorical
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin: Down the Hatch (with R W Green)
Beckett, SimonThe Lost
• Beevis, KeriThe People Next Door
• Bell, GaryPost Mortem
• Bell, NatashaThis Nowhere Place
Belsham, AlisonThe Embalmer
• Benjamin, TomRequiem in La Rossa
• Bennett, S JA Three Dog Problem
• Bilal, ParkerWhitehavens
• Billingham, BillyCall to KillFirst Novel
Billingham, MarkRabbit Hole
• Bishop, D VCity of VengeanceFirst Novel, Historical
Black, BenjaminApril in Spain (as John Banville)Historical
• Black, P RThe Long Dark Road
• Black, P RThe Runner
• Blake, RobinSecret MischiefHistorical
• Blake, SamHigh Pressure (ebook only)
• Blake, SamThe Dark Room
• Blau, SarahThe OthersTranslated
• Blok, RachaelInto the Fire
• Bodrozic, IvanaWe Trade Our Night for Someone Else's DayTranslated
• Boland, ShaliniThe Couple Upstairs
• Bolton, R PThe Perfect HouseFirst Novel
Bolton, S J/SharonThe Night Train (ebook & audio only)
Bolton, S J/SharonThe Pact
• Bonner, HilaryThe Danger Within
• Bottini, OliverNight HuntersTranslated
• Boyd, DamienDying Inside
• Bradby, TomTriple Cross
• Bradley, KateWhat I Did
• Bradley, LisaThe Lesson
• Bradley, RebeccaBlood Stained
• Bradley, RebeccaSeconds to Die (ebook only)
Brett, SimonAn Untidy Death
Brett, SimonBlotto, Twinks and the Maharajah's JewelHistorical
• Bridgestock, R CCondemned
• Bridgestock, R CPersecution
• Bridgett, HelenOne by One (ebook only)
• Briggs, J CThe Mystery of the Hawke Sapphires (ebook only)Historical
• Brittany, AmandaThe Island House
• Brittany, AmandaThe Perfect Nanny (with Karen Clarke)
• Broadfoot, NeilNo Quarter Given
Brody, FrancesA Murder InsideHistorical
• Brolly, MattThe Gorge
• Brolly, MattThe Mark
Brookmyre, ChristopherThe Cut
• Brown, EricMurder At Standing Stone ManorHistorical
• Browne, SherylMy Husband's Girlfriend
• Browne, SherylThe Liar's Child
• Bruce, CamillaIn the Garden of Spite (apa Triflers Need Not Apply)Historical
• Bruce-Lockhart, DugaldThe Lizard
Bruen, KenA Galway Epiphany
• Bryndza, RobertDarkness Falls
• Buchanan, TracyCircle of Doubt
• Buchanan, TracyTrail of Destruction
• Buchholz, SimoneHotel CartagenaTranslated
• Buckley, FionaForest of SecretsHistorical
• Buckley, FionaShadow of SpainHistorical
• Bugler, SheilaBefore You Were Gone
• Bugler, SheilaThe Lucky Eight
• Burnet, Graeme MacraeCase StudyHistorical
• Bussi, MichelThe Other Mother (apa The Double Mother)Translated
• Butler, D SOn Cold Ground
• Calkins, SusannaThe Cry of the HangmanHistorical
• Cameron, IainNo Time to Lose
• Cameron, StellaThe Playing Fields
Camilleri, AndreaRiccardinoTranslated
Camilleri, AndreaThe Cook of the HalcyonTranslated
Campbell, ColinNorthern eX
Campbell, ColinTracking Shot
• Candlish, LouiseThe Heights
• Candlish, LouiseThe Skylight (Quick Reads Novella)
• Carne, RosThe Stepmother
Carofiglio, GianricoThe Measure of TimeTranslated
• Carpenter, ElisabethThe Vacancy
• Carrington, SamThe Couple on Maple Drive
Carver, WillPsychopaths Anonymous
• Casey, JaneThe Killing Kind
• Castle, A MThe Invitation
Cavanagh, SteveThe Devil's Advocate
• Celestin, RaySunset SwingHistorical
Chambers, KimberleyThe Family Man
• Chapman, JuliaDate with Deceit
• Chase, ClareMystery at the Abbey Hotel
• Chase, ClareMystery at the Church
• Chaudhuri, A AShe's Mine
Child, LeeBetter off Dead (with Andrew Child)
• Chong, MairiDeath By Appointment
• Chowdhury, AjayThe WaiterFirst Novel
• Chung, Maxine Mei-FungThe Eighth GirlFirst Novel
Clare, AlysMagic in the WeaveHistorical
Clare, AlysThe Lammas WildHistorical
• Clark, Anne WynWhisper CottageFirst Novel
Clark, CassandraMurder at Beaulieu AbbeyHistorical
Clark, CassandraThe Day of the SerpentHistorical
• Clarke, KarenAnd Then She Ran
• Clarke, LucyThe Castaways
• Clarke, SarahA Mother Never Lies
• Clark-Platts, AliceThe Disappearance of Charlotte Dove
Cleeves, AnnThe Heron's Cry
Clements, RoryA Prince and a SpyHistorical
• Cole, DanielMimic
• Cole, KarenDestroy Me
• Coles, LindaWhere There's a Will
• Comley, M AI Can See You
• Comley, M ALocked Away
