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Published in the UK during 2022.

• Adolfsson, MariaWild ShoresTranslated
• Ahnhem, StefanThe Final NailTranslated
• Allen, HaniaThe Murder Stones
• Alsterdal, ToveWe Know You RememberTranslated
• Amphlett, RachelThe Man Cave
• Ani, FriedrichKilling HappinessTranslated
• Barber, LizzyOut of Her Depth
Beaton, M CDeath of a Green-Eyed Monster (with R W Green)
• Bengtsdotter, LinaFor the LostTranslated
• Benjamin, TomRequiem in La Rossa
• Bettany, JaneWithout a Trace
• Bilal, ParkerThe Trenches
• Black, P RThe Winter House
• Blake, SamRemember My Name
Bolton, S J/SharonThe Poisoner
• Bonner, SarahHer Perfect TwinFirst Novel
• Booth, MatthewA Talent for Murder (ebook only)
Brett, SimonBlotto, Twinks and the Suspicious GuestsHistorical
• Brown, EricMurder Most VileHistorical
• Buchholz, SimoneRiver ClydeTranslated
• Burnside, HeatherSapphire
• Byatt, MandyJust Another LiarFirst Novel
• Chapman, JuliaDate with Betrayal
• Chase, ClareMystery at Magpie Lodge
• Christie, EmmaFind Her First
• Clarke, KarenMy Sister's Child
• Clark-Platts, AliceThe Cove
Cleeves, AnnThe Girls on the Shore
Clements, RoryThe Man in the BunkerHistorical
• Coffey, EdelBreaking PointFirst Novel
Cookman, LesleyMurder in Spring
• Cooper, N ARipple Effect (ebook only)First Novel
Crompton, RichardMountain of God
Dahl, ArneYou Are NextTranslated
• Dalgliesh, J MFool Me Twice (ebook only)
• D'Andrea, LucaThe WandererTranslated
Davies, David StuartRevenge from the GraveHistorical
• Davies, MichelleThe Death of Me
• Daws, N RIn the Midst of AgonyHistorical
• de Gramont, NinaThe Christie Affair
• de la Motte, AndersDead of Winter
• de la Motte, AndersDeeds of Autumn
• Dranfield, WendyThe Birthday Party
• Duckworth, CharlotteThe Sanctuary
• Dunphy, S ALost Graves
• Eldridge, JimMurder at the National GalleryHistorical
• Engberg, KatrineThe Harbour
• Falconer, ColinCry Justice
• Finney, KeithA Deadly MistakeHistorical
• Frances, MichelleThe Boyfriend
George, ElizabethSomething to Hide
• Gibbons, SeánFind The Killer (ebook only)
• Gilman, DavidBetrayal
• Goodwin, DawnWhat I Never Told You
Grecian, AlexOne Eye Open
• Greenwood, RossJail Break (ebook only)
Griffiths, EllyThe Locked Room
• Hallett, JaniceThe Twyford Code
• Halsall, RonaThe Guest Room (ebook only)
• Hancock, Anne MetteThe Corpse FlowerTranslated
Hannah, SophieThe Couple at the Table
• Heller, MandasueRunning Scared
Herron, Mick/MBad Actors
• Hewitt, J MThe Eight-Year Lie
• Hindle, TomA Fatal CrossingHistorical, First Novel
• Holton, NoelleDead Mercy
Horst, Jorn LierThe Night ManTranslated
• Horst, Jorn Lier & Enger, ThomasUnhingedTranslated
• Howells, DebbieThe Secret
• Hunter, CaraHope to Die
• Isaka, KotaroThree AssassinsTranslated
James, BillLow Pastures
• Jansson, SusanneWinter WaterTranslated
• Jensen, LouiseAll For You
• Johnstone, StuartInto the Dark
Jonasson, RagnarOutsideTranslated
• Kara, LesleyThis Girl, That Girl
• Kaya, KerryReprisal (ebook only)
• Kaya, KerryUnder Dog (ebook only)
• Kepler, LarsThe Mirror ManTranslated
• King, HannahShe and IFirst Novel
• Kluver, JoyLeft for Dead
Leather, StephenStanding Alone
• Legat, AnnaAt Death's Door
• Legat, AnnaCause of Death
Leon, DonnaGive Unto Others
• Louth, NickThe Body Beneath the Willows
• Malone, Michael JQuicksand of Memory
• Manning, NinaQueen Bee (ebook only)
• Mark, DavidAnatomy of a HereticHistorical
• Mason, SimonA Killing in November
• McCleave, SimonThe Lake Vyrnwy Killings (ebook only)
• McEvoy, LesleyThe Killing Song
• McIlvanney, LiamThe Heretic
McKenzie, GrantThe Seven Truths of Hannah Baxter (ebook only)
• McLean, RachelThe Fossil Beach Murders
• McLean, RachelThe Millionaire Murders
Meyer, DeonThe Dark FloodTranslated
• Michaels, SamRavenHistorical
• Mistry, LizBlood Games
• Mitchell, CarolineThe Village
• Mo, JohannaThe Shadow LilyTranslated
• Moss, NJMy Dead Husband (ebook only)
• Mullen, OwenHustle
• Natt och Dag, NiklasBlood and WolfsbaneTranslated, Historical
Neville, StuartThe House of Ashes
• O Ulstein, SiljeReptile MemoirsFirst Novel, Translated
• O'Brien, JennyBuried Lies
Oswald, JamesAll That Lives
• Perry, TasminaThe Ivy (ebook only)
• Perry, TasminaThe Last Supper (ebook only)
• Phifer, HelenFind the Girl
Rickman, PhilNights of the Lingering Ghost
Robertson, CraigThe Undiscovered Deaths of Grace McGill (as C S Robertson)
• Rosenfeldt, HansCry WolfTranslated
• Roy, JacquelineThe Gosling Girl
Russell, LeighGuilt Edged
Ryan, WilliamThe Winter Guest (as W C Ryan)Historical
• Savage, CaroHunted (ebook only)
Scarrow, AlexThe Safe Place (ebook only)
• Schneider, HansjorgSilver PebblesTranslated
Sigurdardottir, YrsaThe FalloutTranslated
Smith, Alexander McCallA Song of Comfortable Chairs
Staalesen, GunnarBitter FlowersTranslated
• Sten, VivecaBuried in SecretTranslated
Stratmann, LindaSherlock Holmes and the Explorers' Club (ebook only)Historical
• Thompson, DerekWest Country Murder (ebook only)
Tope, RebeccaThe Threlkeld Theory
• Tyce, HarrietIt Ends At Midnight
• Unge, ChristianA Grain of TruthTranslated
Upson, NicolaDear Little CorpsesHistorical
• Veste, LucaYou Never Said Goodbye
Walker, MartinTo Kill a Troubadour
• Walker, RosieThe House Fire
• Weatherley, Anna-LouThe Night of the Party
• Welsh, LouiseThe Second Cut
• White, NicolaThe Burning Boy
• Wood, TrevorDead End Street
• Woods, KarenTease
• Wright, Adam JHouse of the Dead (ebook only)

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