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Published in the UK during 2024.

• Abell, StigDeath in a Lonely Place
• Adams, JaneThe Nail
Adams, WillThe Beowulf Murders (ebook only)
• Ægisdóttir, Eva BjörgBoys Who HurtTranslated
• Ailes, KatDead Tired
• Alexander, MagdaMurder at a FuneralHistorical
• Alexander, MagdaThe Case of the Stray StickpinHistorical
• Allan, ClaireThe Affair
• Allen, HaniaThe Maze
• Allingham, MerrynThe Library MurdersHistorical
• Alsterdal, ToveDeep HarbourTranslated
• Amphlett, RachelA Burning Question
• Amphlett, RachelHangman's Gap
• Amphlett, RachelThree Ways to Die
• Amsinck, HeidiBack From the Dead
• Arlidge, M JThe Wrong Child (with Julia Crouch)
• Atkinson, HeatherA Savage Betrayal
• Atkinson, HeatherLegacy (ebook only)
Atkinson, KateDeath at the Sign of the Rook
• Aubrey, DanielDark IslandFirst Novel
• Bagshawe, TillyThe Secret Keepers
• Bailey, JayeThe Killing Pages
• Bailey, MurraySingapore Rain (ebook only)
• Baker, J ALittle Boy Gone
• Baker, J AThe Passenger (apa In The Dying Minutes (2020))
• Baker, J AThe Perfect Parents
• Baldwin, JackieMurder at Whiteadder House
• Barnes, CharlotteA True Crime
• Barnes, KerryBitter Enemies (ebook only)
• Barnes, KerryNeeds Must
• Bartlett, GrahamCity on Fire
• Baylis, EdieTrusting Blood
Beaton, M CAgatha Raisin: Killing Time (with R W Green)
Beaton, M CDeath of a Spy
• Bell, AliceDispleasure Island
• Belle, KimberlyThe Paris Widow
• Belshaw, T AMurder on the MedwayHistorical
• Bennett, S JA Death in DiamondsHistorical
• Bettany, JaneMurder at Maple Grange
• Bettany, JaneMurder at the Book Festival
• Bickford, DavidArctic Betrayal
• Bickford, DavidThe Informer
Billingham, MarkThe Wrong Hands
• Bishop, D VA Divine FuryHistorical
Black, CaraMurder at la Villette
• Black, KatherineA Most Malicious Messenger
• Black, KatherineA Most Unusual DemiseFirst Novel
• Black, RickyStreet Deeds
• Blake, DavidSwanton Morley
• Blake, MatthewAnna OFirst Novel
• Blake, SamThree Little Birds
• Blómkvist, StellaMurder Under the Midnight SunTranslated
• Boland, ShaliniThe Honeymoon
• Boland, ShaliniThe School Reunion
• Bond, MarthaMurder in the Bay
• Bond, MarthaMurder in the MazeHistorical
• Bottini, OliverThe White Circle
• Boyd, DamienFrom the Ashes
• Bradley, RebeccaShattered Silence (ebook only)
• Brady, RicCold Case on the Moor
• Brent, KatyThe Murder After the Night Before
Brett, SimonBlotto, Twinks and the Phantom SkiersHistorical
• Bright, VerityA Death in VeniceHistorical
• Bright, VerityMurder in MayfairHistorical
Brody, FrancesSix Motives for MurderHistorical
• Brolly, MattThe Alliance
• Brook, LeeBeneath the Surface
• Brook, LeeThe Blonde Delilah
• Brook, LeeThe Bone Saw Ripper
• Brook, LeeThe Echoes of Silence
• Brook, LeeThe New Forest Village Book Club
• Brook, LeeThe Stalker's Twisted Game
• Brookes, DawnMurder in a Care Home
• Brown, BenedictA Novel Way to KillHistorical
• Brown, BenedictThe Castleton AffairHistorical
• Brown, BenedictThe Hurtwood Village MurdersHistorical
• Brown, BenedictThe Puzzle of Parham HouseHistorical
Bruce, AlisonBecause She Looked Away
• Buchholz, SimoneThe KitchenTranslated
• Buckley, FionaTo Seize a QueenHistorical
• Bugler, SheilaDark Road Home
• Bull, JessicaMiss Austen InvestigatesHistorical, First Novel
• Burton, Sarah & Poster, JemEliza MaceHistorical
• Bussi, MichelNothing Can Erase YouTranslated
• Butler, D SBefore the Dawn
• Callaghan, JoLeave No Trace
• Calvey, LindaFaith
• Campbell, AJDid I Kill My Husband?
