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Published in the UK during 2022.

• Adams, JaneKidnap
Adler-Olsen, JussiThe Shadow MurdersTranslated
• Adolfsson, MariaCruel Tides (ebook)Translated
• Adolfsson, MariaWild ShoresTranslated
• Ægisdóttir, Eva BjörgNight ShadowsTranslated
• Ahnhem, StefanThe Final NailTranslated
• Alderson, Jennifer SDeath by Gondola
• Allan, ClaireThe Nurse
Allen, ConradMurder on the CaroniaHistorical
Allen, ConradMurder on the CelticHistorical
Allen, ConradMurder on the MarmoraHistorical
Allen, ConradMurder on the MinnesotaHistorical
Allen, ConradMurder on the OceanicHistorical
Allen, ConradMurder on the SalsetteHistorical
• Allen, HaniaThe Murder Stones
• Allen, JoDeath on a Monday Night (ebook only)
• Allingham, MerrynMurder at Primrose CottageHistorical
• Alonge, AmenA Good Day To Die
• Alsterdal, ToveWe Know You RememberTranslated
• Ambrose, MartyForever PastHistorical
• Amphlett, RachelA Dirty Business
• Amphlett, RachelA Lethal Deception (ebook only)
• Amphlett, RachelA Pain in the Neck
• Amphlett, RachelSpecial Delivery
• Amphlett, RachelThe Last Super (ebook only)
• Amphlett, RachelThe Man Cave
• Ani, FriedrichKilling HappinessTranslated
• Anthology, AnBodies from the Library 5 (ed. Tony Medawar)Anthology
• Anthology, AnMusic of the Night (ed. Martin Edwards)Anthology
• Anthology, AnThe Perfect Crime (ed.s Maxim Jakubowski & Vaseem Khan)Anthology
• Areklew, LinaDeath in SummerTranslated
• Arenz, EwaldTasting SunlightTranslated
• Arlidge, M JCat And Mouse
• Ashkanani, TariqFollow Me to the Edge
• Askew, ClaireA Matter of Time
• Atkinson, HeatherBlood Pact (ebook only)
• Austin, StephanieA Devon Night's Death
Bailey, ElizabethThe Unwanted CorpseHistorical
• Bailey, JaneSorry Isn't Good Enough
• Baker, J AHere Lies Alice (ebook only)
• Baker, TinaNasty Little Cuts
• Barber, LizzyOut of Her Depth
• Barlow, JohnTo the Grave
• Barnes, CharlotteThe Things I Didn't Do (ebook only)
• Barnes, KerryTaboo (ebook only)
• Bartlett, GrahamBad for GoodFirst Novel
Barton, FionaLocal Gone Missing
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin: Devil's Delight (with R W Green)
Beaton, M CDeath of a Green-Eyed Monster (with R W Green)
Beaton, M CDeath of a Laird (ebook only) (with R W Green)
• Beevis, KeriWith Friends Like These
• Belbin, DavidDeath in the Family
Belsham, AlisonDeath in Kabul (with Nick Higgins)
• Bengtsdotter, LinaFor the LostTranslated
• Berry, FreyaThe Dictator's WifeFirst Novel
• Bettany, JaneLast Seen Alive
• Bettany, JaneWithout a Trace
• Bilal, ParkerThe Trenches
• Billingham, BillySurvive to Fight
Billingham, MarkThe Murder Book
• Bishop, D VThe Darkest SinHistorical
Black, CaraMurder at the Porte de Versailles
• Black, P RThe Winter House
• Blackhurst, JennyThe Girl Who Left
• Blake, RobinHungry DeathHistorical
• Blake, SamRemember My Name
• Blok, RachaelThe Fall
• Boland, ShaliniThe Family Holiday
Bolton, S J/SharonThe Dark
Bolton, S J/SharonThe Poisoner
• Bonda, KatarzynaConspiracy of BloodTranslated
• Bonner, SarahHer Perfect TwinFirst Novel
• Booth, MatthewA Talent for Murder (ebook only)