• Comley, M ATo Die For
• Comley, M ATo Silence Them
• Connel, ElleDown by the Water
Connolly, JohnThe Nameless Ones
Conway, SimonThe Saboteur
Cookman, LesleyMurder After Midnight
Cookman, LesleyMurder Most Merry (ebook only)
• Cooper, CatherineThe Chateau
• Cooper, HelenThe Downstairs NeighbourFirst Novel
Corbin, JulieWhispers of a Scandal
• Corrigan, J AThe NurseFirst Novel
• Corry, JaneThe Lies We Tell
• Costello, LizaThe Estate
• Cowan-Erskine, BethLoch Down AbbeyFirst Novel
• Cox, HelenA Body by the Lighthouse
• Cox, HelenA Witch Hunt in Whitby
• Craig, FergusOnce Upon a CrimeFirst Novel
Craig, JamesCircus Games
• Craven, Mike/M WDead Ground
• Croft, AdamIn Cold Blood
• Croft, AdamSnakes and Ladders
• Croft, ElleBuried
• Croft, KathrynThe Other Husband
• Cross, A JA Dark, Divided Self
• Cross, A JDevil in the Detail
Crouch, JuliaMother's Helper
Cumming, CharlesJudas 62
• Cummins, FionaWhen I Was Ten
• Curtis, EmmaInvite Me In
Cutler, JudithDeath's Long ShadowHistorical
• Cutts, LisaMurder at the Castle
• Cutts, LisaMurder in the Village
• Dahl, AlexCabin Fever
Dahl, K O/Kjell OlaThe AssistantHistorical, Translated
• Dalgliesh, J MTo Die For (ebook only)
Dams, Jeanne MThe Bath Conspiracy
• Davies, AbbyThe Cult
• Davies, MartinMrs Hudson and the Blue DaisyHistorical
• Davies, MerilynIf I Fall
• Davies, MichelleThe Death of Me
Davis, LindseyA Comedy of TerrorsHistorical
• Daws, N RA Quiet Place to KillFirst Novel, Historical
• Dawson, JeffHell GateHistorical
• Dawson, LucyThe Secret Within (ebook only)
• Day, ElizabethMagpie
Daykin, JudiA Brutal Season
Daykin, JudiInto Deadly Storms
• De Giovanni, MaurizioBread For the Bastards of PizzofalconeTranslated
• de la Motte, AndersEnd of SummerTranslated
• de la Motte, AndersRites of SpringTranslated
• Dean, AbigailGirl AFirst Novel
• Dean, JasonTracer
• Dean, WillBad Apples
• Dean, WillThe Last Thing to Burn
• Delaney, LukeThe Killing Boys (ebook only)
• Delargy, JamesVanished
• Dempsey, SharonWho Took Eden Mulligan?
Dennison, HannahMurder in Miniature at Honeychurch Hall
• Denzil, Sarah ALittle One (ebook only)
• Denzil, Sarah AThe Housemaid (ebook only)
• Dhand, A AThe Blood Divide
• Diamond, KaterinaTrick or Treat
• Díaz, EloísaRepentanceFirst Novel
• Dicker, JoëlThe Disappearance of Stephanie MailerTranslated
• Dixon, PatriciaThe Other Woman
Doherty, P C/PaulDark Queen WatchingHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulMother MidnightHistorical
• Dolan, EvaOne Half Truth
• Donnelly, GaryNever Ask the Dead
• Doughty, StuartKilling Art
• Douglas, ClaireThe Couple at No 9
• Dowd, VictoriaBody on the Island
• Dowd, VictoriaThe Supper Club Murders
• Down, HollyThe CourierFirst Novel
Downing, DavidWedding StationHistorical
• Dranfield, WendyCry For Help
• Dranfield, WendyFind My Child
• Dranfield, WendyLittle Girl Taken
• Driscoll, TeresaHer Perfect Family
• Duckworth, CharlotteThe Perfect Father
• Duffy, MargaretThe Not Quite Perfect Murderer
• Dunford, CarolineA Death on Stage
• Dunford, CarolineHope to SurviveHistorical
• Dunn, MatthewThe Spy Thief
• Dunphy, S ABring Her Home
• Durrant, Helen HLast Victim (ebook only)
• East, PhilippaSafe and Sound
• Eccles, MarjorieDarkness BeyondHistorical
• Edwards, MarkThe Hollows
Edwards, MartinThe Crooked Shore
• Edwards, RachelLucky
• Ekback, CeciliaThe HistoriansHistorical
• Eldridge, JimMurder at Madame TussaudsHistorical
• Eldridge, JimMurder at the RitzHistorical
• Eldridge, JimMurder at the SavoyHistorical
• Elliott, C MSibanda and the Black Sparrow Hawk
• Elliott, LexieHow to Kill Your Best Friend
• Ellis, BellaThe Red MonarchHistorical
• Ellis, J RMurder at St Anne's
Ellis, JoyFear On the Fens (ebook only)
Ellis, JoyMarshlight
Ellis, JoySecrets On the Fens
Ellis, JoyThe Night Thief (ebook only)
Ellis, KateThe Stone Chamber
Ellory, Roger Jon/R JProof of Life
• Ellwood, NualaThe Perfect Life
• Engberg, KatrineThe Butterfly HouseTranslated
• Erskine, FionaPhosphate Rocks: A Death in Ten Objects
• Evans, KateA Wake of CrowsFirst Novel