• Campbell, AJMy Perfect Marriage
• Campling, MichaelLawful Duty
• Carroll, B MOne of Us is Missing (ebook only)
• Carson, JohnIce Into Ashes
Carter, ChrisThe Death Watcher
• Cartmel, AndrewAshram Assassin
• Cartmel, AndrewNoise Floor
• Cartwright, JackA Secret To Die For
• Cartwright, JackInto Death's Arms
• Casey, JaneA Stranger in the Family
Chambers, KimberleyThe Brothers
• Chapman, JuliaDate with Justice
• Charles, K JDeath in the SpiresHistorical
Charlton, KarenThe Resurrection MysteryHistorical
• Chase, ClareMystery on Meadowsweet Grove
• Chase, EveThe Midnight Hour
• Chaudhuri, A AUnder Her Roof
• Chester, FlissDeath in the CryptHistorical
Child, LeeIn Too Deep (with Andrew Child)
• Chowdhury, AjayThe Spy
• Christer, SamJasmine, Rose Petals and Murder (ebook only)
• Clarke, WendyThe Garden Party
Cleeves, AnnThe Dark Wives
Clements, RoryMunich WolfHistorical
• Coffey, EdelIn Her Place
• Coles, CatherineDeath at Lovers' Leap
• Coles, RichardMurder at the Monastery
• Comley, M ARevenge Streak
Connolly, JohnThe Instruments of Darkness
• Cooksley, JodyThe Small MuseumHistorical
• Coombs, AlexDeath in Nonna's Kitchen
• Corry, JaneI Died on a Tuesday
• Costello, IrisThe Story Collector
Craig, JamesThe Lesson
• Craven, Mike/M WThe Mercy Chair
• Creed, BenMan of BonesHistorical
• Cress, Penelope & Higgs, SteveDeath by Dickens
• Cress, Penelope & Higgs, SteveDeath of an Ice Cream Salesman (ebook only)
• Critchlow, HeatherUnburied
• Croft, KathrynThe Girl in Room 12
• Dahl, AlexGirl Friends
• Dalgliesh, J MThe Cuillin Dead (ebook only)
• Dalgliesh, J MThe Talisker Dead
Dams, Jeanne MVillage Politics Can Be Murder
Davis, LindseyDeath on the TiberHistorical
• Davison, AnitaMurder in the LibraryHistorical
Dawson, MarkBloodlands
Dawson, MarkDead of Winter (ebook only)
Daykin, JudiThe Wild Thyme Farm Murder
• Dean, AbigailDay One
• Dean, JohnTo Catch a Lie
• Dean, WillThe Chamber
• Delargy, JamesInto the Flames
• Dixon, HelenaMurder at the Island HotelHistorical
• Dixon, HelenaMurder on the French RivieraHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulBanners of HellHistorical
• Dolby, HannahHow to Solve Murders Like a LadyHistorical
• Donovan, RoseMurder in a MaskHistorical
• Douglas, ClaireThe Wrong Sister
• Douglas, StuartDeath at the Dress Rehearsal
• Dounaeva, LornaThe Perfect Housemate
• Dounaeva, LornaThe Wife's Mistake
• Dranfield, WendyGrave Mountain
• Dunne, MichelleThe Good Girl
• Durrant, Helen HDig Two Graves
• Dylan, MichaelTalking of the Dead
• Dylan, RhysA Matter of Evidence
• Dylan, RhysThe Light Remains
• East, PhilippaA Guilty Secret
• Edvinsson, AnkiThe MermaidTranslated
• Edwards, MarkThe Darkest Water
• Ellis, EmmyCrushed
• Ellis, EmmyGrabbed
• Ellis, EmmyRabbit
• Ellis, EmmyRansack
• Ellis, EmmyRazored
• Ellis, EmmyReflect
• Ellis, EmmyRhombus
• Ellis, EmmyRijzen
• Ellis, EmmySkinned
• Ellis, EmmySunk
• Ellis, EmmyThe Blade Killer
• Ellis, EmmyThe Sledgehammer Killer
• Ellis, J RThe Canal Murders
Ellis, JoyAn Aura of Mystery
Ellis, JoyThe Colour of Mystery
Ellory, Roger Jon/R JThe Bell Tower
• Emerson, TraceyThe Last Resort (as T J Emerson)
• English, RachaelWhatever Happened to Birdy Troy?
