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Lipska, Anya - 'Death Can't Take a Joke'
Paperback: 400 pages (Mar. 2014) Publisher: The Friday Project ISBN: 0007524404

Polish ex-builder now private investigator Janusz Kiszka is in shock. One of his oldest friends, Jim Fulford, married to a Polish woman, has been stabbed to death on his doorstep. It's a senseless killing of a friendly man who had no known enemies. Janusz tries to console Jim's wife and her sister and makes a promise to find the person responsible.

Meanwhile Detective Constable Natalie Kershaw is in Canary Wharf getting ready to join the Metropolitan police murder squad. However before she can do that, a man lands feet away from her, killed in a fall to the ground. Has he jumped from one of the high-rise buildings? There are no clues to his identity, but she finds a Polish silver coin near his body.

Who is the mystery beautiful blonde girl that is seen leaving flowers at Jim's door? She seems to be connected to a Romanian business man. Natalie is reunited with Detective Sergeant "Streaky" Bacon, and her love life has improved - she is living with a detective sergeant and they will work together occasionally.

This is the follow up novel to the excellent first book WHERE THE DEVIL CAN'T GO and this is equally compelling. As you would expect, all Polish detail is perfect food, drink and their sense of homeland. This is an excellent series and I look forward to book three. I read it after reading the latest Rebus, and thought this one was better, praise indeed! Very well recommended.

Geoff Jones, England
April 2014

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