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Jones, J Sydney - 'Basic Law'
Paperback: 326 pages (Apr. 2015) Publisher: Mysteriouspress.Com/Open Road ISBN: 1497690471

Renata Muller, one time head of the Green coalition in the German parliament, on the far left politically and a campaigning Journalist, has committed suicide.

A former lover, journalist Sam Kramer does not believe Reni is the suicide type. He then finds that he has been named in her will as the executor of her literary estate. The only problem is, the promised memoirs do not seem to exist.

Sam talks to Kommissor Boehm of the police bureau, but he does not believe that there has been a crime committed. He also talks with Reni's father who is mystified why she would take her own life. He also does not know where her husband is, he has gone missing. However from a neighbour of Reni's, Sam learns there was a car seen outside her house, the night she died. Sam believes she was going to expose people in high office who had been involved in far right wing politics and ex-Nazis.

Has Reni been killed? Or could it possibly be something that goes back to 1968 when Reni, Sam and five other like-minded politically activated people, went to Prague to embarrass the Russian invaders. One of the seven, Maria was arrested, when their plan went wrong, and was never seen again. Sam and Randall (one of the seven friends) start to investigate, little realising the trouble they will be in.

This is the second book I've read by this excellent author. The previous book RUIN VALUE had a meaning in the title and BASIC LAW also has a meaning as you come to realise, as you get involved in the book. A very good thriller, which keeps the storyline interesting and leaves you wanting more.

Highly recommended.

Geoff Jones, England
June 2015

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