• Ewart, AndrewReplace You
• Farrington, C JDeath on the Trans-Siberian ExpressFirst Novel
• Faulkner, KatherineGreenwich ParkFirst Novel
• Faye, EricThe Ghost of Frédéric ChopinTranslated
• Feeney, AliceRock Paper Scissors
Fellowes, JessicaThe Mitford VanishingHistorical
• Fennell, DavidThe Art of DeathFirst Novel
• Fielden, T PBurying the CrownHistorical
• Fields, HelenThe Shadow Man
• Finlay, CazLiverpool Loyalty
• Finlay, CazTraitor in the House
• Finlay, MickArrowood and The Meeting House MurdersHistorical
• Finney, KeithA Deadly Coincidence Historical
• Finney, KeithA Deadly ConfessionHistorical
Fitzek, SebastianAmokTranslated
Fitzek, SebastianPassenger 23Translated
Fitzek, SebastianSeat 7aTranslated
Fitzek, SebastianThe Soul BreakerTranslated
• Flood, HeleneThe TherapistTranslated
• Fois, MarcelloValse TristeFirst Novel
Follett, KenNever
• Ford, MartynAll Our Darkest Secrets
Fowler, ChristopherBryant & May - London Bridge is Falling Down
• Fraine, A LAxe to Grind (ebook only)
Francis, DickIced (by Felix Francis)
• Frank, MatthewThe Killer Inside
French, NicciThe Unheard
Fullerton, JohnSpy Dragon
Fullerton, JohnSpy Game
• Gallagher, CharlieLethal Game
• Gallagher, CharlieThe Friend
• Gamboa, SantiagoThe Night Will Be LongTranslated
• Gardner, FrankOutbreak
• Gatland, JackA Ritual For the Dying
• Gatland, JackKilling The Music (ebook only)
• Gatward, D JBlood Sport
• Gatward, D JCold Sanctuary
• Gayle, KatieDeath at the Gates
• Gerlis, AlexAgent in BerlinHistorical
• Gerlis, AlexEnd of SpiesHistorical
• Gibbons, SeánBack Street Murder (ebook only)
• Gibney, PatriciaLittle Bones
• Gibney, PatriciaSilent Voices
• Giordano, MarioAuntie Poldi and the Lost MadonnaTranslated
• Glenconner, AnneA Haunting at HolkhamHistorical
Goddard, RobertThe Fine Art of Invisible Detection
• Golding, MelanieThe Replacement
• Goodwin, DawnThe Accident
• Goodwin, DawnThe Pact
• Goodwin, SarahStrandedFirst Novel
Gordon-Smith, DoloresThe Chapel in the WoodsHistorical
• Grace, EdA Deadly Weapon
• Gradidge, ClaireTreachery at Hursley Park HouseHistorical
• Grand, MaryThe Island
• Granger, AnnMystery in the MakingAnthology
• Granger, AnnThe Truth-Seeker's WifeHistorical
Gray, AlexBefore the Storm
• Gray, LisaLonely Hearts
• Grebe, CamillaThe HideoutTranslated
• Green, Simon RBuried Memories
• Greene, MorganDeath Chorus
• Greene, MorganOld Blood (ebook only)
• Greene, MorganRising Tide
• Greenwood, RossPrisoner (ebook only)
• Greenwood, RossThe Cold Killer
Gregory, SusannaThe Chancellor's SecretHistorical
Griffiths, EllyThe Midnight Hour
Griffiths, EllyThe Night Hawk
• Griffiths, RebeccaThe Girl at My DoorHistorical
• Grimwood, JackIsland ReichHistorical
• Gudmundsson, OskarThe CommandmentsTranslated
• Gunnis, EmilyThe Midwife's Secret
Guttridge, PeterButcher's Wood
• Hall, LisaThe Woman in the Woods
• Hallett, JaniceThe AppealFirst Novel
• Halsall, RonaThe Liar's Daughter
Hamdy, AdamRed Wolves
• Hamilton, KarenThe Ex-Husband
• Hanington, PeterA Cursed Place
Hanley, C BBy the Edge of the SwordHistorical
Hannah, MariHer Last Request
• Harris, OliverAscension
Harrison, CoraMurder in an Orchard CemeteryHistorical
Harrison, CoraSpring of HopeHistorical
Harrod-Eagles, CynthiaDying Fall
• Harte, StephanieForgive and Forget
• Harte, StephanieSecrets and Lies
• Haughton, EmmaThe Dark
• Hausmann, RomySleeplessTranslated
Hawkins, AlisNot One Of UsHistorical
Hawkins, AlisThose Who KnowHistorical
Hawkins, PaulaA Slow Fire Burning
Hawksley, HumphreyMan on Fire
Hawkswood, SarahBlood Runs ThickerHistorical
Hawkswood, SarahWolf at the DoorHistorical
Hayes, SamSingle Mother (as Samatha Hayes)
Hayes, SamThe Trapped Wife (as Samatha Hayes)
• Hayes, TerryThe Year of the Locust
• Heafield, JaneCold Blood
• Heafield, JaneHer Dark Past
• Heafield, JaneHer Dark Past
• Heald, RuthThe Wedding
Heley, VeronicaFalse Face
Heley, VeronicaMurder-In-Law
• Hendy, HannahThe Dinner Lady DetectivesFirst Novel
• Henry, JamesWhitethroat
Herron, Mick/MDolphin JunctionAnthology
Herron, Mick/MSlough House
