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Releases in 2024 (Historical)

Published in the UK during 2024.

• Alexander, MagdaMurder at a FuneralHistorical
• Alexander, MagdaThe Case of the Stray StickpinHistorical
• Allingham, MerrynThe Library MurdersHistorical
• Belshaw, T AMurder on the MedwayHistorical
• Bennett, S JA Death in DiamondsHistorical
• Bishop, D VA Divine FuryHistorical
• Bond, MarthaMurder in the MazeHistorical
Brett, SimonBlotto, Twinks and the Phantom SkiersHistorical
• Bright, VerityA Death in VeniceHistorical
• Bright, VerityMurder in MayfairHistorical
Brody, FrancesSix Motives for MurderHistorical
• Brown, BenedictA Novel Way to KillHistorical
• Brown, BenedictThe Castleton AffairHistorical
• Brown, BenedictThe Hurtwood Village MurdersHistorical
• Brown, BenedictThe Puzzle of Parham HouseHistorical
• Buckley, FionaTo Seize a QueenHistorical
• Bull, JessicaMiss Austen InvestigatesFirst Novel, Historical
• Burton, Sarah & Poster, JemEliza MaceHistorical
• Charles, K JDeath in the SpiresHistorical
Charlton, KarenThe Resurrection MysteryHistorical
• Chester, FlissDeath in the CryptHistorical
Clements, RoryMunich WolfHistorical
• Cooksley, JodyThe Small MuseumHistorical
• Creed, BenMan of BonesHistorical
Davis, LindseyDeath on the TiberHistorical
• Davison, AnitaMurder in the LibraryHistorical
• Dixon, HelenaMurder at the Island HotelHistorical
• Dixon, HelenaMurder on the French RivieraHistorical
Doherty, P C/PaulBanners of HellHistorical
• Dolby, HannahHow to Solve Murders Like a LadyHistorical
• Donovan, RoseMurder in a MaskHistorical
• Everett, F LMurder on StageHistorical
• Field, DavidThe Assassination PlayersHistorical
• Field, DavidThe Slaughtered WidowHistorical
• Gerlis, AlexEvery Spy a TraitorHistorical
• Giuliani, C PA Deadly ComplotHistorical
• Golding, JuliaThe Persephone CodeHistorical
• Grace, FionaA Missing GuestHistorical
• Grace, FionaA Scandalous DeathHistorical
• Grace, FionaAn Impossible HeistHistorical
• Grace, FionaAn Unsolvable CrimeHistorical
• Graham, R LDeath on the LusitaniaHistorical
• Harris, Robert JRedfalconHistorical
• Hathaway, L BMurder and the Scent of NutmegHistorical
Hawkswood, SarahLitany of LiesHistorical
• Hedges, CarolPride & PestilenceHistorical
• Hepburn, HollyThe Missing MaidHistorical
• Howard, B MBlood of the KnightsHistorical
• Hunt, RosieMurder at a Boarding School (ebook only)Historical
• Jackson, DouglasBlood RosesHistorical
• James, EvelynDeath at the Sun ClubHistorical
• James, P CRamsay and the Smuggling RingHistorical
• Kasasian, M R CThe Montford ManiacHistorical
• Kildare, KittyDeath at the Drunken DuckHistorical
• Kildare, KittyDeath at the Fireside InnHistorical
• Kinsey, T EAn Assassination on the AgendaHistorical
• Kurkov, AndreyThe Silver BoneHistorical, Translated
• Lancaster, MaryPetteril's PortraitHistorical
• Lancaster, MaryPetteril's WifeHistorical
• Lane, Anna SayburnDeath at ChelseaHistorical
• Lane, Anna SayburnThe Soho Jazz MurdersHistorical
• Lewis, J GUnholy SanctuaryHistorical
• Lussey, KenThe Eye of HorusHistorical
• MacLeod, ShéaLady Rample and the Lady in the LakeHistorical
Maitland, KarenA Plague of Serpents (as K J Maitland)Historical
• Marlow, NatalieThe Red HollowHistorical
• Marris, GayA Curtain Twitcher's Book of MurderHistorical, First Novel
• Marsh, BeezyQueen of DiamondsHistorical
Marston, Edward/A EMurder in TransitHistorical
Marston, Edward/A ESpring OffensiveHistorical
• Martin, FaithMurder by CandlelightHistorical
• Mason, KellyA Mystery at Moor HouseHistorical
McPherson, CatrionaThe Witching HourHistorical
• Menuhin, Karen BaughThe Twelve Saints of ChristmasHistorical
• Moray, KeithThe Minstrel's MaladyHistorical
• Morrison, LynnThe Cryptic Cold CaseHistorical
• Morrison, LynnThe Roman RiddleHistorical
• Mount, ToniThe Colour of SinHistorical
• Nagendra, HariniA Nest of VipersHistorical
• Noel, Sarah FA Discerning WomanHistorical
• Noel, Sarah FAn Audacious WomanHistorical
• Organ, EmilyMurder on the ThamesHistorical
• Organ, EmilyThe Baker Street MurdersHistorical
Pastor, BenThe Venus of SaloHistorical
Rayne, SarahThe Murderer Inside the MirrorHistorical
• Robards, KarenSome Murders in BerlinHistorical
• Robotham, MandyThe Hidden StorytellerHistorical
Rowson, PaulineDeath on BoardHistorical
• Salter, MichelleMurder at Merewood HospitalHistorical
• Samuel, PeterA Love to RememberHistorical
• Shapiro, IrinaMurder at Traitors' GateHistorical
• Shapiro, IrinaThe Highgate Cemetery MurderHistorical
• Shenjé, KuchengaThe Library ThiefFirst Novel, Historical
• Siciliano, SamThe Gentleman BurglarHistorical
• Simpson, CarlaA Deadly DeceptionHistorical
Smith, Fiona VeitchThe Pyramid MurdersHistorical
• Steel, HarrietRetreat from NualaHistorical
Steen, JaneLady Ambition's DilemmaHistorical
Stratmann, LindaSherlock Holmes and the Duelling DukesHistorical
Stratmann, LindaSherlock Holmes and the Mycroft IncidentHistorical
• Sutton, AnnVillage Fetes Can Be MurderHistorical
Tickler, PeterThe Tickler's Jam Murders Historical
Tremayne, PeterMade for MurdersHistorical, Anthology
Trow, M JMoon RisingHistorical
• Walsh, BridgetThe InnocentsHistorical
• Warren, NancyDeath at Darrington ManorHistorical
• Warren, NancyMurder at the Paris Fashion HouseHistorical
Westerson, JeriThe Twilight QueenHistorical
• Wilson, EdwardFarewell Dinner for a SpyHistorical
• Wingate, MartyA Body at the Dance HallHistorical
• Wingate, MartyA Body at the SéanceHistorical
• Wingate, MartyA Body on the DoorstepHistorical
Winspear, JacquelineThe Comfort of GhostsHistorical
• Woodbury, SarahThe Admirable PhysicianHistorical
• Zander-Howell, PeterDeath of a SafebreakerHistorical
• Zander-Howell, PeterDemands with MenacesHistorical
• Zander-Howell, PeterThe Amateur DetectiveHistorical

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