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Penzler, Otto (Editor) - 'Dangerous Women'
Paperback: 384 pages (May 2007) Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd ISBN: 0099493489

This marvellous new anthology brilliantly edited by Otto Penzler features stories by British authors such as Ian Rankin and Anne Perry. The Irish writer John Connolly also features, but all the other authors hail from across the pond and are of such a high calibre as Nelson DeMille, Jeffrey Deaver, Michael Connelly and many others.

Whereas in the past, reading books of short stories, I've always been rather guilty of switching from one favourite author to another, in any order. The editor of this one has linked such brilliant stories together to the theme of "Dangerous Women" that one isn't even tempted to do that. Additionally, this has introduced authors to me that I haven't read before and the experience will maybe make me look out for their books in future, which might make their publishers happy!!

We hear a story of a Scottish prison warden who fancies the girlfriend of one of the prisoners he is guarding, in a non Rebus story by Ian Rankin.

Anne Perry tells a story of the rivalry between three sisters in Oregon in 1922.

Ed McBain writes of a very unusual pick up technique in an American bar along the lines of "Why don't we kill somebody?"

Nelson DeMille draws on his experience as an ex-army officer in Vietnam to write a fascinating story about a mysterious woman sniper.

Michael Connolly writes a story with Harry Bosch and Terry McCaleb teamed up to solve a case involving a naked woman's body found in Los Angeles.

Thomas H Cook has written a strange little story about a femme fatale named Veronica, and the list goes on.

All in all a very stimulating book with stories from 17 different authors and I'll definitely look out for books edited by Otto Penzler in the future.

Terry Halligan, England
November 2007

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