• Bouchard, RoxanneWhisper of the SealsTranslated
• Boyd, DamienCarnival Blues
• Bradby, TomYesterday's SpyHistorical
Brett, SimonBlotto, Twinks and the Suspicious GuestsHistorical
• Bright, VerityA Royal MurderHistorical
• Bright, VerityThe French for MurderHistorical
• Broadribb, StephDeath in the Sunshine
• Bromfield, MalynMr Pepys and the Primrose Hill MysteryHistorical
• Brown, EricMurder Most VileHistorical
• Browne, SherylThe Invite
• Brunet, MarionVandaTranslated
• Buchanan, KerryDeadly Shores (ebook only)
• Buchholz, SimoneRiver ClydeTranslated
• Burnside, HeatherSapphire
Burrows, SteveA Foreboding of Petrels
• Bussi, MichelThe Red NotebookTranslated
• Butler, D SWhat She Said
• Byatt, MandyJust Another LiarFirst Novel
• Byeong-mo, GuThe Old Woman With the KnifeTranslated
Campbell, ColinSwing Gang (ebook only)
• Carrisi, DonatoThe Whisperer's GameTranslated
• Carson, JohnDead and Buried (ebook only)
• Carson, JohnFinal Warning (ebook only)
Cavanagh, SteveThe Accomplice
• Cercas, JavierEven the Darkest NightTranslated
• Chandler, NatalieBelieve Me NotFirst Novel
• Chapman, JuliaDate with Betrayal
Charlton, KarenSmoke & Cracked MirrorsHistorical
Charlton, KarenThe Mystery of Mad Alice LaneHistorical
• Chase, ClareMystery at Lovelace Manor
• Chase, ClareMystery at Magpie Lodge
• Chaudhuri, A AThe Loyal Friend
• Chen, ZijinBad KidsTranslated
• Cheshire, MahiDeadly CureFirst Novel
Child, LeeNo Plan B (with Andrew Child)
• Chong, MairiClinically Dead
• Chong, MairiShooting Pains
• Chowdhury, AjayThe Cook
• Christie, EmmaFind Her First
• Clarke, KarenMy Husband's Secret
• Clarke, KarenMy Sister's Child
• Clarke, LucyOne of the Girls
• Clarke, SarahEvery Little Secret
• Clark-Platts, AliceThe Cove
Cleeves, AnnThe Girls on the Shore
Clements, RoryThe Man in the BunkerHistorical
• Coffey, EdelBreaking PointFirst Novel
Cole, MartinaLoyalty
• Coles, RichardMurder Before EvensongFirst Novel
• Comley, M ACrossing The Line
• Comley, M AThe Kill List
• Comley, M AThe Missing Wife (ebook only)
• Comley, M ATo Make Them Pay
• Comley, M ATo Prove Fatal
• Connel, ElleYou Can Stay
• Cooper, HelenThe Other Guest
• Cooper, N ARipple Effect (ebook only)First Novel
• Corcoran, CarolineFive Days Missing
• Corrigan, J AThe Bad Sister
• Corry, JaneWe All Have Our Secrets
• Cowie, JaneAfter Dark (apa Curfew 3/22 US)
Craig, JamesThe Taste of Blood (ebook only)
• Craven, Mike/M WThe Botanist
• Craven, Mike/M WThe Cutting Season (Quick Reads Novella)
• Creed, BenA Traitor's HeartHistorical
• Croft, AdamKiss of Death
• Croft, KathrynThe Lying Wife
• Croft, KathrynThe Mother's Secret
Crompton, RichardMountain of God
• Cronin, AmyBlinding LiesFirst Novel
Crouch, JuliaThe Daughters
• Cummins, FionaInto the Dark
• Cutts, LisaMurder at the Gardens
Dahl, ArneYou Are NextTranslated
Dahl, K O/Kjell OlaLittle DrummerTranslated
• Dalgliesh, J MFool Me Twice (ebook only)
• Dalgliesh, J MThe Raven Song (ebook only)
• D'Andrea, LucaThe WandererTranslated
Davies, David StuartRevenge from the GraveHistorical
• Davies, EmmaDeath at the Dinner Party
• Davies, EmmaDeath in Disguise
