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Thorne, David - 'Nothing Sacred'
Trade Paperback: 384 pages (Feb. 2015) Publisher: Corvus ISBN: 1782393633

This book is brilliant. Just brilliant. David Thorne has produced something so well-written and absorbing that, at times, it made me really angry. I was so caught up by it that the bad guys really got under my skin and made me furious. I even fumed to myself about them when I wasn't reading the book and found myself trying to think of what I would do in the situation that lawyer Daniel Connell finds himself in. Fantastic! I also love the sinister edge given to Essex. The way that the town the story is set in is never mentioned only makes it darker and the violence, that either simmers just beneath the surface or erupts to cause fear and devastation, paints a picture of an Essex that is deliciously different from the cosy one that I grew up in.

NOTHING SACRED is David Thorne's second book. His first, EAST OF INNOCENCE, is also set in Essex and is the first featuring his protagonist Daniel Connell. Daniel is a big, rough-looking lad, who lost his fancy job with a top London law firm because he stood up against the sexism aimed at his secretary. He now works for himself and while things are not too bad, he could definitely do with having more clients and a better office. In this novel, Daniel is visited by an old flame, Vicky, who needs his help. She is convinced that her home is haunted as her furniture moves by itself in the night and one morning she work up outside with no idea of how she got there. Her main reason for needing help, though, concerns her children. They woke one morning to be covered in bruises and rope marks but Vicky, again, has no idea what happened. Her children have been taken into care and her Ex wants nothing to do with her. She pleads with Daniel to help but he is at loss as to what he can do. Unable to turn down a friend, though, he tries his best and uncovers a truth that will have his blood, and yours, running cold. He is soon up to his neck in trouble and you find yourself desperate to help him, yet unable to do so.

While this is the second book in a series, there is no need to read the first one before you dive into this one. It does help give you more of an idea about Daniel and his life, though, and makes you feel so very happy for him when the story opens to reveal that he has finally found himself a girlfriend and is starting to feel really happy.

If you like your crime fiction to be a bit on the dark side, then this novel is most definitely for you.

Extremely highly recommended.

Amanda C M Gillies, Scotland
May 2015

Amanda blogs at Old Dogs and New Tricks.

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