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Poulson, Christine - 'Invisible'
Paperback: 304 pages (May 2014) Publisher: Accent Press ISBN: 178375429X

Lisa lives in the Vale of Porlock in the West Country of England. She lives with her wheelchair-bound son Ricky, who was born with cerebral palsy. Divorced from Barry and her beloved father Lawrence dead recently from a heart attack, Lisa disappears for a weekend away once a month and secretly meets with Jay. He has told her he is not married and their affair is making Lisa happy.

However what she doesn't know is that Jay is not his real name, he is on the run from a powerful man who had Jay's wife and son killed and Jay badly burned in a gas explosion. When Jay fails to turn up for one of their meetings, Lisa is understandably devastated. Then she begins to question everything Jay has told her. She is determined to find him and starts by going to the address she has for him a cottage on the Derbyshire moors, but the house has been empty for some time. Then she picks up the trail to a Newark solicitor.

Jay is determined to make Lars the ruthless man responsible for his situation pay with his life. He is using the lure of a rare, ancient Chinese piece of porcelain to get Lars on his own. Will Lisa find Jay but will it be too late? Moving between Somerset, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, London, Hong Kong, Australia and Sweden, INVISIBLE is a fast paced thriller.

The author is an academic who specialises in Art History. She has previously written a series of books featuring Cassandra James. She is a good storyteller, keeping the suspense throughout, though the villains Lars and the ex-policewoman Sandra don't seem nasty enough! However this aside I would recommend as a good read, and look forward to more from this author.

Geoff Jones, England
July 2014

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