• Hewitt, J MThe Life She Wants
• Higashino, KeigoSilent ParadeTranslated
• Higgins, G DBeneath Lost GroundFirst Novel
• Higgins, G DDeathly Silence
• High, KateThe Man Who Vanished and the Dog Who Waited
• Hilary, SarahFragile
• Hill, KarlFury
• Hill, M KThe Woman in the Wood
Hill, SusanA Change of Circumstance
Hill, Suzette AShadow Over SouthwoldHistorical
Hilton, MattBlood Kin
• Hodges, DavidStalker on the Levels (ebook only)
• Holland, JaneKeep Me Close
• Holliday, SJI/SusiSubstitute
• Hollingdrake, MalcolmCatch as Catch Can
• Hollingdrake, MalcolmSyn
• Hollister, Sarah & Reavill, GilThis Land is No Stranger
• Hollow, MikeThe Dockland MurderHistorical
• Hollow, MikeThe Pimlico MurderHistorical
Holt, AnneA Memory for MurderTranslated
• Holten, NoelleDead Secret
• Hore, RachelA Beautiful SpyHistorical
• Horowitz, AnthonyA Line to Kill
Horst, Jorn LierA Question of GuiltTranslated
• Horst, Jorn Lier & Enger, ThomasSmoke ScreenTranslated
• Howard, Catherine Ryan56 Days
• Hrib, BogdanResilienceTranslated
• Hughes, EganLeave the Lights On
• Hughes, KimOperation Black Key
• Hughes, KimOperation Certain DeathFirst Novel
• Humphreys, NeilBloody Foreigners
• Hunter, AliceThe Serial Killer's WifeFirst Novel
• Hunter, CaraThe Whole Truth
• Hunter, M ADiscarded
• Hunter, M AExposed
• Hunter, M AIsolated
• Hunter, M AMummy's Little Secret
• Hunter, M ARepressed
• Hunter, M ATrafficked
Hurley, GrahamIntermission
Hurley, GrahamKyivHistorical
Hurley, GrahamLast Flight to StalingradHistorical
Indridason, ArnaldurThe Darkness KnowsTranslated
• Isaac, JaneOne Good Lie
• Isaka, KotaroBullet TrainTranslated
Ison, GrahamHardcastle's Secret AgentHistorical
Jackson, DavidThe Rule
• Jackson, StinaThe Last SnowTranslated
• James, AlisonThe Guilty Wife
• James, ChristinaDe Vries
• James, EdA Hill To Die On (ebook only)
• James, EdBefore She Wakes
• James, EdThe Last Drop
James, PeterLeft You Dead
James, PeterWish You Were Dead (Quick Reads Novella)
• Jameson, EmmaA Death at Candlewick Castle
• Jameson, EmmaA Death at Seascape House
Jardine, QuintinDeadlock
• Jarratt, LauraMother (apa Two Little Girls)
• Jarvis, OllyThe Genesis Inquiry
Jecks, MichaelThe Moorland MurderersHistorical
• Jeffrey, DianeThe Silent Friend
• Jenkins, VictoriaThe New Family
• Jenkins, VictoriaThe Playdate
• Jesmond, JaneOn the EdgeFirst Novel
• Jestin, VictorHeatwaveTranslated
• Jewell, LisaThe Night She Disappeared
• Johnson, AlanThe Late Train to Gipsy HillFirst Novel
• Johnson, KateDeath on the Aisle
• Johnstone, CaroleMirrorlandFirst Novel
Johnstone, DougThe Great Silence
• Jolly, MegThe Mistakes We Deny
Jonasson, RagnarThe Girl Who DiedTranslated
Jones, CarysWe Are All Liars
• Jones, NickThe Shadows of London
• Jones, Philip GwynneThe Venetian Legacy
• Jones, SandieThe Guilt Trip
• Judd, AlanA Fine MadnessHistorical
• Kabler, JackieThe Happy Family
• Kara, LesleyThe Dare
• Kaya, KerryThe Price
• Kaya, KerryThe Score (ebook only)
Kelly, ErinWatch Her Fall
• Kent, AnnaThe House of WhispersFirst Novel
• Kent, ChristobelThe Widower
• Kent, TonyNo Way to Die
• Keogh, ValerieThe Couple in the Photograph
Kernick, SimonGood Cop Bad Cop
• Khan, VaseemThe Dying DayHistorical
• Kiernan, OliviaThe Murder Box
King, Laurie RCastle ShadeHistorical
• Kinsey, T EA Baffling Murder at the Midsummer BallHistorical
• Kinsey, T EThe Deadly Mystery of the Missing DiamondsHistorical
• Kinsley, ErinMissing
• Kirk, JDColder than the Grave
• Kirk, JDCome Hell or High Water
• Kirk, JDNorthwind
• Kirk, MargaretIn the Blood
Kitson, BillChain Reaction
Kitson, BillCut-Throat
• Kluver, JoyBroken Girls
• Kluver, JoyLast Seen
Knight, AlannaMurder at the World's EdgeHistorical
• Knight, AlexDarkness Falls
• Knox, JosephTrue Crime Story
• Koomson, DorothyI Know What You've Done
• Kot, DanutaSomeone Who Isn't Me
• Kovach, CarlaHer Dying Wish
• Kovach, CarlaOne Left Behind
• Kovach, CarlaThe Broken Ones
• Kovach, CarlaWhat She Did
• Kovach, CarlaWhat She Did
Kray, RobertaDouble Crossed
• Kyazze, A BInto the Mouth of the LionFirst Novel
