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Fox, Kathryn - 'Blood Born'
Paperback: 352 pages (Nov. 2009) Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks ISBN: 0340933097

A teenage girl and her sister are brutally attacked and raped in their home by these mad, sadistic brothers. Both of the girls are repeatedly raped, stabbed and have their throats cut. One is killed and the other is thought to have died also, but she is shamming and pretends to be worse than she is. After the attackers have left she crawls semi-naked to a main road before collapsing. She is taken to hospital where she is treated and starts to recover.

Enter, forensic pathologist Anya Crichton who examines the victim and describes her condition to the police. It soon becomes apparent that this dreadful attack is the work of a terrible criminal gang called the Harbourn brothers. There are nine Harbourn children living with their lone mother and they have a terrible criminal reputation.

Anya has had dealings with them before, with an earlier client who had apparently committed suicide rather than give evidence against them in a criminal trial for rape. In almost all their previous arrests and potential trials, the witnesses had been threatened or attacked and had withdrawn their evidence meaning the trials had to be abandoned.

BLOOD BORN has a break neck plot with dramatic changes to the direction of the story about every chapter and as every chapter is just about four pages this is very exciting. The deadly Harbourn family will stop at nothing to ensure they can carry on their criminal activities, including attacking Anya. The story rushes on at an very fast pace through many red herrings until the ultimate chapter and things may not end as expected!! You just have to read this novel it is absolutely fantastic and moves like a whirlwind. More of this please.

Terry Halligan, England
January 2010

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