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Bird, Nigel - 'Dirty Old Town (and other stories)'
(Kindle Edition, Jan. 2011)

DIRTY OLD TOWN is a collection of short stories by Nigel Bird. Some of the stories have previously been published online but the collection is available as a Kindle download.

Drinking Wine (Spo-Dee-Oh-Dee) - a frustrated housewife who needs to let her hair down goes on a night out on her own and finds love with someone unexpected.

Taking a Line for a Walk - an elderly school janitor working hard keep a school running properly loses his job close to retiring.

Dirty Old Town a gymnastics coach finds one of his students dead from performance enhancing drugs and wants to stop it happening to any of his other athletes.

Sea Minor a child's visit to Skye with brother Davy sitting in front because Dad wasn't coming this time.

Sisterhood when a white racist gang (Preston Chapter) terrorise Muslim women, a group of young Muslim men are intent on revenge.

One Hundred And Ten Per Cent a promising runner whose main claim to fame is his ability to run, but other opportunities are available for his skills.

Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) a father and son breaking-and-entering partnership with a young boy helping him to get a pearl necklace for his mum.

Three Little Birds Danny was a bit slow at school and is now working on a city farm gets invited to a party where he is belittled by former school friends.

Silver Street a pimp falls for one of his prostitutes and sets out to get a ring made for her.

Nigel Bird is a teacher in Scotland who writes part-time and produces the blog Sea Minor. The stories have well written plots and all have unexpected endings which are not obvious when reading them. I found the stories to be well conceived and ideal to read in ebook format. I hope that Nigel is able to write a full size novel to further develop his writing skills. Some of the short stories here could easily have been the base for a much longer book.

Paul Blackburn, Scotland
March 2011

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