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Voss, Louise & Edwards, Mark - 'Catch Your Death'
Paperback: 400 pages (Jan. 2012) Publisher: Harper ISBN: 0007460708

Kate Maddox is on the run from her husband with her small son, Jack. She has left her job at Harvard, Boston, her home and life for nearly twenty years and returned to England in the hope that her husband, Vernon, will let her keep her son with her.

Shortly after her arrival in London, Kate sees a man in the street that she was told was dead. Her lover, Stephen, died in a fire at the Cold Research Unit where he worked and she was a volunteer. Stephen was a brilliant young scientist searching for a cure for the common cold and Kate had volunteered at the CRU as a way to get a free holiday in between finishing her degree and starting her post graduate research into viruses. Kate follows the man and discovers that it is Stephen's twin brother, Paul. He is delighted to meet her and asks about her memories of Stephen and is surprised when Kate tells him that she cannot remember anything from immediately before the fire. Paul shows her the last letter he received from his brother, written just before the fatal fire. In the letter, Stephen tells him about Kate and that they were keeping their relationship secret from everyone else at the unit and that they were not the only ones keeping secrets. He also writes that "Kate was right". Paul asks Kate what Stephen was referring to but Kate cannot remember.

They decide to revisit the past to try to discover what Stephen meant and also perhaps to recover Kate's memory of that time. However, they soon find that not only is Kate's husband, Vernon, on their trail but also someone who seems determined to stop them from uncovering secrets best kept buried.

CATCH YOUR DEATH is an interesting story, based on the idea of secret cells of scientists around the world trying to outdo each other by developing the deadliest viruses. If you like reading about world conspiracies and like being frightened, then you will like this.

The book was first published online, the authors becoming the first UK indie authors to reach No. 1 in the Amazon Kindle and Amazon fiction charts.

Susan White, England
February 2012

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