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Garrett, AD - 'Everyone Lies'
Hardback: 432 pages (June 2013) Publisher: C & R Crime ISBN: 1780339798

This absolutely sensational book opens with Professor Nick Fennimore, who is working as a forensics lecturer at Aberdeen's Robert Gordon University, being telephoned one night by DI Kate Simms from Greater Manchester Police who is investigating why drug addicts are turning up dead, including the star of a well known TV talent contest. They both knew each other five years previously when she was in London with the Met and he was scientific advisor to the National Crime Faculty. He agrees to analyse data that she couriers up to him which produces devastating results. It seems that some of the drugged victims are apparently involved in S & M activities and are being systematically beaten by someone wielding a riding crop.

DI Kate Simms is chief investigating officer on this case, which is her first chance to show her bosses that she has what it takes to lead a major enquiry after suffering a demotion following the help she gave a colleague who then messed up. Professor Nick Fennimore has been hiding away in Scotland ever since his wife and daughter disappeared mysteriously. The forensics on this case fascinate Fennimore and he keeps flying down to Manchester to help out his former colleague. The evidence and clues are painstakingly explained by the author through these characters in this highly gripping, superior, thriller. DI Simms' superior officers are putting unbelievable pressures on her to conclude the investigation quickly and she is getting a lot of home pressures also from her husband and children. The story rushes on to its very surprising conclusion.

AD Garrett is the pseudonym for the writing collaboration of prize winning thriller writer Margaret Murphy and world-renowned forensic scientist Professor Dave Barclay. This collaboration makes a deeply complex crime plot with many forensic clues, extremely easy to understand and entirely authentic for the lay reader. However, I should point out that the crimes described in this book are very horrific and there are scenes of unimaginable barbarity which could shock some readers of a more sensitive nature. However, I believe the writers were obliged to include these scenes because the subject matter and crimes called for it. It makes for a really pulsating and gripping novel from page one until the exciting and gripping end. I could not put it down and I do hope there are many more high quality, well plotted books in the future from AD Garrett. Well recommended.

Terry Halligan, England
June 2013

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