• Engman, PascalThe WidowsTranslated
• Enright, RobertBlood Money
• Enright, RobertDon't Say A Word
• Everett, F LMurder on StageHistorical
• Field, DavidThe Assassination PlayersHistorical
• Field, DavidThe Slaughtered WidowHistorical
• Field, DavidUnhallowed Ground
• Fields, HelenProfile K
• Finnegan, TrishBaby Blues (ebook only)
Fitzek, SebastianThe Eye HunterTranslated
FitzGerald, HelenHalfway House
• Flatland, HelgaToxicTranslated
• Fletcher, SusanThe Night in Question
• Fletcher, TomThe Assassin
• Foley, LucyThe Midnight Feast
• Ford, P FA Body Under the Bridge
• Ford, P FDeath by Kitchen Sink
• Ford, P FDeath by Night
• Ford, P FDeath by Plane
• Ford, P FDeath by Telephone Box
• Ford, P FDeath in a Skip
• Ford, P FDeath in the River
• Ford, P FDeath in Wild Boar Woods
• Ford, P FDeath of a Pensioner
• Fortin, SueThe Missing Wife
• Fraine, A LAn Ill Wind
• Frank, MatthewThe Woman Who Fell
• Frankland, MariaI Let Her In
• Frear, CazFive Bad Deeds
French, NicciHas Anyone Seen Charlotte Salter?
French, TanaThe Hunter
• Freud, EmilyHer Last Summer
• Furniss, JoDead Mile
• Gallagher, CharlieThe Girls Upstairs
• Galloway, K TStill Waters
• Galloway, K TVanishing Act
• Gardner, FrankInvasion
• Gatland, JackBroad Sword
• Gatland, JackCrooked Was His Cane (ebook only)
• Gatland, JackHarvest For The Reaper
• Gatland, JackStealth Strike
• Gatward, D JAshes of Betrayal (as David Gatward; ebook only)
• Gatward, D JSee No Evil
• Gauntlett, A EThe Stranger at the WeddingFirst Novel
• Gayle, KatieA Country Wedding Murder
• Gerlis, AlexEvery Spy a TraitorHistorical
• Giles, StewartEvil on the Island
• Giles, StewartFire on the Island (ebook only)
• Giles, StewartThe Loner
• Gillespie, MarkThe Lost Girl
• Giolito, Malin PerssonDeliver MeTranslated
• Giuliani, C PA Deadly ComplotHistorical
• Glyn, EvaThe Dubrovnik Book Club
• Godfrey, JennieThe List of Suspicious Things
• Gold, RobertTen Seconds
• Golden, KellyThe Perfect Teacher
• Golding, JuliaThe Persephone CodeHistorical
Gomez-Jurado, JuanBlack WolfTranslated
• Goodwin, SarahThe Yacht
• Grace, FionaA Missing GuestHistorical
• Grace, FionaA Mystery in Bloom: Murder in the Marigolds
• Grace, FionaA Scandalous DeathHistorical
• Grace, FionaAn Impossible HeistHistorical
• Grace, FionaAn Unsolvable CrimeHistorical
• Graham, R LDeath on the LusitaniaHistorical
Gray, AlexOut of Darkness
• Grayson, C JTaken From Her Home
• Greene, MorganSavage Ridge
• Greene, MorganThe Devil in the Dark (ebook only)
• Greene, MorganThe Hiss of the Snake
• Greene, MorganThe Trade
• Greenwood, RossDeath in Bacton Wood
• Greig, Andrew JamesSilent Ritual
• Greig, Andrew JamesThe Girl in the Loch
• Griffee, AndyTulip Murders
Griffiths, EllyThe Last Word
Griffiths, EllyThe Man in Black and Other StoriesAnthology
• Gudmundsson, OskarThe DancerTranslated
• Hall, AramintaOne of the Good Guys
• Hall, EmyliaThe Rockpool Murder
• Hall, J MA Clock Stopped Dead
• Hallett, JaniceThe Examiner
• Halsall, RonaBride and Groom
Hamdy, AdamPrivate Monaco (with James Patterson)
• Hancock, Anne MetteRuthlessTranslated
Hannah, MariThe Longest Goodbye
Hannah, SophieThe Opposite of Murder
• Hanson, LiamAll That Remains
• Hardy, KateThe Body Under the Stage
