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Donovan, Michael - 'Behind Closed Doors'
Paperback: 312 pages (Apr. 2013) Publisher: Moth Publishing ISBN: 1901888894

Eddie Flynn, ex-Metropolitan police officer, is now a London based private investigator. He and his PI partner Shaughnessy and their clerical assistant Lucy keep themselves busy investigating errant husbands and advising on security issues as part of Eagle Eye Investigations.

Into the office comes a thirteen year old girl Sadie whose friend Rebecca is missing. Rebecca's parents have told Sadie that their daughter is ill but Sadie doesn't believe them. Eagle Eye are not going to become employed by a minor, but another friend of Rebecca's, an adult, Gina Redding, also believes something has happened and she employs Eddie and company.

Eddie quickly realises that other families are affected and some dangerous men are also involved. A high class escort (call girl ) has also gone missing. As Eddie gets more involved in Rebecca's disappearance, he realises that his own safety is under threat. That and keeping his long suffering girlfriend Arabel happy could prove too much...

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS has been published by a new company based in the north east of England, Moth Publishing. This is one of an initial four books to celebrate their launch. This is the first by the author, a Yorkshire man brought up in Lancashire, and a consultant engineer. Eddie Flynn is part Philip Marlowe, part Eddie Gumshoe, a likeable wisecracking guy but with a temper when roused. There is quite a bit of humour in the book, as well as violent confrontations. This is a good debut and I look forward to the author's next book. Very well recommended.

Geoff Jones, England
June 2013

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