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Tighe, Carl - 'Druids Hill'
Paperback: 176 pages (Nov. 2008) Publisher: Five Leaves Publications ISBN: 1905512554

Out of work journalist Emma Tulip is given evidence linking the murder in 1975 of a newspaper delivery boy and the torture and murder of a man in a house on Druids Hill in Manchester, with the discovery of a body in 2000 in Dublin harbour, of a police computer-manager who was involved in the Druids Hill case, and has been missing since the case was closed.

Emma had initially been given evidence in 1985 by a friend within the police and together with a friend who has a background in computing, they start to follow the leads which begin initially with the police chief inspector who was suddenly taken off the original investigation and retired.

In the background are the events in Chile which led to socialist president Allende being deposed and killed by the Augusto Pinochet regime and the part that America played and the apparent greed that caused many innocent lives to be lost.

At 167 pages this is a comparatively short book but is well written and researched and keeps your interest throughout. The clever device of quotes from a book supposedly written by Jaime Perez-Cervera and Maria-Dolores Jamon entitled The Little Book of the General, keeps those events in Chile from the 1970s very much in your mind.

The author's own background is fascinating. He is currently Professor of Creative Writing at Derby University and his books include history and politics relating to Poland, and also a book investigating and commenting on post war Europe and his views on democracy and our complacency following these events.

Geoff Jones, England
October 2009

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