• Harper, IzzieMurder at the Summer Swim
• Harper, IzzieMurder in the Hare Meadow
• Harris, OliverThe Shame Archive
• Harris, Robert JRedfalconHistorical
• Harris, TheoBorn to Kill
• Harrow, RuthThe Guilty Girl
• Harte, StephanieDouble Trouble
• Hathaway, L BMurder and the Scent of NutmegHistorical
Hawkswood, SarahLitany of LiesHistorical
Hayder, MoBonehead
Hayes, SamMother of the Bride (as Samatha Hayes)
• Heald, RuthMy Husband's Affair
• Hedgecock, Liz & Harmon, PaulaMurder at Work
• Hedges, CarolPride & PestilenceHistorical
• Hepburn, HollyThe Missing MaidHistorical
• Hewitt, J MThe Perfect Village
• Hilary, SarahSharp Glass
• Hillman, PaulaChapel Field
Hilton, MattThe Due Season
• Hindle, TomMurder on Lake Garda
• Hodges, DavidDiamonds on the Levels
• Hodgkin, Emily JaneLife of ZannaFirst Novel
• Hollingdrake, MalcolmEdge of the Land
• Hood, D KA Song for the Dead
• Hood, D KDark Hearts
• Hood, D KEyes Tight Shut
• Horowitz, AnthonyClose to Death
• Horst, Jorn Lier & Enger, ThomasVictimTranslated
• Howard, B MBlood of the KnightsHistorical
• Hunt, RosieMurder at a Boarding School (ebook only)Historical
• Hunter, AliceBad Apple
• Hunter, EvieA Story to Strangle For (as E V Hunter)
• Hunter, EvieThe Takedown
• Hunter, M AEvery Step You Take
• Hurst, DanielThe Couple's Revenge
• Hurst, DanielThe Doctor's Child
• Hurst, DanielThe Family Trip
• Hurst, DanielThe Wife's Baby
• Hurst, MarkMy Partner's Friend
• Hussey, WilliamJericho's Dead
• Jackson, DouglasBlood RosesHistorical
• Jackson, GillianThe Dead Husband
• James, AlisonJust the Nicest Family
• James, EdWith Soul So Dead (ebook only)
• James, EvelynDeath at the Sun ClubHistorical
• James, Jane EThe Godmother
• James, P CRamsay and the Smuggling RingHistorical
James, PeterThey Thought I Was Dead: Sandy's Story
• Janet, C LThe Lies Beneath Us
• Jenkins, VictoriaThe Open Marriage
• Jenkins, VictoriaYour Perfect Life
• Jensen, LouiseThe Intruders
• Jensen, OskarHelle and Death
• Johnsen, Kjersti HerlandChristmas at Glitter Peak LodgeTranslated
• Johnson, AlanDeath on the Thames
• Johnston, AnthonyThe Dog Sitter Detective Takes the Lead
Jonasson, RagnarDeath at the SanitoriumTranslated
• Jones, ConradCuckoos on the Mersey 3
• Jones, Dylan HHear Her Scream
• Jones, SandieThe Trade Off
• Jordan, G RA Rock 'n' Roll Murder (ebook only)
• Jordan, G RDeath of the Witch (ebook only)
• Jordan, G RScrambled Eggs (ebook only)
• Jordan, G RThe Esoteric Tear
• Jordan, JackRedemption
• Kabler, JackieThe Life Sentence
• Kane, AlexTwo Sisters
• Kara, LesleyThe Other Tenant
• Kasasian, M R CThe Montford ManiacHistorical
• Kaukonen, MarttaFollow the ButterflyTranslated
• Kaya, KerryDownfall
• Keel, EllieThe FourFirst Novel
Kelly, ErinThe House of Mirrors
• Kent, TonyThe Shadow Network
• Keogh, ValerieThe Mistress
• Keogh, ValerieThe Mother
• Kidd, MichelleThree Broken Bodies
• Kildare, KittyDeath at the Drunken DuckHistorical
• Kildare, KittyDeath at the Fireside InnHistorical
• Kinder, GomeryAssassin of London
• Kinder, GomeryLondon Lies Bleeding
• Kinsey, T EAn Assassination on the AgendaHistorical
• Kirk, JDWhere the Pieces Lie
• Kirwan, CatherineA Lesson in Malice
Kitson, BillDeath Sentence
• Koomson, DorothyEvery Smile You Fake