La Plante, LyndaJudas Horse
La Plante, LyndaUnholy Murder
Lackberg, CamillaSilver TearsTranslated
Lackberg, CamillaTruth or Dare (ebook only)Translated
• Lake, AlexReady or Not
• Lancaster, NeilDead Man's Grave
• Landers, BrianCoincidence of Spies
• Landers, BrianExodus of Spies
• Lark, J SThe Twins
Larkin, L AThe Safe Place
Larkin, L AWidow's Island
• Lawler, LizThe Silent Mother
• Lawrance, JodieThe Evidence
• Lawrance, JodieThe Uniform
• Lawton, SarahAll The Little ThingsFirst Novel
Le Carre, JohnSilverview
• Le Corre, HerveIn the Shadow of the FireTranslated
Leather, StephenFast Track
Leather, StephenThe Hunting
• Lebedev, SergeiUntraceableTranslated
Lebor, AdamDohany Street
• Lee, LynneFalse Hope
• Lee, M JWhen the Evil Waits
• Lee, M JWhen the Guilty Cry
• Lees, GeorginaThe Girl UpstairsFirst Novel
• Legat, AnnaDeath Comes to Bishops Well
• Leitch, FionaA Cornish Christmas Murder
Leon, DonnaTransient Desires
Lewis, SusanThe Lost Hours
• Lillegraven, RuthEverything Is MineTranslated
Lindsay, DouglasImplements Of The Model Maker
• Lindstein, MarietteShadow of Fog IslandTranslated
Linskey, HowardDon't Let Him In
• Lloyd, ElleryPeople Like Her
• Lloyd, FrancesThe Demon Killer
• Lloyd, FrancesThe Vale Vineyard Killer
• Lloyd, Robert JThe Bloodless BoyHistorical
• Locke, G SSix
• Lodge, GythaLie Beside Me
• Logan, TMTrust Me
Lorac, E C RTwo-Way Murder
• Louth, NickThe Bodies at Westgrave Hall
• Louth, NickThe Body on the Moor
Lovesey, PeterDiamond and the Eye
• Lowe, KatiePossession (apa The Murder of Graham Catton)
• Lowery, ChristopherTriple Jeopardy
• Lucius, WalterA Sea of FlamesTranslated
• Lynch, RachelLying Ways
• Lynch, RachelThe Rift
• Lynes, S EHer Sister's Secret
• MacBird, BonnieThe Three LocksHistorical
MacBride, Stuart/Stuart BThe Coffinmaker's Garden
• MacDonald, C CThe Family Friend
• MacDonald, DeeA Body at the Altar
MacDonald, SiobhanThe Bride Collector
• Mace, LorraineLove Me Tender
• Mackay, NikiLoaded
• Mackay, NikiThe Girls Inside (as NJ Mackay)
• Mackenzie, M RThe Shadow Men
Mackintosh, ClareHostage
MacLeod, TorquilMammon in Malmo
Magson, AdrianA Hostile State
Magson, AdrianDeath at the Old Asylum
• Mahmood, ImranI Know What I Saw
Maitland, KarenThe Drowned City (as K J Maitland)Historical
Malliet, G MDeath in Cornwall
• Manning, NinaThe Bridesmaid
• Mara, AndreaAll Her Fault
Mariani, ScottThe Crusader's Cross
Mariani, ScottThe Pandemic Plot
• Mark, DavidCages
• Mark, DavidDarkness Falls
• Mark, DavidPast Life
• Marques, PatriciaThe Colours of DeathFirst Novel
• Marsh, AlecGhosts of the WestHistorical
• Marsh, JJWolf Tones
• Marshall, D LAnthrax IslandFirst Novel
• Marshall, LauraThe Anniversary
• Marsons, AngelaStolen Ones
• Marsons, AngelaTwisted Lies
Marston, Edward/A EOrders to KillHistorical
Marston, Edward/A ETragedy on the Branch LineHistorical
Martin, AndrewPowder SmokeHistorical
• Martin, FaithA Fatal AffairHistorical
• Martin, FaithA Fatal NightHistorical
• Martin, FaithMurder Now and Then (ebook only)
• Martinez, GuillermoThe Oxford BrotherhoodTranslated
• Maslen, AndyDeath Wears A Golden Cloak
• Maslen, AndyLand Rites
• Maslen, AndyPlain Dead
• Massey, SujataThe Bombay PrinceHistorical
Masters, PriscillaAlmost a Whisper
Masters, PriscillaThe Subsequent Wife
• Matheson, NadineThe Jigsaw ManFirst Novel
May, PeterThe Night Gate
• Mayhew, J EAll the Lies
• Mayhew, J EDeath's Cold Hand
• Mayhew, J ENo Time for Sorrow
• McAllister, GillianThat Night
McCallin, LukeWhere God Does Not WalkHistorical
• McCleave, SimonThe River Seine Killings (ebook only)
• McCleave, SimonThis is London, SE15 (ebook only)
McDermid, Val/V.L.1979
McDermid, Val/V.L.Resistance (Graphic Novel)
• McDermott, AlanWhen Death Strikes
McDermott, AndyRogue Asset
• McDonald, ChrisMistletoe and Crime
• McDonald, ChristinaDo No Harm
• McEwan, LynneIn Dark WaterFirst Novel
• McFadyen, IanThe Murky World of Timothy Wall
• McGeorge, ChrisHalf-Past Tomorrow
McGilloway, BrianBlood Ties
McGowan, ClaireI Know You
McIlvanney, WilliamThe Dark Remains (with Ian Rankin)