Davis, LindseyDesperate UndertakingHistorical
• Daws, N RA Silent Way to DieHistorical
• de Gramont, NinaThe Christie Affair
• De Gregorio, ConcitaThe Missing WordTranslated
• de la Motte, AndersDead of WinterTranslated
• de la Motte, AndersDeeds of AutumnTranslated
• Dean, JasonSanctum
• Dean, WillFirst Born
• Dempsey, SharonThe Midnight Killing
• Dennisson, FlorianThe ListTranslated
• Denzil, Sarah AMy Perfect Daughter (ebook only)
• Dixon, HelenaMurder at the Country ClubHistorical
• Dixon, HelenaMurder in First ClassHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulRealm of DarknessHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulThe Hanging TreeHistorical
• Dorricott, FranThe Lighthouse
• Dowd, VictoriaA Book of Murder
• Downes, AnnaThe Shadow House
• Dranfield, WendyGone to Her Grave
• Dranfield, WendyThe Birthday Party
• Duckworth, CharlotteThe Sanctuary
• Duffy, C SAll the Stars Above (ebook only)
• Dunphy, S AHer Child's Cry
• Dunphy, S ALost Graves
• Durrant, Helen HThe Ash Lake Murders (ebook only)
• Durrant, SabineSun Damage
• Eccleston, M HThe TrustFirst Novel
• Edwards, MarkNo Place to Run
• Eldridge, JimMurder at Claridge'sHistorical
• Eldridge, JimMurder at the National GalleryHistorical
• Ellicott, JessicaDeath in a BlackoutHistorical
• Elliot, LauraAfter the Wedding
Ellis, JoyTrick of the Night (ebook only)
Ellis, MarkDead in the WaterHistorical
Ellory, Roger Jon/R JThe Darkest Season
• Emerson, TraceyThe Perfect Holiday (as T J Emerson)
• Engberg, KatrineThe Harbour (apa The Harbor)Translated
• England, CarolineThe Sinner
• Erskine, FionaThe Chemical Cocktail
• Evans, KateDrowning Not Waving
• Everett, FelicityOld Friends
Ewan, Chris/C MThe Interview (as C M Ewan)
• Falconer, ColinCry Justice
• Fennell, DavidSee No Evil
• Fielden, T PBetraying the CrownHistorical
• Fields, HelenOne for Sorrow
Finch, PaulNever Seen Again
• Finlay, CazPart of the Family
• Finney, KeithA Deadly MistakeHistorical
• Fitt, Heather JOpen Your Eyes (ebook only)First Novel
• Flood, HeleneThe LoverTranslated
• Foley, LucyThe Paris Apartment
• Ford, S JThe ChoiceFirst Novel
Fowler, ChristopherHot Water
• Frances, MichelleThe Boyfriend
• Freire, Natalia GarcíaThis World Does Not Belong to UsTranslated, First Novel
• Freud, EmilyWhat She Left Behind
Fullerton, JohnSpy Trap
Galbraith, RobertThe Ink Black Heart
• Gatland, JackHeavy Is The Crown
• Gatland, JackPaint The Dead
• Gatward, D JBlood Trail (ebook only)
• Gatward, D JOne Bad Turn
• Gayle, KatieAn English Garden Murder
• Gee, BrianMurder at the Seaside (ebook only)First Novel
George, ElizabethSomething to Hide
• Gibbons, SeánCity of Death (ebook only)
• Gibbons, SeánFind The Killer (ebook only)
• Gibney, PatriciaThe Guilty Girl
• Gilman, DavidBetrayal
• Giuliani, C PThe Road to Murder (ebook only)Historical, First Novel
• Glister, TimA Loyal TraitorHistorical
Goddard, RobertThis is the Night They Come For You
• Godden, GillianDiamond Geezer
• Goodwin, DawnWhat I Never Told You
• Goodwin, SarahThe Thirteenth Girl
• Grand, MaryGood Neighbours
Gray, AlexEcho of the Dead
Grecian, AlexOne Eye Open