• Kovach, CarlaHer Last Goodbye
• Kovach, CarlaOn a Quiet Street
• Kurkov, AndreyThe Silver BoneHistorical, Translated
Lackberg, CamillaThe CuckooTranslated
• Lancaster, MaryPetteril's PortraitHistorical
• Lancaster, MaryPetteril's WifeHistorical
• Lancaster, NeilThe Devil You Know
• Lane, Anna SayburnDeath at ChelseaHistorical
• Lane, Anna SayburnThe Soho Jazz MurdersHistorical
• Leadbeater, DavidThe Traitor's Gold
Leather, StephenStanding Strong
• Lee, M JThe Coffin in the Wall
• Lee, M JWhat the Dead Want
• Lees, GeorginaTrue Crime
• Leigh, JudyBloodshed on the Boards
• Leitch, FionaThe Cornish Campsite Murder
• Lemaitre, PierreThe Great SnakeTranslated
• Lewis, J GUnholy SanctuaryHistorical
Lewis, SusanA Sicilian Affair
Lindsay, DouglasThe Last Great Detective
Lindsay, DouglasThe Vikstrom Papers: Restoration Man
• Lloyd, ElleryThe Final Act of Juliette Willoughby
• Logan, TMThe Dream Home
• Louth, NickThe Two Deaths of Ruth Lyle
• Lowe, AliThe School Run
• Lowe, AndrewTender is the North
• Lussey, KenThe Eye of HorusHistorical
• Luther, MaxOn the Run
• Lynch, RachelShared Remains
• Lyndon, AdamThe Chalk Man
• Lynes, S EThe Split
MacBride, Stuart/Stuart BIn a Place of Darkness
• MacIntyre, ColinWhen the Needle Drops
• Mackay, NikiThe Sweetheart Killer (as NJ Mackay)
• Mackenzie, M RThe Reckoning
• MacLeod, ShéaLady Rample and the Lady in the LakeHistorical
• Madeley, RichardFather's Day
• Mahmood, ImranFinding Sophie
Maitland, KarenA Plague of Serpents (as K J Maitland)Historical
• Maloney, CatherineCrime in the Salon
• Mancini, RuthThe Woman on the Ledge
• Manning, NinaHer Last Summer
• Mara, AndreaSomeone in the Attic
Mariani, ScottThe Golden Library
• Mark, DavidWhen the Bough Breaks
• Markin, WesThe Graveyard Killings
• Markin, WesThe Secret Diary of Lacey Ray
• Markin, WesThe Winter Killings
• Marley, LouiseMurder at Ravenswood House
• Marlow, NatalieThe Red HollowHistorical
• Marris, GayA Curtain Twitcher's Book of MurderHistorical, First Novel
• Marsh, BeezyQueen of DiamondsHistorical
• Marsh, KatieMurder on the Dancefloor
• Marsons, AngelaGuilty Mothers
Marston, Edward/A EMurder in TransitHistorical
Marston, Edward/A ESpring OffensiveHistorical
• Martin, AllanThe Dead of Oban
• Martin, FaithMurder by CandlelightHistorical
• Martin, FaithMurder On the Train
• Maslen, AndyThe Seventh Girl
• Maslen, AndyThe Unseen Sister
• Mason, KellyA Mystery at Moor HouseHistorical
• Mason, SimonLost and Never Found
• Masters, S RHow to Kill with Kindness
• Matheson, NadineThe Kill List
• Matsumoto, SeichoPoint ZeroTranslated
• McCleave, SimonDead in the Water
• McCleave, SimonThe Chester Killings
• McCleave, SimonThe Drowning Isle
• McCleave, SimonThe Llangollen Killings
• McDine, A JThe Baby
McGowan, ClaireTruth Truth Lie
• McIlroy, AliceThe Glass WomanFirst Novel
• McLean, RachelDeath at St Paul's Cathedral (with Millie Ravensworth)
• McLean, RachelDeath on the Thames (with Millie Ravensworth)
• McLean, RachelThe Cairn (with Joel Hames)
• McLean, RachelThe Mine (with Joel Hames)
McPherson, CatrionaDeep Beneath Us
McPherson, CatrionaThe Witching HourHistorical
• McPhillips, FionaWhen We Were SilentFirst Novel
• McTiernan, DervlaWhat Happened to Nina?