• McIver, RuthI Shot the DevilFirst Novel
• McLean, RachelDeadly Fallout
• McLean, RachelDeadly Reprisal
• McLean, RachelThe Clifftop Murders
• McLean, RachelThe Corfe Castle Murders
• McLean, RachelThe Island Murders
• McLean, RachelThe Monument Murders (ebook only)
McPherson, CatrionaScot Mist
McPherson, CatrionaThe Mirror DanceHistorical
• McTiernan, DervlaThe Good Turn
• Mendoza, ElmerKiss the DetectiveTranslated
• Merritt, ChrisLost Souls
• Merritt, ChrisThe New Home
• Mey, LouiseThe Second WomanTranslated
• Meyrick, DenzilFor Any Other Truth
• Meyrick, DenzilTerms of Restitution
• Michaelides, AlexThe Maidens
• Michaels, SamSirenHistorical
• Middleton, AntCold JusticeFirst Novel
• Middleton, LiaWhen They Find HerFirst Novel
Mina, DeniseRizzioHistorical
• Mir, SaimaThe Khan
• Mistry, LizDark Memories
• Mitchell, CarolineThe Midnight Man
Mitchell, Dreda SayFight Dirty
Mitchell, Dreda SayWicked Women
• Mo, JohannaThe Night SingerTranslated
• Mohamed, NadifaThe Fortune MenHistorical
• Monroe, J SThe Man on Hackpen Hill
• Moore, IanDeath and CroissantsFirst Novel
• Moore, IanDeath and Papa Noel (ebook only)
• Moore, SydStrange Tricks
• Morgan, PhoebeThe Wild Girls
• Morris, VeraThe Great Shroud
• Morrison, RobbieEdge of the GraveHistorical, First Novel
• Morton, MandyA Pocket Full of Pie
• Moss, NJAll Your Fault
• Moss, NJHer Final Victim (ebook only)
• Muir, Frank/T FThe Murder List
• Mukherjee, AbirThe Shadows of MenHistorical
• Mullen, OwenFamily (ebook only)
• Mullen, OwenThe Accused (ebook only)
• Mullins, LouiseKiss Me, Kill Me
• Mulrooney, GrettaMurder in Mallow Cottage
• Murphy, MartinaThe Night Caller
Murphy, PeterA Statue for Jacob
• Musso, GuillaumeThe Secret Life of WritersTranslated
• Nadel, BarbaraForfeit
• Naspini, SachaOxygenTranslated
• Naughton, Sarah JThe Festival
Nesbo, JoThe Jealousy Man and Other StoriesTranslated, Anthology
Nesser, HakanThe Lonely OnesTranslated
Nickson, ChrisBrass LivesHistorical
Nickson, ChrisThe Blood CovenantHistorical
• Nordin, KarenLast One Alive
• Nordin, KarenWhere Ravens RoostFirst Novel
• Norek, OlivierTurf WarsTranslated
• North, LaurenSafe at Home
• Northedge, CharlotteThe House GuestFirst Novel
• O'Keeffe, BernardThe Final RoundFirst Novel
• Oksanen, SofiDog ParkTranslated
Oldham, NickScarred
Oldham, NickTransfusion
• O'Leary, DannyA Violent GentlemanFirst Novel
• Olguin, SergioThe Foreign GirlsTranslated
• Ollerton, OllieAll Or Nothing
• Osman, RichardThe Man Who Died Twice
• O'Sullivan, DarrenThe Players
Oswald, JamesNowhere to Run
Oswald, JamesWhat Will Burn
• Padura, LeonardoThe Transparency of TimeTranslated
• Pálsdóttir, SólveigSilencedTranslated
• Paris, B AThe Therapist
• Park, A JDon't Speak
• Parker, R JThe Good Neighbour
• Parker, RobFar from the Tree
• Parks, AdeleBoth of You
• Parks, AlanThe April Dead
• Parry, AmbroseA Corruption of BloodHistorical
• Parsons, TonyYour Neighbour's Wife
• Patis, VikkiIn The Dark
• Pattison, C LThe Guest Book
• Pattison, NellHide (apa Nowhere to Hide)
• Pattison, NellThe Silent Suspect
• Paulson-Ellis, MaryEmily Noble's DisgraceHistorical
• Pearce, BryonyThe Girl on the Platform
• Pearse, LesleySuspects
• Pearse, SarahThe SanatoriumFirst Novel
• Perks, HeidiThe Whispers
Perry, AnneA Christmas LegacyHistorical
Perry, AnneA Darker RealityHistorical
Perry, AnneThree Debts PaidHistorical
• Perry, S WThe Heretic's MarkHistorical
• Perry, TasminaThe Yacht Party
• Peston, RobertThe WhistleblowerFirst Novel
• Petersen, ChristofferArctic Recoil (ebook only)
• Petersen, ChristofferArctic Rising
• Petersen, ChristofferWarrior (ebook only)
• Phifer, HelenFirst Girl to Die
• Phifer, HelenThe Hiding Place
• Philby, CharlotteThe Second Woman
• Pine, AlexThe Killer in the Snow
• Pineiro, ClaudiaElena KnowsTranslated
• Pinnock, JonathanBad Day in Minsk
• Porter, HenryThe Old Enemy
• Power, KevinWhite City
• Probyn, JackThe Cadre (ebook only)
• Purcell, LauraThe Shape of DarknessHistorical
• Quinn, CateBlack Widows
• Quintana, JennyThe Hiding Place