• Greenwood, RossJail Break (ebook only)
• Greenwood, RossThe Fire Killer
Griffiths, EllyBleeding Heart Yard
Griffiths, EllyThe Locked Room
• Griffiths, RebeccaThe Body on the Moor (ebook only)
• Gustawsson, JohanaThe BleedingTranslated
• Hagman, PerCigaretteTranslated
• Hall, AramintaHidden DepthsHistorical
• Hall, J MA Pen Dipped in Poison
• Hall, J MA Spoonful of MurderFirst Novel
• Hallett, JaniceThe Twyford Code
• Halsall, RonaThe Guest Room (ebook only)
• Hampton, GraemeRun For Cover
• Hancock, Anne MetteThe Corpse FlowerTranslated
Hannah, SophieThe Couple at the Table
• Hare, LouiseMiss Aldridge RegretsHistorical
• Harrow, RuthJust One Lie
• Harte, StephaniePlaying with Fire
• Hattersley, MatthewThe Death Factory
Hawkins, PaulaBlind Spot (Quick Reads Novella)
Hawkswood, SarahA Taste for KillingHistorical
Hayes, SamThe Ex-Husband (as Samatha Hayes) (ebook only)
• Heller, MandasueRunning Scared
• Hennigan, RosemaryThe Truth Will OutFirst Novel
Herron, Mick/MBad Actors
• Hewitt, J MThe Eight-Year Lie
• Hewitt, J MThe Other Son
• High, KateThe Missing Wife and the Stone Fen Siamese
• Higson, CharlieWhatever Gets You Through the NightFirst Novel
• Hill, M KOne Bad Thing
Hilton, MattFatal Conflict
• Hindle, TomA Fatal CrossingFirst Novel, Historical
• Hodges, DavidVenom On the Levels (ebook only)
• Holland, SamThe Echo ManFirst Novel
• Holton, NoelleDead Mercy
• Hood, D KDon't Look Back
• Hood, D KKiss Her Goodnight (ebook only)
• Hood, D KPray for Mercy
• Horowitz, AnthonyWith a Mind to Kill
Horst, Jorn LierThe Night ManTranslated
• Horst, Jorn Lier & Enger, ThomasUnhingedTranslated
• Howells, DebbieThe Secret
• Hunter, CaraHope to Die
• Hunter, EvieThe Chase
• Hunter, EvieThe Trap
• Isaac, JaneEvil Intent
• Isaac, JaneOne Fatal Secret
• Isaka, KotaroThree AssassinsTranslated
• Jakeman, JoWhat His Wife Knew
James, BillLow Pastures
• James, ChristinaThe Canal Murders (ebook only)
• James, EdLost Cause (ebook only)
• Jameson, EmmaA Death at Silversmith Bay
• Jansson, SusanneWinter WaterTranslated
• Jarratt, LauraDisappeared
• Jenkins, VictoriaThe Bridesmaids
• Jennings, AmandaThe Haven
• Jensen, LouiseAll For You
• Johnstone, StuartInto the Dark
Jonasson, RagnarOutsideTranslated
• Jones, Philip GwynneThe Angels of Venice
• Jordan, JackDo No Harm
• Kane, AlexThe Family Business
• Kara, LesleyThe Apartment Upstairs
• Kavanagh, D'ArcyA Vintage End
• Kaya, KerryReprisal
• Kaya, KerryThe Reckoning
• Kaya, KerryUnder Dog
Keane, JessieDiamondHistorical
• Kelly, E VHer Last WordsFirst Novel
• Kent, ChristobelIn Deep Water
• Keogh, ValerieA Taste of Deceit
• Kepler, LarsThe Mirror ManTranslated
• Kershaw, ScottThe GameFirst Novel
• Khan, VaseemThe Lost Man of BombayHistorical
• Khavari, KateA Botanist's Guide to Parties and PoisonsHistorical, First Novel
• King, HannahShe and IFirst Novel
• Kinsey, T ERotten to the CoreHistorical
• Kirk, JDCity of Scars
• Kirk, JDSouthpaw (ebook only)
• Kirwan, CatherineCruel Deeds
• Kist, HeleenWhat I Hid From You
Kitson, BillBurial Grounds (ebook only)
• Kluver, JoyLeft for Dead
• Kovach, CarlaOne Girl Missing
