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Haynes, Elizabeth - 'Revenge of the Tide'
Paperback: 368 pages (Mar. 2012) Publisher: Myriad Editions ISBN: 0956792642

This, the second novel by Elizabeth Haynes, is as excellent as her first one, INTO THE DARKEST CORNER. It is full of suspense and intrigue and keeps the reader hanging on its every word, as well as being very well written. Interestingly, though, it had me churning with several different emotions. True, I enjoyed it immensely but, strangely, found the main character extremely annoying. She is disillusioned with the London rat race and extremely focused on what she wants - money to buy a boat and get out of London. However, all I really wanted to do was give her a good shake and shout at her to wake up and stop trusting men that just want to sleep with her!

To summarise, Genevieve has managed to save up her money and escape from the life that she hated. She has bought a boat and is doing it up herself, taking her time and enjoying the relaxation that she has worked so hard to achieve. Everything seems perfect, until her 'house-warming' party, when friends from her old life seem to mock what she now holds dear…and a familiar-looking body washes up next to the boat the following morning.

Genevieve discovers that her past is about to catch up with her. Not only that, the package she is looking after for someone, now seems to be the focus of some unwanted attention and it may well be that her life is on the line as well.

The novel cleverly follows a time-shift pattern; going from present-day happenings to Genevieve's past and revealing how she has ended up in the mess that she is in. The book is written in the first person and this makes it seem all the more personal. This is a major player in the reason I want to tell Genevieve to wise up, as I like her and admire her determination to live a bit, instead of constantly having to work, but really want to tell her to keep away from the men she meets!

Very highly recommended.

Amanda C M Gillies, Scotland
May 2012

Amanda blogs at Old Dogs and New Tricks.

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