• Menuhin, Karen BaughThe Twelve Saints of ChristmasHistorical
• Meyrick, DenzilThe Estate
• Miller, C LThe Antique Hunter's Guide to MurderFirst Novel
• Mir, SaimaVengeance
• Mistry, LizThe Blood Promise
• Mitchell, CarolineThe Last Guest House
Mitchell, Dreda SayGirl, Missing (with Ryan Carter)
• Moore, IanDeath in le Jardin
• Moray, KeithThe Minstrel's MaladyHistorical
• Morgan, Anna-MarieMurder in the Bookkeeper's Attic (ebook only)
• Morgan, Anna-MarieThe Powys Murders
• Morgan, PhoebeThe Trip
• Morris, M SVigil for the Dead
• Morrison, LynnThe Cryptic Cold CaseHistorical
• Morrison, LynnThe Roman RiddleHistorical
• Morton, MandyThe Suspicions of Mr Whisker
• Mosse, GregMurder at the Theatre
• Mosse, GregThe Coming Storm
• Mount, ToniThe Colour of SinHistorical
• Mróz, RemigiuszFinal AppealTranslated
• Mukherjee, AbirHunted
• Murphy, MartinaThe Reckoning
Murphy, PeterWith the Passage of Time
• Murray, Andrew HunterA Beginner's Guide to Breaking and Entering
• Murrin, OrlandoKnife Skills for BeginnersFirst Novel
Myers, AmyMurder at Tanton Towers
• Nadal, JayStakes Are High
• Nadel, BarbaraThe Darkest Night
• Nagendra, HariniA Nest of VipersHistorical
• Negus, TrevorThe First Cut
• Neill, FionaThe Haven
• New, JacquelineHand of the Wolf
• New, JacquelineStrains of Innocence
• Newport, Christie JThe Ordinary Man
• Nicholl, JohnThe Holiday
• Nixon, KeithA Deadly Truth
• Noel, Sarah FA Discerning WomanHistorical
• Noel, Sarah FAn Audacious WomanHistorical
• Nore, AslakThe Sea CemeteryTranslated
• Norek, OlivierBetween Two WorldsTranslated
• North, ElyHappy Camp: Discipline, Godliness, Fun
• North, L CClickbait
• North, LaurenThe Teacher's Secret
• O'Brien, JennyRoses for the Dead
• O'Connor, CarleneMurder at an Irish Chipper
• Organ, EmilyMurder on the ThamesHistorical
• Organ, EmilyThe Baker Street MurdersHistorical
• O'Sullivan, DarrenThe Night They Stole My Baby
Oswald, JamesFor Our Sins
• Paris, B AThe Guest
Pastor, BenThe Venus of SaloHistorical
• Pearce, BibaThe Frost Killer (with L T Ryan)
• Penney, StefThe Long Water
• Perrin, KristenHow to Solve Your Own MurderFirst Novel
• Phifer, HelenHer Lost Soul
• Phifer, HelenThe Girls on Floor 13
• Pinfold, JezThe Stolen Girls
• Pitoniak, AnnaThe Helsinki Affair
• Probyn, JackDeath's Kiss
• Probyn, JackDeath's Taste
• Puleston, StephenLooking Good Dead
• Purcell, M AFinding Hannah
• Quinn, CateThe Clinic
• Ramsay, DanielleThe Other Wife
• Raymond, AndrewCold Open (ebook only)
• Raymond, AndrewThe Last Albion
Rayne, SarahThe Murderer Inside the MirrorHistorical
• Reed, HJA Fatal Pact
• Reynolds, AmandaHer Husband's Lie
• Reynolds, AmandaThe Wife's Secret
• Rhodes, TylerA Comedy of Terrors
• Richards, MarkThe Hanged Woman (with E S Richards)
• Richards, S JThe Corruption Code
• Richell, HannahThe Search Party
Ridpath, MichaelWhale Fjord
• Rigby, SallyDeath's Shadow
• Rigby, SallyMurder at Land's End
