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Weeks, Lee - 'Frozen Grave'
Paperback: 464 pages (Nov. 2014) Publisher: Simon & Schuster ISBN: 1471133605

FROZEN GRAVE is the third book in a series of by Lee Weeks featuring her detectives DI Dan Carter and DC Ebony Willis. It is every bit as good as the earlier books in the series and well worth the wait. Several of the other reviews I have read for this book say that the ending is complicated and drawn out, with the final reveal not being very clear and the killer not being very obvious. I would disagree with this, though, as I love a good puzzle and couldn't put the book down!

Someone is killing women and, while their deaths appear to be as unrelated and unconnected as the women themselves, Carter and Willis are convinced it is the same person responsible for all the deaths. At first, none of the evidence suggests this is the case, as the first body is found in a derelict building, with suspects including homeless people in the area and maybe the local gang leader too, but other deaths are in different places and it is highly unlikely that the same people are involved. Carter and Willis have a few, somewhat surprising, leads - all the women are lonely with secretive lifestyles - and have a race against time to catch the killer before they strike again.

A very interesting an unexpected storyline, I thoroughly enjoyed reading FROZEN GRAVE and have enjoyed the earlier books in this series. I am looking forward to seeing what Weeks produces next, and hope it is another instalment featuring Carter and Willis!

Highly recommended.

Amanda C M Gillies, Scotland
January 2015

Amanda blogs at
Old Dogs and New Tricks.

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