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Grimsdale, Peter - 'Perfect Night'
Paperback: 352 pages (July 2009) Publisher: Orion ISBN: 0752894188

Former TV film documentary maker now turned archivist, Nick Roker, stumbles across an arresting image that he hopes will rewrite his past. Years before whilst on a fantastic TV assignment to war-torn Sri Lanka with a dream of a girl, there was a horrendous explosion which killed several of Nick's companions and left him with severe injuries and a blocked out memory.

The suspense continues as Nick discovers more about facts from his past, a period that had been an almost total blank. The partial return of his memory and the anxious contact that he makes with people he remembers, that he thinks will help him discover more, soon worries him, as he is attacked and a useful close friend is tortured and then killed.

Nick is himself arrested by the police on behalf of MI5 but he escapes and manages to slip away undercover and journey back to Sri Lanka to finally resolve the truth and jettison the cobwebs from his memory that will resolve a conspiracy reaching the highest levels.

This is a very intelligently, written first mystery, that draws on the author's particular experiences as an award-winning TV news documentary maker and television executive, who was involved in doing a series for the BBC in 1984. It was called Real Lives and he was sent by them to Sri Lanka for one particular programme and has used that experience here to great effect. The author also seems to have researched the effects of amnesia and post traumatic stress syndrome very carefully and how later stimulation may trigger the mind to recover the lost memories. I really enjoyed this very exciting adventure and crime story and look forward to reading his future work.

Terry Halligan, England
February 2010

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