• Rigby, SallyThe Hidden Graves of St Ives
• Rinder, RobThe Suspect
• Robards, KarenSome Murders in BerlinHistorical
Robertson, CraigThe Trials of Marjorie Crowe (as C S Robertson)
• Robinson, BrookeThe Negotiator
• Robotham, MandyThe Hidden StorytellerHistorical
Robotham, MichaelStorm Child
• Rose, M LLooking For You
• Ross, L JDeath Rocks
• Ross, L JPanic
Rowson, PaulineDeath on BoardHistorical
Russell, LeighPoppy Takes the Lead
Russell, LeighRevenge Killing
• Rutherford, RobertSeven Days
• Ryan, ChrisTraitor
• Ryan, OMJDeadly Inferno
• Ryan, SadieThe Proposal
• Ryan, SadieThe Secretary
• Ryder, JessThe Villa
• Salisbury, EmmaOne Good Reason (ebook only)
• Salter, MichelleMurder at Merewood HospitalHistorical
• Sampson, FreyaNosy Neighbours
• Samuel, PeterA Love to RememberHistorical
• Sargeant, RachelHer Deadly Friend
• Saxon, DianeThe Good Twin
Scarrow, AlexA Monster Among Us
• Schmidt, Joachim BKalmann and the Sleeping MountainTranslated
• Seeck, MaxGhost IslandTranslated
• Sellers, DanielMurder on the Clyde
Seymour, GeraldThe Best Revenge
• Shapiro, IrinaMurder at Traitors' GateHistorical
• Shapiro, IrinaThe Highgate Cemetery MurderHistorical
Sharp, ZoeThe Girl in the Dark
Shaw, WilliamThe Wild Swimmers
• Shenjé, KuchengaThe Library ThiefFirst Novel, Historical
• Sherwood, KimA Spy Like Me
• Shroff-Shah, MeetiA Matrimonial Murder
• Siciliano, SamThe Gentleman BurglarHistorical
• Sigurdardottir, LiljaDark as NightTranslated
Sigurdardottir, YrsaCan't Run, Can't HideTranslated
• Silva, JoDeath Comes to St Ives
Simms, ChrisMidnight Rambler
• Simpson, CarlaA Deadly DeceptionHistorical
• Sinclair, J RThe Games People Play (ebook only)
• Sinclair, RobRogue Hero
• Sivers, DavePrice to Pay
• Skuse, C JThorn In My Side
• Smith, AlexTruly Madly Deadly
Smith, Fiona VeitchThe Pyramid MurdersHistorical
• Smith, MirandaThe Writer
• Smith, NikkiThe Guests
• Smithson, L DThe Escape RoomFirst Novel
• Spain, JoThe Trial
Speechley, RubyGuilty
• Spencer, TomThe Mystery of the Crooked ManFirst Novel
Staalesen, GunnarPursued by DeathTranslated
• Stacey, L HBuried Secrets
• Stacey, L HThe Accident
Staincliffe, CathThe Fells
• Steel, HarrietRetreat from NualaHistorical
Steen, JaneLady Ambition's DilemmaHistorical
• Stewart, LauraDeath at the Hunting Lodge
• Stockham, AlisonThe New Girl
• Stone, DanHidden Enemy
Stratmann, LindaSherlock Holmes and the Duelling DukesHistorical
Stratmann, LindaSherlock Holmes and the Mycroft IncidentHistorical
• Sullivan, TimThe Teacher
• Sutton, AnnVillage Fetes Can Be MurderHistorical
• Sutton, PaulaThe Potting Shed MurderFirst Novel
• Sweet, JonnyThe Kellerby CodeFirst Novel
• Tait, VictoriaVanilla Chai and a Vanishing Victim
• Tallon, EmmaHer Feud
• Tay, TaniaThe Other WomanFirst Novel
• Taylor, C LEvery Move You Make
• Taylor, MarsaliDeath at a Shetland Festival
• Taylor, StephenWon't Stay Dead