• Raake, John KåreThe IceTranslated, First Novel
Ramsay, CaroOn an Outgoing Tide
Ramsay, CaroThe Cursed Girls
Ramsay, CaroThe Silent Conversation
Rayne, SarahThe Murder Dance
• Redmond, Lissa MarieThe Parting Glass
Redondo, DoloresThe North Face of the HeartTranslated
• Reid, RebeccaTwo Wrongs
• Renshaw, JaneThe Stepson (ebook only)
• Reynolds, AllieShiverFirst Novel
• Reynolds, RodBlack Reed Bay
Rhodes, KateDevil's Table
• Richards, MalcolmCircle Of Bones
• Richards, MalcolmDown in the Blood (ebook only)
• Richardson, MatthewThe Insider
Ridpath, MichaelThe Diplomat's WifeHistorical
• Rigby, SallyDark Secrets
• Rigby, SallyKill Shot
• Rigby, SallySpeak No Evil
• Rigby, SallyWeb of Lies
• Rijks, MirandaThe New Neighbour (ebook only)
Ripley, MikeMr Campion's CovenHistorical
Ripley, MikeMr Campion's WingsHistorical
• Robb, CandaceThe Riverwoman's DragonHistorical
Robotham, MichaelWhen You Are Mine
• Robson, AmandaThe Unwelcome Guest
• Rogers, GemmaBad Girls
• Rogers, GemmaThe Babysitter (ebook only)
• Rose, C EThe House on the Water's Edge (ebook only)
• Rose, JacquiThe Streets
• Rosende, MercedesCrocodile TearsTranslated, First Novel
• Roslund, AndersKnock KnockTranslated
• Rous, EmmaThe Perfect Guests
Rowe, RosemaryA Dreadful DestinyHistorical
• Rufin, Jean-ChristopheThe Hanged Man of ConakryTranslated
Russell, CraigHydeHistorical
Russell, LeighDeep Cover
Russell, LeighEvil Impulse
• Russell, S LThe Thorn of Truth
• Ryan, ChrisManhunter
• Ryan, SadieGuilty
• Ryan, SadieWhen He Finds You
• Ryder, JessThe Second Marriage
• Ryder, JohnThe Hostage (ebook only)
• Ryder, JohnThe Witness
• Ryder, JohnThird Kill
• Sakhlecha, TrishaCan You See Me Now?
• Sanderson, LesleyEvery Little Lie
• Saunders, KateThe Mystery of the Sorrowful MaidenHistorical
• Saxon, DianeThe Ex
• Scarlett, HelenThe Deception of Harriet FleetFirst Novel, Historical
• Scarr, LouisaLast Place You Look
• Scarr, LouisaUnder a Dark Cloud
Scarrow, AlexBurning Truth (ebook only)
Scarrow, AlexOld Bones New Bones
Scarrow, AlexSilent Tide
Scarrow, AlexThe Last Train (ebook only)
Scarrow, SimonBlackoutHistorical
Scarrow, SimonThe Honour of RomeHistorical
• Schneider, HansjorgThe Basel KillingsTranslated
• Scragg, RobertEnd of the Line
• Seddon, HollyThe Hit List
• Sedgwick, HelenWhere the Missing Gather
• Sedira, SamiraPeople Like ThemTranslated
Seeber, ClaireThe Parents (ebook only)
Seeber, ClaireThe Street Party
• Seeck, MaxThe Ice CovenTranslated
• Sennen, MarkPuppet (ebook only)
• Sennen, MarkRogue Target
Seymour, GeraldThe Crocodile Hunter
• Shah, R DProject Icarus
• Sharland, LouiseThe LakeFirst Novel
Sharp, ZoeThe Last Time She Died
Sharp, ZoeTrial Under Fire
• Shaw, AlexTotal Fallout
• Shaw, AlexTraitors
Shaw, WilliamThe Trawlerman
• Shepherd-Robinson, LauraDaughters of NightHistorical
• Sheridan, SaraCeltic CrossHistorical
Sherratt, MelGood Girl
Sherratt, MelTen Days
Sherratt, MelThe Life She Wants (ebook only)
• Shindler, WillThe Killing Choice
• Sigurdardottir, LiljaCold as HellTranslated
Sigurdardottir, YrsaThe DollTranslated
• Silver, AbiThe Midas Game
• Silver, AbiThe Rapunzel Act
Simenon, GeorgesDeath Threats: And Other StoriesAnthology, Translated
• Sinclair, RobThe Bonds of Blood
• Sivakumaran, AnitaCold Sun
• Skelton, DouglasA Rattle of Bones
• Skördeman, GustafGeigerTranslated, First Novel
• Skuse, C JDead Head
• Slater, K LThe Widow
• Smith, AlexEvery Mother's Son
• Smith, AlexStone Cold Dead
• Smith, AlexSweet Briar Rose
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Joy and Light Bus Company
Smith, Alexander McCallThe Man with the Silver Saab
Smith, AnnaFramed
Smith, Fiona VeitchThe Crystal CryptHistorical
• Smith, NikkiLook What You Made Me Do
• Southward, AdamThe Stranger Next Door
• Spain, JoThe Perfect Lie
Speechley, RubyA Mother Like You
Speechley, RubyThe Face At The Window
Spencer, SallyPoison
Spencer, SallyThe Company
• Stacey, LyndaNo Place Like Home
• Stafford, DavidSkelton's Guide to Suitcase MurdersHistorical
Staincliffe, CathRunning out of Road
