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Releases in 2022 (First Novel)

Published in the UK during 2022.

• Bartlett, GrahamBad for GoodFirst Novel
• Berry, FreyaThe Dictator's WifeFirst Novel
• Bonner, SarahHer Perfect TwinFirst Novel
• Byatt, MandyJust Another LiarFirst Novel
• Chandler, NatalieBelieve Me NotFirst Novel
• Cheshire, MahiDeadly CureFirst Novel
• Coffey, EdelBreaking PointFirst Novel
• Coles, RichardMurder Before EvensongFirst Novel
• Cooper, N ARipple Effect (ebook only)First Novel
• Cronin, AmyBlinding LiesFirst Novel
• Eccleston, M HThe TrustFirst Novel
• Fitt, Heather JOpen Your Eyes (ebook only)First Novel
• Ford, S JThe ChoiceFirst Novel
• Freire, Natalia GarcíaThis World Does Not Belong to UsTranslated, First Novel
• Gee, BrianMurder at the Seaside (ebook only)First Novel
• Giuliani, C PThe Road to Murder (ebook only)First Novel, Historical
• Hall, J MA Spoonful of MurderFirst Novel
• Hennigan, RosemaryThe Truth Will OutFirst Novel
• Higson, CharlieWhatever Gets You Through the NightFirst Novel
• Hindle, TomA Fatal CrossingHistorical, First Novel
• Holland, SamThe Echo ManFirst Novel
• Kelly, E VHer Last WordsFirst Novel
• Kershaw, ScottThe GameFirst Novel
• Khavari, KateA Botanist's Guide to Parties and PoisonsHistorical, First Novel
• King, HannahShe and IFirst Novel
• Lutz, JackLondon in BlackFirst Novel
• McCulloch, AmyBreathlessFirst Novel
• Munro, T OrrBreakneck PointFirst Novel
• Perdue, GillThe InterviewFirst Novel
• Rautianen, PetraLand of Snow and AshesFirst Novel, Translated
• Rodríguez, PaulaUrgent MattersTranslated, First Novel
• Shrager, RosemaryThe Last SupperFirst Novel
• Sutherland, JacquelineThe Coffin ClubFirst Novel
• Sutherland, JohnThe SiegeFirst Novel
• Tobin, SamCall the ShotsFirst Novel
• Ulstein, Silje OReptile MemoirsFirst Novel, Translated
• Van Rensburg, LaureNobody But UsFirst Novel
• Watson, F JDark HunterFirst Novel, Historical
• Webb, LizThe DaughterFirst Novel
• Williams, StephenThe Skin CodeFirst Novel
• Worrall, PatrickThe PartisanFirst Novel, Historical

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