Kristian, GilesWhere Blood Runs Cold
La Plante, LyndaVanished
Lackberg, CamillaSweet RevengeAnthology, Translated
• Lackberg, Camilla & Fexeus, HenrikTrappedTranslated
• Lagercrantz, DavidDark MusicTranslated
Lake, DerynDeath on the River ThamesHistorical
• Lancaster, NeilThe Blood Tide
• Lark, J SThe Secret Couple
• Lassa, AntoniaSkin DeepTranslated
• Leadbeater, DavidThe Vatican Secret
Leather, StephenStanding Alone
Leather, StephenThe Chase
• Lee, M JThe Missing Father (ebook only)
• Lee, M JWhen the Night Ends
• Legat, AnnaAt Death's Door
• Legat, AnnaCause of Death
Lelic, SimonThe Hiding Place
Leon, DonnaGive Unto Others
• Leonard, S VThe Influencers
• Lewis, Claire SThe Infinity
• Lillegraven, RuthBlood TiesTranslated
Lindsay, DouglasLet Me Die In My Footsteps (ebook only)
• Linley, SarahThe Wedding Murders
• Lloyd, ElleryThe Club
• Lodge, GythaLittle Sister
• Logan, TMThe Curfew
• Longo, DavideYoung Beasts at PlayTranslated
• Louth, NickThe Body Beneath the Willows
Lovesey, PeterReader, I Buried Them and Other StoriesAnthology
• Lowe, AndrewCruel Summer
• Lutz, JackLondon in BlackFirst Novel
• Lynes, S EThe Baby Shower
MacBride, Stuart/Stuart BNo Less The Devil
• MacDonald, DeeA Body on the Beach
• Macmillan, GillyThe Long Weekend
• Mahmood, ImranAll I Said Was True
Maitland, KarenTraitor in the Ice (as K J Maitland)Historical
• Malakin, DanThe Box
• Malone, Michael JQuicksand of Memory
• Mangos, LouiseThe Beaten Track
• Manning, NinaQueen Bee (ebook only)
Mariani, ScottThe Silver Serpent
• Mark, DavidAnatomy of a HereticHistorical
• Mark, DavidBlind Justice
• Marques, PatriciaHouse of Silence
• Marsons, AngelaSix Graves
• Martin, FaithA Fatal EndHistorical
• Maslen, AndyYou're Always With Me
• Mason, SimonA Killing in November
• Matsumoto, SeichoTokyo ExpressTranslated
• Matthews, L VThe Twins
• Mayhew, JulieLittle Nothings
• McCleave, SimonThe Chirk Castle Killings (ebook only)
• McCleave, SimonThe Dark Tide
• McCleave, SimonThe Lake Vyrnwy Killings (ebook only)
• McCulloch, AmyBreathlessFirst Novel
• McEvoy, LesleyThe Killing Song
McGilloway, BrianThe Empty Room
• McIlvanney, LiamThe Heretic
McKenzie, GrantThe Seven Truths of Hannah Baxter (ebook only)
• McKinty, AdrianThe Island
• McLean, RachelThe Fossil Beach Murders
• McLean, RachelThe Millionaire Murders
McNeill, FergusUp Close and Fatal (ebook only)
McPherson, CatrionaIn Place of FearHistorical
• McTiernan, DervlaThe Murder Rule
• Melchor, FernandaParadaisTranslated
• Merritt, StephanieStorm
Meyer, DeonThe Dark FloodTranslated
• Meyrick, DenzilThe Death of Remembrance
• Michaels, SamRavenHistorical
• Miller, PhilipThe Goldenacre
• Mistry, LizBlood Games
• Mitchell, CarolineThe Village
Mitchell, Dreda SaySay Her Name (with Ryan Carter)
• Mo, JohannaThe Shadow LilyTranslated
• Morfoot, PeterEssence of Murder
• Morton, MandyThe Cat and the Pendulum
• Moss, NJMy Dead Husband (ebook only)
• Mullen, OwenHustle
• Mulrooney, GrettaMurder By the Shore (ebook only)
• Mumford, LouiseThe Safe House
• Munro, T OrrBreakneck PointFirst Novel
Murphy, PeterTo Become an Outlaw