• Steadman, CatherineThe Disappearing Act
• Steiner, PeterThe Constant ManHistorical
• Sten, VivecaIn Bad CompanyTranslated
• Stimson, TJ/TessStolen
• Stirling, JossBlack River
• Stirling, JossGrey Stones
• Stirling, JossRed House
• Stirling, JossWhite Horse
• Stone, LisaThe Cottage
• Stonex, EmmaThe Lamplighters
Stratmann, LindaSherlock Holmes and the Rosetta Stone MysteryHistorical
Stratmann, LindaThe Cyanide GhostHistorical
• Stringer, JayDon't Tell A Soul
• Swallow, JamesOutlaw
• Sykes, S DThe Good DeathHistorical
• Szymiczkowa, MarylaKarolina, or the Torn CurtainHistorical, Translated
• Talbot, CatherineA Good FatherFirst Novel
• Tallon, EmmaHer Revenge
• Tallon, EmmaHer Rival
Taylor, AndrewThe Royal SecretHistorical
• Taylor, C LHer Last Holiday
• Taylor, MarsaliA Shetland Winter Mystery
• Taylor, MarsaliThe Shetland Sea Murders
• Teague, Paul JFirst To Die (ebook only)
• Temple, RoseA Fatal Move (ebook only)
• Temple, RoseDeath on the Doorstep (ebook only)
Templeton, AlineOld Sins
• Thomas, JoeBrazilian Psycho
• Thomas, RussNighthawking
• Thomson, E SNightshadeHistorical
Thomson, LesleyThe Distant Dead
• Thomson, RupertBarcelona Dreaming
• Thorogood, RobertThe Marlow Murder Club
Todd, MarilynBad BloodHistorical
Todd, MarilynDead Drop (ebook only)Historical
• Todd, MarionNext in Line
• Todd, MarionWhat They Knew
Tope, RebeccaEchoes in the Cotswolds
Tope, RebeccaThe Ullswater Undertaking
Tremayne, PeterThe House of DeathHistorical
• Trinchieri, CamillaThe Bitter Taste of Murder
Trow, M JFour Thousand DaysHistorical
Trow, M JThe Knight's TaleHistorical
• Truhen, AidanSeven Demons
• Truss, LynnePsycho by the SeaHistorical
• Tucker, NancyThe First Day of SpringFirst Novel
• Tudor, C JThe Burning Girls
• Tugwell, JemDishonoured
• Tuomainen, AnttiThe Rabbit FactorTranslated
• Tursten, HeleneAn Elderly Lady Must Not Be CrossedTranslated
Tyler, L CFarewell My Herring
Tyler, L CToo Much of WaterHistorical
• Unge, ChristianHell and High WaterTranslated
• Vagner, YanaTo the LakeTranslated, First Novel
• Valentine, V LThe Plague LettersHistorical, First Novel
• Vandermeeren, HildeThe Scorpion's HeadTranslated
• Walden, CeliaPayday
Walker, MartinBruno's Challenge & Other Dordogne TalesAnthology
Walker, MartinThe Coldest Case
• Waller, AnitaBlood Red
• Waller, AnitaCode Blue
• Walsh, JackieFive Little Words
• Walsh, JackieHer White Lie
• Walter, B PThe Dinner Guest
• Walter, B PThe Woman on the Pier
• Walters, AlexFor Their Sins
• Walters, AlexLife Remains
• Walters, VictoriaMurder At The House On The Hill
• Ward, RhiannonThe ShadowingHistorical
Wassmer, JulieStrictly Murder
• Watson, SueThe Forever Home
• Watson, SueThe New Wife
• Watt, DouglasA Killing in Van Diemen's LandHistorical
• Watt, HollyThe Hunt and the Kill
• Watts, KerryDeath Rite
• Waugh, DaisyPhone for the Fish Knives
• Weatherley, Anna-LouThe Woman Inside
Weaver, TimMissing Pieces
Weaver, TimThe Shadow at the Door
Westerson, JeriThe Deadliest SinHistorical
• Wharton, AnnaThe ImposterFirst Novel
• White, S RPrisoner
• Whitehouse, LucieRisk of Harm
Wignall, KevinThose Who Disappeared
• Wilkes, ElenaThe Man I MarriedFirst Novel
• Wilkins, SusanShe's Gone
Wilkinson, KerryThe Blame
Wilkinson, KerryThe Child in the Photo
Wilkinson, KerryThe Perfect Daughter (ebook only)
• Willberg, T AMarion Lane and the Midnight MurderHistorical, First Novel
• Williams, JenDog Rose Dirt
Winspear, JacquelineThe Consequences of FearHistorical
• Wolff, JamesHow to Betray Your Country
• Wood, MichaelSurvivor's Guilt
• Wood, MichaelTime Is Running Out
• Wood, TomA Quiet Man
• Wood, TrevorOne Way Street
• Woodbury, SarahPaladinHistorical
• Woods, KarenTracks
• Wyer, CarolA Cut for a Cut
• Wyer, CarolAn Eye for an Eye
• Yahagi, ToshihikoThe Wrong GoodbyeTranslated, Historical
• Yakovleva, YuliaPunishment of a HunterTranslated, First Novel, Historical
• Yeo-Sun, KwonLemonTranslated
• Yokomizo, SeishiThe Village of Eight GravesTranslated
• Young, GlendaMurder at the Seaview Hotel

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