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Corley, Elizabeth - 'Innocent Blood'
Paperback: 288 pages (Apr. 2009) Publisher: Allison & Busby ISBN: 074907938X

In this latest Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Fenwick novel, DCI Fenwick now heads up the Major Crime Squad whilst newly promoted DI Louise Nightingale sets a trap for a local con man. When the arrest goes wrong after the con man goes for DS Bob Cooper with a knife and Major Jeremy Maidment shoots him with an unlicensed ex-army revolver, there appears to be more than meets the eye to the case.

DCI Fenwick is leading the 'Choir Boy' investigation into a paedophile ring, which is believed to be operating in the county. He is under pressure having kept known paedophiles under surveillance without producing any results. Given that a thirteen year old schoolboy is missing, Fenwick is under pressure from the new assistant commissioner Harper-Brown.

When a child's body is recovered after 25 years, the trail leads to Major Maidment who is not co-operating - Maidment seems to know more than he is saying. When a bag of blood stained clothes are found and linked to the Major, it looks like the paedophile ring might be exposed.

The surveillance teams don't seem to be getting anywhere fast and with pressure mounting on Fenwick to get a result, he needs answers. When mysterious messages start to arrive from someone who knows what has happened, they demand the release of Maidment or the press will be informed and soon the Chief Constable is demanding action.

With the book's themes of child abuse, paedophile rings and rent boys this can be difficult reading at times but it is definitely worth staying with the story until the end. This is the fourth Fenwick/Nightingale novel and I definitely want to read the previous books from Elizabeth Corley, and become more acquainted with these characters.

Paul Blackburn, Scotland
April 2009

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