Myers, AmyThe Maid of Kent Murders
• Nadel, BarbaraBride Price
• Nakamura, FuminoriMy AnnihilationTranslated
• Natt och Dag, Niklas1794: The City Between the BridgesHistorical, Translated
Neville, StuartThe House of Ashes
• Nixon, KeithBlood Sentence
• Nixon, KeithDead Money (ebook only)
• O'Brien, JennyBuried Lies
• O'Brien, JennyCold Grave
• O'Connor, CarleneMurder at an Irish Wedding
• O'Connor, CarleneMurder in an Irish Churchyard
• O'Connor, CarleneMurder in an Irish Cottage
• O'Connor, CarleneMurder in an Irish Pub
• O'Connor, CarleneMurder in an Irish Village
• Olguin, SergioThere Are No Happy LovesTranslated
• Onda, RikuFish Swimming in Dappled SunlightTranslated
• Osman, RichardThe Bullet That Missed
Oswald, JamesAll That Lives
• Parker, Richard JayThe Removal Man (as R J Parker)
• Parks, AlanMay God Forgive
• Parsons, TonyThe People Next Door
• Patis, VikkiReturn to Blackwater House
Pavone, ChrisTwo Nights in Lisbon
• Pearce, BibaThe South Bank Murders (ebook only)
• Pearce, BryonyLittle Rumours
• Penny, DavidA Death of PromiseHistorical
• Perdue, GillThe InterviewFirst Novel
Perry, AnneA Truth To Lie ForHistorical
• Perry, S WThe Rebel's MarkHistorical
• Perry, TasminaThe Ivy (ebook only)
• Perry, TasminaThe Last Supper (ebook only)
• Petersen, ChristofferStorm (ebook only)
• Petersen, ChristofferThe American Artisan (ebook only)
• Petersen, ChristofferThe Boreal Tattoo (ebook only)
• Phifer, HelenFind the Girl
• Phifer, HelenSleeping Dolls
Phillips, LouiseThey All Lied
Pinborough, SarahInsomnia
Rankin, IanA Heart Full of Headstones
• Rautianen, PetraLand of Snow and AshesFirst Novel, Translated
• Reeve, AlexThe Blood FlowerHistorical
Regan, LindaThe Burning Question
• Reid, TGDead Man's Stone (ebook only)
• Reid, TGWhat Hides Beneath
• Reynolds, AllieThe Bay
• Riches, AnthonyTarget Zero
Riches, MarnieThe Lost Ones
Rickman, PhilThe Fever of the World
Ridpath, MichaelDeath in Dalvik
• Rigby, SallyNever Too Late
• Riley, LucindaThe Murders at Fleat House
Rimington, StellaThe Devil's Bargain
• Riordan, KateSummer Fever
Robertson, CraigThe Undiscovered Deaths of Grace McGill (as C S Robertson)
Robotham, MichaelLying Beside You
• Rodríguez, PaulaUrgent MattersTranslated, First Novel
• Rosenfeldt, HansCry WolfTranslated
• Ross, L JMania
• Rowley, Mark & Derbyshire, DavidThe Sleep of Reason
• Roy, JacquelineThe Gosling Girl
Russell, LeighGuilt Edged
• Ryan, ChrisOutcast
• Ryan, SadieThe Wives of Crimson Avenue (ebook only)
Ryan, WilliamThe Winter Guest (as W C Ryan)Historical
• Salisbury, EmmaMade To Be Broken (ebook only)
• Sanderson, LesleyThe Widow's Husband
• Savage, CaroHunted (ebook only)
• Savage, VanessaThe Night They Vanished
• Scarr, LouisaBlink of an Eye
Scarrow, AlexGone to Ground
Scarrow, AlexThe Safe Place (ebook only)
• Schmidt, Joachim BKalmannTranslated
• Schneider, HansjorgSilver PebblesTranslated
Seymour, GeraldThe Foot Soldiers
• Sharland, LouiseMy Husband's Secrets
Shaw, WilliamDead Rich (as G W Shaw)
• Shemilt, JaneThe Patient
• Sheridan, SarahGirl in Bed Three
Sherratt, MelBroken Promises (ebook only)
Sherratt, MelHidden Secrets (ebook only)