• Teague, Paul JThe Killing Circle
• Thomas, RussSleeping Dogs
Thomas, ScarlettThe Sleepwalkers
• Thorogood, RobertThe Queen of Poisons
Tickler, PeterThe Tickler's Jam Murders Historical
• Tierney, MarieDeadly AnimalsFirst Novel
• Tobin, SamSettle the Score
• Todd, MarionBridges to Burn
Tope, RebeccaThe Borrowdale Body
• Torrance, GaynorThe Boy in the Reeds
Tremayne, PeterMade for MurdersAnthology, Historical
• Trinchieri, CamillaThe Road to Murder
Trow, M JMoon RisingHistorical
• Tuomainen, AnttiThe Burning StonesTranslated
• Turner, M KAn Ill Wind
• Tyce, HarrietA Lesson in Cruelty
• Unge, ChristiantbcTranslated
• Vickery, SamThe Child at My Door
• Vincent, YvonneGame of Trust
• Vingtras, MarieBlizzardTranslated
• Walker, FionaThe Village Detectives and the Art of Murder
Walker, MartinA Grave in the Woods
• Walker, RosieMy Husband's Ex
• Walker, RosieThe Baby Monitor
• Wallace, JoannaThe Dead Friend Project
• Waller, AnitaThe Girls Next Door
• Walsh, BridgetThe InnocentsHistorical
• Walter, B PThe Garden Party
Ward, SarahDeath Rites
Ward, SarahThe Vanishing Act
• Warren, NancyDeath at Darrington ManorHistorical
• Warren, NancyMurder at the Paris Fashion HouseHistorical
Wassmer, JulieMurder at the Allotment
• Watson, ChristieMoral Injuries
• Watson, SueYou, Me, Her
• Weatherley, Anna-LouThe Housewife's Secret
• Webb, KateLaying Out the Bones
• Wells, KateA Body by the Henhouse
• Wells, KateStranger in the Village
• Welsh, LouiseTo the Dogs
Westerson, JeriThe Twilight QueenHistorical
• Weston, KateYou May Now Kill the Bride
• Whitaker, ChrisAll the Colours of the Dark
• White, S RWhite Ash Ridge
• Whitehouse, LucieLast Witness
• Whitelaw, JonathanThe Concert Hall Killer
Wignall, KevinThe First Death of Winter
• Wilkes, ElenaThe Broken Marriage
• Wilkinson, DianaThe Girl in Seat 2a
Wilkinson, KerryThe Call
• Williams, JenThe Hungry Dark
• Williams, T AMurder at the Leaning Tower
• Williams, T AMurder in Portofino
• Williams, T AMurder on the Italian Riviera
• Wilson, AlexandraThe WitnessFirst Novel
• Wilson, EdwardFarewell Dinner for a SpyHistorical
• Wingate, MartyA Body at the Dance HallHistorical
• Wingate, MartyA Body at the SéanceHistorical
• Wingate, MartyA Body on the DoorstepHistorical
Winspear, JacquelineThe Comfort of GhostsHistorical
• Wolf, RachelFive NightsFirst Novel
• Wood, MichaelThe Mind of a Murderer
• Woodbury, SarahThe Admirable PhysicianHistorical
• Woods, KarenThe Trade
• Woods, KarenThe Truth
• Wray, C JThe Excitements
• Wyer, CarolA Soul for a Soul
• Yarwood-Lovett, SarahA Trace of Hares
• Yokomizo, SeishiThe Little Sparrow MurdersTranslated
• Young, DebbieDriven to Murder
• Yuzuki, AsakoButterTranslated
• Zander-Howell, PeterDeath of a SafebreakerHistorical
• Zander-Howell, PeterDemands with MenacesHistorical
• Zander-Howell, PeterThe Amateur DetectiveHistorical

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