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Black, Cara - 'Murder in the Rue de Paradis'
Paperback: 310 pages (July 2009) Publisher: Soho Press ISBN: 1569475423

Aimee Leduc gets a proposal to be married from her long-time, but often absent, lover Yves. She agrees, but after spending a wonderful night with him celebrating their engagement he is murdered, his throat slit. The police think that his death happened during a robbery and sexual assignation, but Aimee knows better and gets on the case. She is determined to find out why Yves died and who is responsible. His job as a investigative journalist, based in the Middle East, seem like a good place to start.

As she investigates, she uncovers a plot within the Turkish and Kurdish communities in Paris. It becomes evident that murder and political intrigue are key parts of the complex web which she starts to unravel. Putting her own life at risk she follows up Yves' research and leads, tracing the plot back to its origins and thwarting an assassination attempt in the process. Frustrating the Paris authorities as usual, Aimee uses her contacts and her abilities to avenge Yves' death.

This is another great book from Cara Black. Aimee is as tough as ever, spirited and cheeky in the way in which she pursues her objectives. However, she also has the fragilities and clumsiness of a real person. She forgets to charge her mobile, put petrol in the car and is generally awkward in some situations, even at times with her partner Rene. There is a lightness of touch in the writing which gives humour and personality to both Aimee and other characters in the plot, as well as conveying a vivid picture of Paris and the streets which they tread.

There is no doubt that Cara Black loves this city and it shows through all the dark grittiness of the storyline and some of the shady backstreets which she so adeptly describes! The contemporary plot with its themes of Middle-Eastern politics and terrorism is highly pertinent, particularly given the volatility and vulnerability of multicultural cities like Paris. This book once again reaffirms for me what a wonderful modern heroine Aimee is and reminds me that I must visit Paris again soon.

Amanda Brown, England
November 2009

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