• Shindler, WillThe Hunting Ground
• Shrager, RosemaryThe Last SupperFirst Novel
Sigurdardottir, YrsaThe FalloutTranslated
• Sinclair, RobVigilante
• Slater, K LMissing
• Smith, AlexJaw Breaker
Smith, Alexander McCallA Song of Comfortable Chairs
Smith, AnnaUntil I Find You
• Spain, JoThe Last to Disappear
Staalesen, GunnarBitter FlowersTranslated
• Sten, VivecaBuried in SecretTranslated
Stratmann, LindaSherlock Holmes and the Explorers' Club (ebook only)Historical
• Sullivan, TimThe Lost Boys (ebook only)
• Sullivan, TimThe Patient
• Sutherland, JacquelineThe Coffin ClubFirst Novel
• Sutherland, JohnThe SiegeFirst Novel
• Tait, VictoriaFake Death (ebook only)
• Takagi, AkimitsuThe Tattoo Murder Case (apa The Tattoo Murder)
• Takamura, KaoruLady Joker, Volume 1Translated
• Tallon, EmmaHer Betrayal
• Taylor, C LThe Guilty Couple
• Thomas, RussCold Reckoning
• Thompson, DerekWest Country Murder (ebook only)
Thomson, LesleyThe Companion
• Tobin, SamCall the ShotsFirst Novel
• Todd, MarionOld Bones Lie
Tope, RebeccaThe Threlkeld Theory
• Tremayne, S KThe Drowning Hour
• Tuomainen, AnttiThe Moose ParadoxTranslated
• Turner, A KLife Sentence
• Tyce, HarrietIt Ends At Midnight
• Ulstein, Silje OReptile MemoirsTranslated, First Novel
• Unge, ChristianA Grain of TruthTranslated
Upson, NicolaDear Little CorpsesHistorical
• van der Werf, GerwinThe Hitchhiker (ebook only)Translated
• Van Rensburg, LaureNobody But UsFirst Novel
• Vaughan, SarahReputation
• Veerapen, StevenOf Blood DescendedHistorical
• Veste, LucaYou Never Said Goodbye
Viner, P DThe Call
Walker, MartinTo Kill a Troubadour
• Walker, RosieThe House Fire
• Waller, AnitaMortal Green
• Walters, AlexA Parting Gift
• Walters, AlexBad Terms
• Walters, VictoriaMurder at the Summer Fete
Wassmer, JulieMurder at Mount Ephraim
• Watson, F JDark HunterFirst Novel, Historical
• Watson, SueThe Resort (ebook only)
• Watts, KerryDeath Sentence
• Weatherley, Anna-LouThe Night of the Party
• Weaver, AshleyThe Key to DeceitHistorical
Weaver, TimThe Blackbird
• Webb, LizThe DaughterFirst Novel
• Welsh, LouiseThe Second Cut
Westerson, JeriOswald the ThiefHistorical
• Wheatle, AlexWitness (Quick Reads Novella)
• White, M JThe Secret Voices
• White, NicolaThe Burning Boy
• Whitelaw, JonathanThe Bingo Hall Detectives
• Whitfield, ClaireThe Gone & the Forgotten
• Whittaker, MarrisseThe Mad Hatter Murders
Wilkinson, KerryThe Boyfriend
Wilkinson, KerryThe Party at No.12
• Williams, AndrewThe Prime Minister's AffairHistorical
• Williams, StephenThe Skin CodeFirst Novel
• Wilson, GlenisDead Lucky
Winspear, JacquelineA Sunlit WeaponHistorical
• Wojtas, OlgaMiss Blaine's Prefect and the Weird SistersHistorical
• Wood, MichaelThe Lost Children
• Wood, TrevorDead End Street
• Woods, KarenTease
• Woods, KarenVice
• Worrall, PatrickThe PartisanHistorical, First Novel
• Wright, Adam JHouse of the Dead (ebook only)
• Wyer, CarolA Life for a Life
• Yokomizo, SeishiGokumon IslandTranslated
• Young, GlendaCurtain Call at the Seaview Hotel
• Yueran, ZhangCocoonTranslated

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